2010 Wedding Trend :: Photo Props

In today’s Feature Friday we’re featuring several fabulous wedding photographers who are using props in their sessions!

Back in January, we did a post on The Top Wedding Trends for 2010  and we thought we’d expound on one particular topic from that post, Photo Props!

We know this trend isn’t all that new, we’re aware of that.  We saw this trend emerge in full force in 2009, but we had such a good time with it, that we’re sure it will stick around.  Props are being used in engagement and bridal sessions, and not to mention in the wedding itself.  Using props allows you to showcase your personalities as a couple.  Have fun with your photoshoots and let loose!  You won’t be sorry!

Such props include, but are not limited to:  fake mustaches, bicycles, oversized picture frames, balloons, banners, umbrellas, and fun hats.  Below are some of our favorite images using props:

And our favorite….

Photography Credits from top to bottom:  Our Labor of Love Photography, Natalie Moser Photography, Natalie Moser Photography, Maile Lani Photography, Maile Lani Photography, Maile Lani Photography, Maile Lani Photography, Julie Harris Photography, Jonathan Ivy Photography, Jonathan Ivy Photography , Gavin Photography

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  1. Denver event photography says:

    Pretty cute. Love it. Very creative and artistic.


  1. […] Tamra from Groom Sold Separately send me a note to let me know that she featured some of my photographs from Elizabeth & Oz’s and Sarah & Jeff’s session and I was beyond thrilled! The post was about using props in wedding and engagement photos. I LOVE it when a couple is all for using photo props. It can be slightly awkward getting your photograph taken, and props give you something to concentrate on instead of the photographer You can see the post and all of the images (from some of my favourite photographers!) by clicking here. […]

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