GSS Tuesday Trousseau :: Eco Friendly & Conflict Free Engagement Rings

image courtesy of Amy Karp

When it comes to choosing your symbol of eternity, the choices are endless. We recently heard about Brilliant Earth. They produce beautiful jewelry and guarantee a conflict free gem. Conflict free diamonds are guaranteed to originate from ethical and environmentally responsible sources. Conflict free diamonds are free from violence and other human rights abuses, and are produced with minimal environmental impact. They also use recycled metals for their jewelry. As part of their comprehensive commitment to environmental responsibility, Brilliant Earth uses recycled precious metals in all of their fine jewelry, guaranteeing their customers an eco-friendly jewelry product of the highest quality. They also have a high standard for packaging with purpose. All Brilliant Earth rings arrive in hand-crafted, natural Rimu wood ring boxes. Rimu wood is sourced from a sustainably harvested New Zealand forest that preserves biodiversity, soil, water, and air quality. These keepsake ring boxes showcase the Rimu’s beautiful wood grain, as well as your ring!

They also give back to the community…

Brilliant Earth is proud to dedicate 5% of our profits to communities impacted by the jewelry trade. Historically, the jewelry trade has incurred great social and environmental cost. We feel strongly that luxury goods should not promote such injustice, and that the communities that produce the products should benefit from them. Through our partnerships with established, on-the-ground efforts, we try to rectify past injustices of the jewelry trade and help communities develop the skills needed to manage their natural resources effectively.

Our overall objective is to invest in long-term community development in regions that can support a self-sustaining jewelry-based economy. To achieve this, we combine our understanding of best practices in the jewelry trade with research-based funding efforts. Through our ongoing initiatives, we’re helping shape a rewarding and self-sufficient future for families who depend on the jewelry trade.

When it comes to choosing your forever symbol of eternity…your bling, your diamond ring, your engagement ring, consider a conflict free, recycled ring. You can even create your own unique design that is beautiful and ethical inside and out. Visit Brilliant Earth for more information.

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GSS Tuesday Trousseau :: Antique Monogrammed Plates

We may be a bit on a monogramming kick….why not? Its personal ūüėČ A few post back we featured these monogrammed home accents now we plated¬† another personal touch to add to your newlywed home. A perfect wedding registry item! We stumbled…well not really stumbled but found these awesome antique plates perfectly personal to you.¬† Kelly Wilson Antiques has brought us an incredible item and what’s best? It ships directly to your door! You could even use one of these platters as a guest sign-in at your wedding. The possibilities are endless, but one thing that remains the same…its for decoration only.

Can’t get enough Tuesday Trousseau? Be sure to catch up with all of the past ones here >Wedding Gift Ideas<

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GSS Featured Wedding :: Mindy & Evan’s Plantation Wedding :: Wisner Photo

We are thrilled to bring you Mindy and Evan’s Texas Plantation wedding today. The couple’s romantic portraits at the end of this post are worth the scroll, so be sure you go all the way to the end of this wedding post. Wisner Photo submitted this wedding to us via Two Bright Lights and we scooped it up to share with you all. We just love the LOVE…its a sweet Texas love, just like our Texas Tea! You are certain to find loads of wedding trends and inspiration in this post. (see the super groomsmen below!)

Thank you, Cristina for sharing this sweet wedding with us! Be sure to stop by her blog for more wedding goodness here. Mindy and Evan, we wish you a lifetime full of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!


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GSS Wedding Cake Trends 2012 :: Uniquely Inspired Cake Ideas :: Maggie Austin Cakes

We love cake and we especially love these inspired designs that incorporate unique ideas. A Tiffany Stained Glass inspired cake, ruffles, pearls, and there’s¬† more!¬† Maggie Austin Cakes are truly jaw dropping….just see for yourself on her site.

Following her career as a classical ballet dancer, Maggie was accepted into the L‚Äôart de la P√Ętisserie program at the French Pastry School. Under the instruction and guidance of world-renowned chefs and pastry champions, including directors S√©bastien Canonne and Jacquy Pfeiffer, Maggie trained using the very best techniques and ingredients. Graduating from the program with honors, Maggie immediately began an internship at Charlie Trotter‚Äôs, a Mobil Five Star, AAA Five Diamond, and 10-time James Beard Foundation award winner that is recognized as one of the finest restaurants in the world.¬† Through the direct mentorship of executive pastry chef Della Gossett, Maggie‚Äôs commitment to excellence was solidified.

Girls dream in Tiffany Blue. This Tiffany Stained Glass inspired cake is a dream come true for many.

How about some ruffles? Yes, please and super-size them. This design is so delicate and feminine.

Clean and modern? No problem…she’s got this. Ribbon and a little ruffles on the side.

Bright and lady-like….styles that fit all brides styles. Maggie is a great artist.

Be sure to visit her site to get inspired for your cake or order a masterpiece from this artist!

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GSS Featured Wedding :: Jenna and Scott’s Intimate Texas Affair :: Izehi Photography

Today’s featured wedding comes to us from Izehi Photography. They sent us this gorgeous intimate ranch wedding from Texas. The handmade touches throughout this wedding are so sweet and unique. Here are some thoughts from the photographer about the wedding : Scott and Jenna planned the perfect outdoor garden themed wedding at brunch time. Guests enjoyed centerpieces of coffee bean & succulent filled cigar boxes along with wildflowers in wine bottles. The outdoor tent held plenty of room enough for their guests & the lovely brunch spread of waffles, make your own omelet stations, and other delightful fixings. Blue and sage green paper lanterns hung from the top of the tent and matching green tie backs decorated the chairs. The bride spent months hand painting signs that would direct guests around the extensive property. The family ranch was special to the bride and she chose it for it’s sentimental value.


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GSS Things we LOVE :: Wedding Flower Petal Aisle Runner Design

image courtesy of Kristen Weaver Photography

Not all wedding aisles are created equally. Who says you can jazz up your wedding aisle runner with something fun, something unique, something that screams YOU? We found a few great ideas and wanted to share them with you. The first are creating a masterpieces with flower petals. Make your mark with pretty designs by grouping the petals in a design. You can lay them directly on the ground or a plain aisle runner you already have.

image sources unknown

images courtesy of (left) Martha Stewart Weddings top right The Knot and bottom right The Knot

Adding large hurricanes with floating candles and more flower petals really transforms the aisle above to something romantic and whimsical. It looks like something right out of a romance novel! The top right image is truly magical as well. That aisle is weighted near the guests with what looks like terra cotta and is much wider. If you have room to do this, it will certainly be a GRAND entrance by the Bride! Most florists will have stock left over and some grocery stores will have to discard flowers that they were unable to sell before their time was up. You can try to gather petals near the day of the wedding this way, or you florist can find the perfect ones for your wedding. Rose petals will brighten the aisle and add a fragrant touch. If your colors are more muted, maybe try an even more fragrant flower like lavender. These blooms will help calm your guests and add a wonderful aroma to the ceremony. Remember, its your wedding and have fun with it.

For more wedding design ideas, be sure to visit our wedding inspiration boards…. we have them in tons of colors and you are sure to find some great inspiration there!


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GSS Featured Engagement Session :: Brittany and Joe on Film :: Phenom Photographers

film wedding photography san antonio texas (9)

We couldn’t help ourselves and wanted to run an encore post of this session. We just adore the look of film – ahhhh-dreamy!

Talk about a growing trend….film back on the wedding scene! No complaints here. We think its super sexy.

We just love engagement sessions. They show off the personality of the couple and usually are a chance for a the couple to get to know their wedding photographer and have a fun time overall! Reggie with Phenom Photographers sent us this FILM session and it was love at first sight. Its romantic, fun and unique. Film is a starting to show its way back onto the wedding scene in this digital age and we don’t mind it one bit! Don’t just take our word for it, check out his gorgeous engagement session for yourself. Fall in love AGAIN with FILM as well!

Here are a few thoughts from Reggie,

I had a freaking blast with Brittany and Joe both are very down to earth a relaxed. Brittany wanted a session that wasn’t too posed and contrived and I think we hit the nail on the head! We walked up and down Downtown San Antonio looking spots to shoot. This was probably on of my most favorite shoots because it felt like friends walking around acting goofy taking pictures. I can’t wait for their June wedding at The Sonterra Country Club it is going to be awesome!


film wedding photography san antonio texas (8)


film wedding photography san antonio texas (7)


film wedding photography san antonio texas (6)


film wedding photography san antonio texas (5)


film wedding photography san antonio texas (4)


film wedding photography san antonio texas (3)


film wedding photography san antonio texas (2)


film wedding photography san antonio texas (1)

Congratulations Brittany and Joe on your upcoming wedding and thank you so much, Reggie, for sharing this beautiful session with us. We just love it! Visit his blog and website to get even more eye candy, we promise you will not be disappointed. So much great stuff from this guy!


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GSS Wedding Decor Ideas :: What to do With All Those Finds After the Wedding

Wedding trends are literally changing constantly. The most constant part is that there is a couple in love wanting to show their unique style. The importance of making a wedding unique to you and your partner is that you are going to have a ton of decor after the wedding and what are you going to do with it all? Of course you can always go the rental route, but there are some really great personal touches you can do to spice up your wedding AND (bonus!) use it after in your nest. For our wedding (Amy), we hand-made centerpieces for each table. We did topiaries, spray painted the terracotta pots, covered them in moss, added little sweet metal hanger downer thingies. They were adorable-town. When we (read I) was envisioning this project, I was totally thinking how they were going to look on our mantel after the wedding. So fast forward to May 27, 2007, we had a haul of these bad boys on.each.table at our wedding. So, I really only wanted a couple for the house after the wedding, so I recycled (or upcycled) the pots and used them for planting small plants in the backyard. There are still two that sit on the mantel and I am reminded about our wedding every time I see them. So, we have a few touches you could possibly incorporate to your wedding. Hello, MARQUEE LIGHTS! You are not only functional, but you light up our life! How about that beautiful bouquet you have been dreaming about with succulents? Don’t worry, we have a watch me grow information coming up. Oh, and who doesn’t love to set the mood in your backyard oasis with some lights? We have a wine bottle tiki torch tut for you coming up as well.

What we want to really stress is – make your wedding YOU. You can use the decor after. Sound good? Then read on, friends.

Vintage Marquee Lights:

Seriously, these things are sooooo stinkin’ cute. I want a few of these bad boys. We found them over at one of our favorite places….ETSY! You can use them as a monogram and then, you guessed it……decorate your home with them after the wedding. They are pretty large, so you wouldn’t need to go crazy with a ton of decor to fill a space.

photo by Amy Karp

Succulent Wedding Bouquets:

We stumbled on this next tip purely by accident, but we are certainly glad we did. Succulents are all the rage right now and adding them to your floral arrangements for your wedding is simply stunning. Don’t toss these beauts after the big day. You can actually repot them in succulent mix and grow more of them. Here is a link that talks about propagating them on eHow. We were told it takes about 6 months for a 3 inch plant to mature. So, its a patient plant.

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch:

Get out of town! We saw this on Pinterest and the wheels started turning, you bet your pinning buns, I pinned it. Hubby thinks this is the easiest project I have pinned in months. So, how on earth does this fit into wedding decor? Of course the tutorial states to be cautious with this as you would with any fire project and use only outdoors. We thought this would be pretty cute on tables or using stands to mark a pathway for an outdoor ceremony. You guys see where we are going with this? Its a sure fire way (pun intended) to keep your guests talking about how beautiful your wedding was. So, here is the link to the tutorial and you can make some colorful ones too.



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GSS Weekly Recap :: Weddings Revisited

GSS Guest Blogger :: Tips on Tipping Wedding Professionals with Sarabeth Events

We have the utmost privilege of having Dallas Event Planner,¬†Sarabeth Quattlebaum of Sarabeth Events, as a guest blogger for Groom Sold Separately today!¬† We are so excited and beyond thrilled¬†to have¬†Sarabeth lend her expertise and experience with us!¬† We know that it can be stressful and confusing when it comes to tipping your wedding professionals… Should you tip?¬† If so, which ones should you tip?¬† And how much?¬† Fortunately for us,¬†Sarabeth has the scoop on tipping your ‚Ķ [Read More…]

GSS Wedding Inspiration :: Red, White and Blue :: I DO!

Happy Fourth of July, Lovelies!!!¬† We hope you’re enjoying your Independence Day!!!¬† We thought it would be fun to celebrate our nation’s Independence with some festive images¬†from Red, White and Blue- American themed weddings and engagement sessions.¬† We know it can be tricky to plan a themed wedding or engagement session without getting too¬†cheesy and over-the-top.¬† So here are some ways to use the Red, White and Blue American theme while still being tasteful and classy: Image ‚Ķ [Read More…]

GSS Tuesday Trousseau :: Wedding Music Information

We are in for a music treat today. A Dallas DJ shares a few of his music tips with us…The wedding music can definitely make or break any event. We know this. We’ve seen this. With a great musician or dj you can avoid any raised eyebrows by your wedding guests. If you are wanting an atmosphere where the wedding guests feel like dancing or a more relaxed environment where the guests can talk with each other and still have tasteful wedding music in the background, then make sure you have a few of ‚Ķ [Read More…]

GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Red, White and Navy Blue Nautical :: Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!!¬† Since it’s the week of the 4th of July, we thought we’d do a Patriotic Red, White, and Navy Blue inspiration board to help celebrate our Nation’s Independence!¬† And we just love how perfectly the Nautical theme fits with the color palette.¬† Seriously, how cute is this board?!¬† It would be such a fun color palette and theme for a beach wedding.¬† Someone please use this theme and send us your pictures! :) THANK YOU TO OUR TROOPS FOR PROTECTING, DEFENDING, AND ‚Ķ [Read More…]

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