GSS’s Things We LOVE :: Crepe Paper DIY Projects :: Part 2

Hello, Sweethearts!  This week we are back with just one more crepe paper project that we know will make your heart swoon! In case you missed last week’s post (click here to see it!), we gave you a HUGE tip regarding purchasing large rolls of crepe online for projects. We revealed Paper Mart, our link for three yard rolls of crepe paper 19” in width, and of a heavier caliber. This material is great for projects because not only is it fabulously inexpensive and easy to work with it also comes in a great variety of colors. The best part – each roll is under two dollars a piece!

This week we are making crepe paper flowers. The sky is seriously the limit with this DIY. Jen used them recently as a table runner but you can also make them super-sized for a fun and unique bridal bouquet alternative. This tutorial comes to us from the one and only, Martha Stewart.  The step by step they provide is very helpful but we encourage you to make it your own based on what you are wanting your end result to be like. Just like real flowers, these crepe paper flowers should reflect you and each one should be unique and beautiful!

Above image courtesy of Studio Castillero 

So… let’s get our DIY on!

Giant Crepe Paper Rose

Above image courtesy of Studio Castillero

Tools and Materials
Large flower template
Double-sided crepe paper
Smooth-sided pencil
Paper-covered floral wire
Floral tape
White craft glue

Large Flower How-To
1. Enlarge and print template. Use the template to trace and cut five teardrop-shaped petals and 15 heart-shaped petals from double-sided crepe paper.

2. To shape petals, cup in center; wrap left and right top edges around a pencil to curl.

3. Make a stem by wrapping three paper-covered wires together with floral tape.

4. Start building flowers by first placing teardrop petals around the stem and securing with floral tape. Place heart petals around the “bud” you have created and secure with more floral tape.

5. Trace and cut the calyx shape from green crepe paper. Wrap calyx around bottom of rose and glue in place.

6. Trace and cut out three leaf shapes from green crepe paper. Draw a bead of glue down the center of each leaf, place a paper-covered wire down, and pinch the crepe paper together over the paper-covered wire “vein” to hide it.

7. Attach the leaves to the stem by wrapping in floral tape.

8. Wrap stem with strips of green crepe paper to cover floral tape; glue in place.

There’s also a video tutorial on how to make these if you’re more of a visual learner.  Click here to see it.

Double-sided crepe paper is available at and at select Michaels stores. For store locations, please visit Glue and floral tape are from Martha Stewart Crafts. All other tools and materials are available at crafts stores and art-supply stores.

For more information on Morgan Levine, editorial assistant in the holiday and crafts department of Martha Stewart Living, or to purchase her flower barrettes, visit For more great ideas, check out these floral-inspired crafts. Or make Morgan’s gorgeous hard flower barrettes — they’re great hair accessories.

There you have it! This DIY can be time consuming but the result is a fabulous reward! We can’t wait to see what you create using crepe paper, sunbursts and flowers are only the beginning!

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GSS’s Things We LOVE :: Crepe Paper DIY Projects :: Part 1

We are always on the lookout for good DIY projects; today we are sharing with you some fun and affordable projects made with a primary material – crepe paper. Now, we all know crepe paper in streamer form can be used as inexpensive décor,  but what you probably don’t know is that crepe is also available in three yard rolls 19” in width, and of a heavier caliber. This material is great for projects because not only is it fabulously inexpensive and easy to work with, it also comes in a great variety of colors. Our favorite source for these large crepe paper rolls is Paper Mart , they have over 30 color choices- And even better than that-  Each roll is UNDER two dollars a piece!

Well, now that we have our primary material – what should you do with it? Well we have two totally cute DIY’s in store for you – this week we are creating cake buntings & starbursts. Jen created these for a birthday party a few weeks ago and used this tutorial from Atypical Type A.   Here is her finished product…


… And now it’s time to create yours!

DIY Cake Bunting & Starbursts Tutorial




–          Roll of crepe in your color choice(s), Colored paper works as well

The rolls have lines running through them. Cut a section out along the lines and you have a perfect size strip for this project!

–          Wooden skewers

–          Scissors

–          Tape

Click here for step-by-step instructions with example images. 

Step 1

Fold your paper accordion style

Step 2

Cut about ¾ of the way up your accordion making thin cuts

Step 3

Unfold and tape one end to a skewer (both ends if creating the bunting).

Bunting steps end here, for starbursts continue

Step 4

Roll up the rest of the paper and secure with tape

Step 5

Tease out the paper for a full and fun shape

And voila!  You have your crepe paper cake bunting and starburst!  Make sure you stay tuned next week for crepe paper flowers – fun for table décor, bouquet alternatives and more!!

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GSS’s Things We LOVE :: Floral Bridal Accessories

Only ONE more day until the weekend!!  Very few things get us as excited as the weekend does.  Weekends = Weddings and you know that we LOVE  weddings!  We also love the trend of gorgeous floral bridal accessories.  It doesn’t matter what wedding style we are swooning over, a floral headpiece on a bride makes us let out that extra sigh. Whether it’s a single stem for a traditional bride or a floral crown for a garden bride we love seeing brides embrace natural elements in more ways than just their bouquets. Real flowers are our favorite, but a fabulous silk flower can give us just as much of a thrill. Even if you feel as though a traditional veil is a “must have” there are some great options for hair florals as a quick change before making your reception entrance. They are much easier to handle as you dance the night away than all of the layers of tulle or netting hanging from your perfectly placed wedding ‘do. Picking the right floral accent for your bridal style can be a little confusing so we are going to break it down into four major categories:  garden (rustic or vintage), modern, bohemian, and traditional.

Images Courtesy of: Sarah Gawler , Emily Snitzer, Simply Bloom Photography, and Anne Adams Photography

Garden (Rustic or Vintage) – A garden bride usually embraces one of two styles – rustic or vintage. This of course, is not a rule and any type of wedding can take place in a garden if properly designed and styled. For this post though garden brides are embracing rustic and vintage wreaths to take their style to the next level. The hair can be left down as a nod to a little bohemia or nothing makes us happier than a messy side do accented with a gorgeous floral crown.

Modern – What sets a modern bride apart is a sleek up do or simply straight and down without a lot of curls and styling. One single stem can accent this look. To take it a step further away from traditional think outside the box. Spray your stem a metallic color to give it that extra modern “pop”!

Bohemian – For the unconventional and free spirited bride adding a little floral accent to a headband maintains that earthy style without losing your personal touch. Worn with loose, wavy locks the key to maintaining your boho bride style is to not look too “put together” and planned.

Traditional – One large floral, fresh or silk, to accent a traditional up do is the perfect reception accent once you say “I Do” and shed that ceremony veil. A traditional bride doesn’t need to keep that veil on all night to maintain her sense of style, as long as you don’t accent your look with anything too unique or rustic.

Love this look but not sure a floral headpiece is for you? Consider using fresh florals on your dress stash, as a statement necklace or on your wrist and ankles! Gorgeous and unique all of these floral accessory options, shot by , can also be used in a variety of wedding styles!

All images above are courtesy of Melissa Schollaert Photography with the exception of the pearl wrist corsage.  That image is courtesy of JL Designs.

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GSS’s Things We Love :: Fruit Wedding Favors

What is the most memorable wedding favor you ever received?  Mints, a candle, or perhaps chocolates?  Are you having a hard time remembering?  When planning your wedding you definitely don’t want people to say, “I don’t remember what their favor was…”, nor do you want it to be the same candy or candle they received at last month’s wedding. Favors are one of the last memories your guests will have of your wedding, so it’s important to think outside of the box.  So many brides are embracing an organic or farm-to-table feel for their special day and the perfect favor for a bride who wants to embrace Mother Nature and stand out is fresh fruit.  And we’re just loving the idea of having fresh fruit wedding favors!

L to R, Top to Bottom:  Images Courtesy of:  Jose Villa Photography, Sugar Love WeddingsMartha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Laura Burlton Photography

We love this idea of using fresh fruit for favors for a number of reasons:

–          They add a splash of color and fun element to your overall wedding concept – the rich red hues of a bag of cherries or a bright pop of orange in bags of peaches provide a palette you just can’t achieve in other ways.

–          You have the option as doubling them as placecards to give your tablescapes that extra pop

–          If placesettings aren’t for you they even work as escort cards, and lend themselves to a really cute display with great styling potential

 and the best part…

 –          Your guests won’t be expecting such a freshly picked treat!

We are also going crazy for these sweet produce stickers by Twig & Thistle.  They add just another personal touch to an already creative favor concept. You can purchase these super cute stickers on Etsy! Click here to purchase them!


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GSS’s Things We LOVE :: Watercolor Wedding Inspiration

Always obsessed with all-things-wedding around here, we are constantly scouring the Internet for sweet inspiration to share with you, our lovely Groom Sold Separately bride-to-be! Today we ran across this watercolor inspired shoot from Bella Destinee  and it was love at first sight!  (Click here to see the entire shoot!)

Image Courtesy of Scott Clark Photography

The soft variety of colors with that painterly look, a watercolor approach to wedding décor is just so heavenly. It is no secret that we love different applications of color (Remember our Ombre and Color Blocking post awhile back?),but this watercolor approach has the soft and lovely look we love about ombre but gives you the options to incorporate multiple colors, like color blocking – the best of both worlds!

There are tons of ways to incorporate watercolor into your wedding design – invitations, menus, cake, we are even seeing them in bridal fashions! We adore how you can go several different directions with this look – totally embracing the feminine florals or incorporating a more linear, modern look. The thing we love most about this trend – you have an infinite amount of options for making it your own.

 Above Images Courtesy of:  Watercolor Stationery Suite:  Jose Villa Photography,  Watercolor Tablescape:  Becky Hill, Watercolor Wedding Cake:  Harwell Photography ,  Watercolor Placesetting:  Swoon Over It Photography,  Watercolor Escort Cards:  Love Nancy Neil , Watercolor Bridesmaid Dress: BLDHN , Chevron Watercolor Wedding Invitations:  The Aerialist Press

If these watercolor inspirations are not enough to make your heart flutter, check these FABULOUS watercolor DIY projects such as:  These DIY watercolor votive candle holders from Once Wed , these DIY watercolor napkins from Practical Wedding , and these DIY watercolor place cards from Camille Styles .  Bring some watercolor into your wedding design with these beautiful, simple and budget friendly projects!


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GSS Wedding Trends :: Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives

Don’t get us wrong – we love a gorgeous bouquet. Nothing makes our hearts flutter like the perfect pink peony or a sweet cluster of fresh hydrangea. But these days there are no rules in wedding planning and décor, which opens many opportunities for us to think outside the box and be unique.  Choosing an alternative to the bridesmaid floral bouquet allows you to: A) let your wedding design personality shine in an unexpected way and B) save money on a floral budget that either you didn’t have in the first place or that you can reallocate in other areas.

Bouquet alternatives like clutches, (as seen below) are especially a great option when you have a large bridal party. Providing bouquets for ten or so bridesmaids can really break the bank.  But don’t despair – stylish clutches in your wedding colors are not only adorable, but your bridesmaids will love reusing them again and again….. Thus, doing double duty as “bouquets” and gifts!  Talk about budget friendly! The clutches pictured below had removable embellishments, which helped tie in the wedding décor but also proved to be very practical when the bridesmaids can remove the feathers and tote them along on a happy hour or lunch appointment.

 Image Courtesy of Ryan Ray Photography

And clutches are just the beginning… Here are some other ideas that lend themselves to any wedding style…

Pinwheels & Flags: These cuties are ideal for the DIY/crafty bride. They add personality to the wedding but yet maintain a certain sense of romantic whimsy. You can customize these with color options, patterned papers, a variety of sayings – whatever your little heart can dream up!

Image Courtesy of Sloan Photographers

Image Courtesy of Lisa Hessel Photography 

Lanterns:  Romantic and beautiful, lanterns are great for a romantic garden wedding or a more formal chapel ceremony. Lanterns also come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes-  So you really have options here. This is also another great “double duty” item – What a fun token of love and friendship for your bridesmaids to enjoy for years to come!

 Image Courtesy of Sincerely, Liz Photography

Books:  This might one of our favorite options. You can get SO creative here. Choose to embellish with a small amount of fresh florals or greenery, accent with crocheted or paper flowers, or leave plain… This option is great for the vintage bride or a couple that loves to read!

 Image Courtesy of Ryan Ray Photography

Parasols & Fans:  These fresh and flirty accessories not only make great bouquet alternatives but they also make way cute photo ops! Great for Summer garden weddings, you also have a lot of options with these. Ad a little floral embellishment to your fans or select some that stand on their own. Parasols don’t have to have an Asian flair they can also be the perfect addition to your Southern soiree! 

Side Note:  Did you know you can rent beautiful parasols for your big day?  Click here to find out how to get your hands on some pretty parasols by Bella Umbrella!

Image Courtesy of Nine Photography :: Wedding Styling by RSVP Events

Image Courtesy of Sweet Bee Photography

Balloons:  A whimsical and fun approach to the bridal “bouquet” balloons are definitely the most cost effective option here. You can provide your bridesmaids with a cluster of balloons or we love the new “extra-large” balloons (see photo), which add that extra something special and will be more noticeable to guests and in photos. Our favorite part about this option is bridesmaids can release their balloons after the ceremony as a symbol of love and celebration to the new Mr. & Mrs.!

Image Courtesy of Brooke Images

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GSS’s Things We LOVE :: So-Called “Ugly” Wedding Flowers

 Image credits:  Left to Right:  Pacific Weddings, pd Bloom

Let’s face it – In the past several years, floral stems such as Carnations and Baby’s Breath have had a bad wrap. Considered cheap, tacky, or downright ugly by some, these little guys have been virtually shunned by brides and wedding professionals alike…. Until now!  These so-called “ugly” flowers are making a comeback!  Jen even blogged about it earlier this year in her 2012 Wedding Trend Predictions. (Click here to see her post.)  As total wedding trend groupies, we can’t help but jump on board to fall head over heels with these rising stars.

The beauty of Carnations :

  • Available in a wide variety of colors from white to every color in the rainbow (and in various shades!)
  • Extremely versatile in terms of design applications and styles (modern, vintage, romantic… it covers all wedding genres!)
  • Cost effective (surround your entire wedding in these pretties at half the cost!)

And our favorite…

  • When you bunch them together you can’t really tell what they are… dahlias or peonies, maybe? Who knows, who cares? They look expensive, lush and gorgeous!

Image credits:  Left to Right, Top to Bottom:  Oxford Proper, Martha Stewart Weddings, Bella Pictures, Martha Stewart WeddingsSweet Grace Cake Designs 

The beauty of Baby’s Breath:


  • Cost effective (again, BONUS!)
  • Extremely abundant and hearty (seriously, we are talking out of the water for months and still so pretty – a little dry – but still pretty!)
  • Fluffy, airy, and great for a filler (brides are carrying bouquets of JUST babies breath – what other floral stems can stand their own like that?)

And our favorite…

  • It has the ability to take on many different “jobs” – bouquet, boutonniere, head piece, archway… it can be anything you want it to be!

Image credits:  Left to Right, Top to Bottom:  Madalina Lesan1313 Photography, Studio EMPMartha Stewart Weddings, Shelley Foster Photography via Jen Rios Design, Braedon Photography

So what do YOU think?  Do you dare to have “ugly” flowers at your wedding?  We can’t wait to see what you do with them!



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GSS Wedding Trends :: Ombre and Color Blocking

We have always loved the use of color in weddings.  And what we love about brides these days is that they aren’t afraid to use color!  We are seeing more and more creative uses of color-  Whether it is incorporating several shades of one color (ombre) or layering several coordinating colors (color blocking). While we will always appreciate the traditional method of choosing a wedding palate with a couple of main colors and one accentcolor, we can’t help but be head over heels for these two new color trends!

Ombre –  a French term meaning “shaded” refers to one color graduating from light to dark.

Image Credits L to R:  Thomas Rabschvia WireImage, KLK Photography

Fashion Icon, Gwen Stefani actually brought Ombre into the wedding scene all the way back in 2002 when she married Gavin Rosdale.  (Can you believe that it has taken this long to catch on?)

Well, we finally saw Ombre take off in 2011 and it’s been holding strong this year as well. What we love about this color trend is it’s versatility. It has a soft, feminine appeal that can go both sweet & vintage as well as daring & modern. We also love how this trend can be used in bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses, floral, cakes, stationery and even in your wedding favors!  The use of ombre provides a whimsical and serene approach to any color scheme.

Image Credits L to R, Top to Bottom:  Sugared Occasions, Amanda McMahon Photography, Stephanie Yonce Photography, Martha Stewart Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings

The exploration of using ombre in wedding décor has led us to a new wedding color trend this year – Color Blocking.  Originally utilized by the fashion industry, Color Blocking is the pairing of chunks of contrasting colors. Basically, you are layering several colors opposed to the fading effect of shades of one color you have with ombre.

Image Credits L to R, Top to Bottom:  Annie Edmonds, Olivia Leigh Photographie, Mallory Hope Design, Martha Stewart WeddingsMartha Stewart Weddings

Because of its defined lines and use of generally bright colors, overall color blocking provides a modern look. It has less versatility with styles than ombre, but still gives you plenty of room to play with just how modern you want to make it.  As an emerging trend we are excited to see where this one goes! 

Featured Banner Image:  Ombre Cake by Glorious Treats

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GSS’s Things We LOVE :: DIY Peony Flowers!

Peonies are all the rage these days and despite seeing them everywhere, we couldn’t love them more!  But, let’s face it-  Some brides on a budget and DIY brides don’t have it in their budgets to use these gorgeous stems… until now!

We’re so excited to share with you this DIY project by Ez that we found on her blog, Creature Comforts.  These little beauties have tons of potential not only for wedding décor, but also as fashion accessories, gift wrap accents and so much more!  The process to make these peonies is rather lengthy.  So, while we will cover the highlights here, we encourage you to visit Ez’s Creature Comforts Blog and watch her tutorial videos.  You can see Ez’s full DIY Peony tutorial by clicking here.

Materials You’ll Need:

–          Candle

–          Lighter or Matches

–          Chiffon or Lightweight Satin in peony colors – white, soft to bright pinks, and vibrant fuchsia (fabric MUST be polyester)

–          Fabric scissors

–          Embroidery thread in yellow

–          Sewing needle

–          Barrette, hair comb or hairpin (optional) – for hair accessory

–          Pin back (optional) – for brooch

–          Double sided adhesive dots (optional) – for gift topper

Project should be performed in a well-ventilated room


Step 1

Cut out (5) circles (shapes do not have to be perfect) out of fabric. (5) circles = one flower. Circles should range in size from 3.5-4” in diameter. Top circle of flower should be a little smaller than the rest.


Step 2

To create the petals you rotate each circle over an open flame. Fabric will curl when exposed to heat.


Step 3

Once circles are curled you will cut slits on all four sides of circle, being careful not to cut all the way through petals.


(Note: We found Ez’s Steps 4 & 5 the following steps to be tedious and quite dangerous, so we decided to skip it. Use your best judgment and make the project your own!)


Step 6

Create a yellow pom-pom for the flower’s center.  You can view a video tutorial on how to create the yellow pom-poms by clicking here.  You will sew this pom-pom onto five layers of petals to create one flower.


Step 7

Once the flower is complete use these little cuties however you like!


From Jen:

I recently used these peonies as napkin rings at a couple’s shower! The bride is using peonies on her wedding day so I thought this would be a unique and fun way to incorporate her favorite flower while still having that handcrafted touch! She loved them so much we are using the fabric peonies on her wedding day alongside the real stems!


Event Credits:

Coordination, Design & Styling: Jen Rios Design

Vintage China: Rent My Dust Vintage Rentals

Event Location: Lost Oak Winery, Burleson, TX

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