GSS DIY Tutorial :: How to Create a Perfect Paper Bouquet

We always like to reuse, repurpose, and create extraordinary things from ordinary materials for fantastic weddings! Today we are bringing you a fun how-to we saw at Elizabeth Anne Designs. We found a great post at RocknRoll Bride with a real wedding using these paper flowers shot by Katherine O’Brien Photography too! You can find many sellers on Etsy if you are not feeling crafty enough to make your own for your wedding. We wanted to see just how “easy” it was to create these paper masterpieces and found a great tutorial posted online. You can see how to create your own wedding paper flower bouquet from part1 and part2.

We sat down with a good book and started ripping out the pages. Our book of choice was a Physics book from 1936. The pages were worn and have antiquing already, so the look we wanted is achieved without having to do anything to the paper. We used a simple paper cutter with measurement lines on it. This helped to create the exact square pieces you need to fold each flower. We used simple Elmer’s school glue to glue them together. Each flower took about 5 minutes to complete once we got the hang of it. This is a great craft if you wanted to do it while watching your favorite television show or having a girls night with your bridesmaids at home. You can even get the fiance to help in the paper transformation process. The older paper is very soft and delicate, so be careful if you are using an older book you found at a thrift store, antique store, or from your Grandparent’s bookshelf. Once we started to fold the paper it wanted to separate. Stay tuned as we try to create a beautiful bouquet with these flowers. We will do our best to create a fun bouquet that you too can recreate.

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