GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Tiffany Blue & Tan

One of our good friends is getting married and asked us to help her pick out her wedding colors.  She knew she wanted to use a bright and vibrant color, but also knew that she didn’t want to put her girls in super bright bridesmaids dresses.  She wanted them in a neutral colored dress instead.  We began brainstorming and decided that using Tiffany Blue for her bright color and pairing it with a neutral (Tan) would create the perfect color palette for her spring wedding.  Due to the fact that she wanted her bridesmaids in a neutral color, we added the bright Tiffany Blue color to the girls’ accessories and shoes.  We decided to put the girls in a tan dress and use turquoise jewelry with Tiffany Blue shoes (just like Eva Mendes did at the Golden Globes– see below).  This Tiffany Blue and Tan inspiration board is a wonderful combination of classy and casual!

Groom & Groomsmen:  Suits:  Sal Lauretta’s Men’s Shop     Image Courtesy of Images by Berit

Tiffany Blue Accented Wedding Programs:  Image Courtesy of Amanda Williams Photography

White Bridal Bouquet:  JL Designs

Tan Bridesmaid Dress with Pockets:  The Dessy Group

Tiffany Blue Wedding Cake:  Elegant Bakery          Image Courtesy of Adam Welch Photography

Tiffany Blue Pumps:  Christian Dior

Tablescape:  Artfool Events     Image Courtesy of Maggie Heinzel-Neel Photography

Turquoise Jewelry with Tan Dress:  Eva Mendes

Tiffany Blue Necktie:  Rabbitstop

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GSS’s Things We LOVE :: DIY Tiered Trays!

Soooo…. We’ve had a small obsession with Amy Atlas for a LONG time now…. But, really, who doesn’t?!  Her dessert tables are just mind-blowing!  She was one of the first people to put dessert tables and candy bars on the wedding map.  And what do we love most about her dessert tables (besides the dessert, of course!)?  For us, it’s her use of tiered trays.  Tiered trays come in all sizes, shapes, and heights and are beautiful… and often a bit pricey!  Lucky for you, we found this awesome article on how to make your very own DIY tiered trays (AND it’s super cheap to do! BONUS!) on Joy’s Hope blog.  We’ll give you the short version and you can go to her awesome blog for the full version by clicking here.

DIY Tiered Trays Step-By-Step:

1.  Run down to your local Dollar Store or Dollar Tree and pick up a few glass candlestick holders, plates and adhesive.  Also, pick up some spray paint of various colors and some spray primer to paint your plates and candlestick holders with.

2.  Prime all plates and candlestick holders.  Let dry.  Paint all plates and candlestick  holders.


3.  Take your adhesive and glue the bottom of each candlestick to the bottom of each plate.  Let dry.


4.  Glue on second plate.  Let dry with a little added weight for better adhesion.


5.  Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you have the desired amount of tiers.

And viola! Your beautiful finished result!!!


Please note that the above tiered trays are NOT dishwasher safe, nor are they safe to serve food directly off of.  If you wish to serve food on them, you can simply put a cupcake liner or a fancy doily on them.  If you want some DIY tiered trays that are dishwasher and food safe, pick up some pretty plates from Target like these below:


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GSS Wedding Cake Trends 2012 :: Uniquely Inspired Cake Ideas :: Maggie Austin Cakes

We love cake and we especially love these inspired designs that incorporate unique ideas. A Tiffany Stained Glass inspired cake, ruffles, pearls, and there’s  more!  Maggie Austin Cakes are truly jaw dropping….just see for yourself on her site.

Following her career as a classical ballet dancer, Maggie was accepted into the L’art de la Pâtisserie program at the French Pastry School. Under the instruction and guidance of world-renowned chefs and pastry champions, including directors Sébastien Canonne and Jacquy Pfeiffer, Maggie trained using the very best techniques and ingredients. Graduating from the program with honors, Maggie immediately began an internship at Charlie Trotter’s, a Mobil Five Star, AAA Five Diamond, and 10-time James Beard Foundation award winner that is recognized as one of the finest restaurants in the world.  Through the direct mentorship of executive pastry chef Della Gossett, Maggie’s commitment to excellence was solidified.

Girls dream in Tiffany Blue. This Tiffany Stained Glass inspired cake is a dream come true for many.

How about some ruffles? Yes, please and super-size them. This design is so delicate and feminine.

Clean and modern? No problem…she’s got this. Ribbon and a little ruffles on the side.

Bright and lady-like….styles that fit all brides styles. Maggie is a great artist.

Be sure to visit her site to get inspired for your cake or order a masterpiece from this artist!

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GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Red, Black, & White

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!!  Black and White weddings are so trendy lately and we couldn’t agree with this trend more.  We do, however, love to add a pop of color in with this chic palette.  This classy wedding color palatte would be perfect for any time of the year. We just love this Red, Black, and White wedding inspiration board! Check out how beautiful this palette can be with the addition of red:

Wedding Dress with Black Sash:  Enzoani Diana

Black Suit, Red and White Tie with Red Boutonniere:  The Blooming Bride                     Image Courtesy of Brooke Schwab Photography

Red and Black Reception Decor:  Merveille Flowers & Events                Image Courtesy of Jake Holt Photography

Black Bridesmaid Dress:  Laundry by Shelli Segal

Red, Black and White Wedding Cake:  Cake Coquette         Image Courtesy of Lisa Leigh Photography

Red, Black and White Wedding Programs:  Chic Impressions                 Image Courtesy of Christopher Record Photography LLC

Red, Black and White Reception Escort Board:  Image Courtesy of Diana M. Lott Photography

Bride and Groom Shoe Shot:  Bride’s Shoes:  Christian Louboutin              Image Courtesy of Elizabeth Messina Photography

Black Bridesmaids Dresses with Red and White Bouquets:  Courtenay Lambert Florals            Image Courtesy of Brandy J. Photography

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GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Blush & Chocolate

Happy Monday, Lovelies!  It’s back to the grind… We hope you had a great weekend.  We thought this Blush Pink and Chocolate Brown inspiration board would be a sweet start to your week.  We just love pairing dark, rich colors with soft and subtle colors!  This board is perfect for any time of the year and just oozes romance and class!  Enjoy!

Blush and Chocolate Wedding Invitation:  Momental Designs

Chocolate Bridesmaids Dresses:  Priscilla of Boston                Image Courtesy of Jenny Martell Photography

Bride in Blush Chair:  Image Courtesy of Jenny Martell Photography

Chocolate and Blush Favor Boxes:  DK Designs Hawaii via Etsy

Blush Bridal Bouquet:  Augusta KGK Flowers            Image Courtesy of Altura Studio

Blush and Chocolate Clutch:  Girlby Aileen via Etsy

Blush Pumps:  Christian Dior

Chocolate and Blush Wedding Cake:  Defores Cake Design            Image Courtesy of Jamie Smith Photography

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GSS Things we LOVE :: Wedding Flower Petal Aisle Runner Design

image courtesy of Kristen Weaver Photography

Not all wedding aisles are created equally. Who says you can jazz up your wedding aisle runner with something fun, something unique, something that screams YOU? We found a few great ideas and wanted to share them with you. The first are creating a masterpieces with flower petals. Make your mark with pretty designs by grouping the petals in a design. You can lay them directly on the ground or a plain aisle runner you already have.

image sources unknown

images courtesy of (left) Martha Stewart Weddings top right The Knot and bottom right The Knot

Adding large hurricanes with floating candles and more flower petals really transforms the aisle above to something romantic and whimsical. It looks like something right out of a romance novel! The top right image is truly magical as well. That aisle is weighted near the guests with what looks like terra cotta and is much wider. If you have room to do this, it will certainly be a GRAND entrance by the Bride! Most florists will have stock left over and some grocery stores will have to discard flowers that they were unable to sell before their time was up. You can try to gather petals near the day of the wedding this way, or you florist can find the perfect ones for your wedding. Rose petals will brighten the aisle and add a fragrant touch. If your colors are more muted, maybe try an even more fragrant flower like lavender. These blooms will help calm your guests and add a wonderful aroma to the ceremony. Remember, its your wedding and have fun with it.

For more wedding design ideas, be sure to visit our wedding inspiration boards…. we have them in tons of colors and you are sure to find some great inspiration there!


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GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Orange

What comes to mind when you think of the color Orange?  Summer, Bright, Citrus, Fresh, Vibrant, Fun, Warm, or Cheery?  Those are just a few that we came up with as we started putting this inspiration board together.  This board is perfect for a bright summer’s day wedding.  It screams FUN FUN FUN!!!

Orange Bridal Bouquet:  Pink Frosting

Orange Bridal Shoe Shot:  Image Courtesy of Stephanie Williams Photography

Orange Wedding Invitations:  Image Courtesy of Stephanie Williams Photography

Orange Bridesmaid Dress:  Alfred Angelo

Orange Tablescape:  Image Courtesy of Leigh Miller Photography

Orange Ring Shot:  Image Courtesy of Stephanie Williams Photography

Getaway Car:  Image Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Orange Necktie:  Rabbit Stop

Orange Wedding Cake:  Sedona Sweet Arts Bakery

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GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Cornflower Blue & Khaki

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!  Today, you get two inspiration boards for one low price!!!  FREE (as usual)!  We loved putting Cornflower Blue and Khaki together so much, but had a hard time deciding which direction we liked better…. A beachy theme or a sweet and serene theme.  So since we couldn’t decide, you get both!  Let us know which one you like better. :)


Or “Serene and Sweet”


Bride & Groom Image:  Image Courtesy of Allure Imagery

Cornflower Blue Tablescape:  Image Courtesy of Creative Photography by Stephanie

Embroidered Cornflower Blue Mary Janes:  Image Courtesy of Leah Powell Photography

Khaki Bridesmaid Dress:  Alfred Angelo

Cornflower Blue Beach Themed Wedding Cake:   Cakes to Remember            Image Courtesy of Jim Canole Photography

Cornflower Blue and Khaki Towel Favors:  Image Courtesy of Giselle Macfarlane Photography

Cornflower Blue Beach Themed Wedding Programs:  Image Courtesy of Catherine Hennessy Photography

Cornflower Blue Bridesmaid Dress: Alfred Angelo

Khaki Suit:  Banana Republic


“Sweet & Serene”:

Cornflower Blue Wedding Cake:  Bella Manse         Image Courtesy of Amanda Kraft Photography

Cornflower Blue Tablescape:  Image Courtesy of Creative Photography by Stephanie

Cornflower Blue Favor Tag:  Modern Wedding Photography

Embroidered Cornflower Blue Mary Janes:  Image Courtesy of Leah Powell Photography

Cornflower Blue Bridesmaid Dress: Alfred Angelo

Khaki Bridesmaid Dress:  Alfred Angelo

Bride & Groom Image:  Image Courtesy of Allure Imagery

Khaki Suit:  Banana Republic

Cornflower Blue Favor Boxes:  Jessica Quist Photography

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GSS Wedding Inspiration :: Red, White and Blue :: I DO!

Happy Fourth of July, Lovelies!!!  We hope you’re enjoying your Independence Day!!!  We thought it would be fun to celebrate our nation’s Independence with some festive images from Red, White and Blue- American themed weddings and engagement sessions.  We know it can be tricky to plan a themed wedding or engagement session without getting too cheesy and over-the-top.  So here are some ways to use the Red, White and Blue American theme while still being tasteful and classy:

Image Courtesy of Lovely Leaf Studio


Image Courtesy of Meg Hawkins Photography


Image Courtesy of Michelle Turner Photography


Image Courtesy of Rachel Brenke Photography


Image Courtesy of Tinywater Photography


 Image Courtesy of Tinywater Photography


Image Courtesy of Tinywater Photography


Image Courtesy of Tinywater Photography


Image Courtesy of Michelle Cross Photography


Image Courtesy of Alicia Swedenborg Photography


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