Groom Sold Separately is comprised of Dallas wedding photographer, Amy Karp and Tamra Dunlap, of Dallas, Texas.

How was GSS formed, you say?

Tamra Dunlap…. went to a wedding of a friend in 2008.  During the wedding she soon found out that the Maid of Honor (Amy) was also the wedding photographer and watched her in amazement juggle these two tremendous tasks.  Tamra was just in awe of  how Amy made it look so simple and by how great the images came out.  So, later that year, when Tamra became engaged, she immediately hired Amy. All the while Tamra was planning her wedding and holding down a full time job she found out how tiring and stressful wedding planning can be.  So many phone calls, miles to drive, tanks of gas, and so many talented vendors… and not enough time!!!

She began to think about how much easier it would be if she could just post online exactly what she needed for her wedding and have vendors respond with what they could provide to her and at what cost.  This could cut down on so much of the stress and hassle of her wedding planning.  But alas, Tamra had no idea what it would take to execute such an idea.  After her wedding she met with Amy to get her disc of rockin’ images from her wedding and decided that Amy would be the perfect person to run her idea past… Amy had years of experience in developing websites for her photography and not to mention, years of experience in the wedding industry and could let her know if she thought it would be a good idea or not.  As luck would have it, Amy loved the idea and that’s when Amy and Tamra founded Groom Sold Separately!


Amy Karp…. worked in the accounting field for 8 years. I was pulling double duty as a full time office manager and shooting whenever I could. I started specializing in weddings in 2006. I worked with some amazing photographers in the Dallas area who’s work I admire and respect. Learning from some of the best wedding photographers in the Dallas area helped pave the way for where I am today. We had our own wedding in 2007 and shortly after, we were expecting our son, Sam. In 2008, Sam made his debut into the world and we have been a party of 3 since then. I am proud to say by the end of of my first full-time year as a Dallas wedding photographer, I was nationally published in Southern Weddings Magazine. By the end of 2010 I had 3 magazine covers, a fashion editorial in Texas Wedding Guide, and many wonderful couples to call friends. I also run a wedding resource with one of my past brides, Tamra. We started Groom Sold Separately at the end of 2009 and have been excited to watch it grow. This resource serves as a daily blog, a wedding professional guide, and inspiration for weddings. We are so glad you are here!





:: Contributors to Groom Sold Separately ::

Robin Flach

With over 25 years of floral experience, Robin and her team at Di Foiri strive to create exceptional floral decor for the most romantic day of your life! They assist brides with any budget. Their joy comes from helping their clients design an event that is affordable and elegant. Whether traditional, chic, modern or zen, they have experience in all areas.

Robin has had an appreciation for the floral arts since being a young girl growing up in Dallas. Whether it was the beauty, the smell, the simplicity, or a combination of all, the love of flowers has led her to be a master of the craft. Her varied design background includes set design for movies and commercials as well as 20 years experience in floral design. Working as a free lance designer for many years, Robin has received instruction from some of Dallas’ leading design firms (also including Constance Spry of England). Constantly ready for change and trends, look for Di Fiori in prestigious couture magazines such as Grace Ormonde and Ines Del Mar.



Jen Rios

Jen has spent the past several years honing her creative skills in the interior design industry designing high end residential spaces for discerning clientel. After marrying her husband Michael in October 2011 she decided to follow her dreams and pursue wedding design & styling full time. Jen Rios Design was opened in December 2011 and is growing rapidly every day. Specializing in carefully curated tablescapes, personalized wedding & event styling, and developing customized wedding details, Jen Rios Design is a fabulous source for the bride who wants a wedding day like no one else’s. Jen’s passion for creativity, details, love stories, and all things wedding have prepared her for a seamless transition from interiors to weddings. She is thrilled to be contributing to Groom Sold Separately as another way to continuously be inspired by wedding trends and other creative professionals.

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