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Since Sunday was Father’s Day, it made us think of the very special moments shared by a Father and his daughter during her wedding.  And although there are many magical, touching, and special moments during a wedding, there are a couple of moments during the wedding day that tend to steal the hearts of those who are lucky enough to witness them:  The father of the bride catching his first glimpse of this little girl as a bride and the father/daughter dance.  These moments truly are something special and we wanted to share these touching photographs that capture these moments perfectly.  There is such a special bond between a Father and his daughter.  And even though she’s a grown woman, she will always be her Daddy’s little girl…   

The reaction of a father the first time he sees his daugther as a bride is priceless:

And of course, the unforgettable father/daughter dance:

Photography Credits: Top to Bottom:

Jonathon Campbell Photography

Julie Harris Photography

Fran Chelico Photography

Evan Baines Photography

Julie Harris Photography

Evan Baines Photography

Evan Baines Photography

Wisner Photo

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  1. Well, photo is a medium between wedding and sentiment? 😉

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