GSS Featured Engagement Session :: Bree’L & Josh’s “Sweet” Utah Engagement :: Christal Anderson Photography

Today’s fabulous featured wedding comes from Christal Anderson Photography, a Utah based wedding photographer.  Christal has been so sweet and accommodating to GSS and we have truly enjoyed working with her on this feature.

Bree’L and Josh are to be married on October 9, 2010.   Bree’L was kind enough to answer a few questions for us:

How did you and Josh meet?  Josh and I went to the same high school. He is three years older than I am, so during high school we didn’t even talk, let alone date.  After his LDS mission, his dad kept telling him that I was the cutest girl in our county and he should ask me out on a date. Josh asked me several times to go on a date with him while we were in college.  I finally said yes. It was honestly love at first date. We have become inseparable.

How long did you date before the proposal OR How long have you been together?  Josh and I didn’t date long. We only dated for 4 months before he asked me to marry him.  It honestly couldn’t have come sooner though.

Have you set a date yet?  Our set date is October 9th, 2010.

At what point did you know that Josh was “the one”?  I honestly knew Josh was “the one” on our first date.  I have never had emotions, butterflies, or even feelings like this before. I changed my clothes at least 12 times before going out on dates, we both couldn’t eat our first dinner date together because we were so twitter patted, and we have constantly been by each other’s side.  I feel complete when he is with me.  We have grown to be each other’s best friends.

Besides getting engaged, what is your favorite memory as a couple? My favorite memory as a couple that we’ll treasure forever is remodeling the house we will move into after our wedding. What makes this special is that it is Josh’s great grandma’s house. It has been fun to see our project come together.

How did Josh propose?  I had just got off of work and went down to our house to start painting. Josh’s told me that he forgot the paint so he called his mom and she brought it down to the house. She also brought along the dog Harley. As usual, Harley and I ran to each other and I picked her up. Josh said to me look at Harley’s new charm on her collar. To my shock it was my beautiful ring. Josh then asked me to marry him and of course I said YES!!!

Were you surprised?  Yes I was very surprised! I knew that he was planning on proposing anytime soon but that was not how I pictured it. I love the way he proposed though. It’s a moment that we will remember forever!

What made you choose Christal Anderson as your photographer?  Christal’s photography is amazing! I had looked at her pictures she has taken on her facebook page and I knew that she would do an excellent job. I really enjoyed working with Christal.  She is creative, sincere, and easy to work with.  Now I have pictures of the precious moments that I will cherish forever.

Thank you so much, Christal, for sharing this amazing engagement session with us!  Please stop by her blog and show her some love!  And thank you, Bree’L, for taking your time to answer our questions!  We hope your wedding is everything that you have ever dreamed of and wish you and Josh a lifetime full of love, laughter, and happiness!!!  May every day be better than the last!

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  1. Christal is an extraordinairy photographer! I love her pictures. This couple is very beautiful. Wishing them all the best on their upcoming wedding.

  2. Mary Okerlund says:

    Wow!!! Those pictures are amazing!!! Bree’L and Josh are the most adorable couple. They absolutely look happy and in love and the photographer captured that feeling perfectly. Best Wishes to an awesome couple!!!

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