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Hiya GSS readers! We are back to give you another fabulous REAL wedding. We love the Q’s and we especially love what they send us ūüėČ Ben and ChrysQ are truly gifted at all things wedding and we are so grateful they are willing to share their wonderful talent with us at GSS. Thank you!

Christina was married to Jonathan at the fabulous Old Red Courthouse in Downtown Dallas. When someone says they are having their wedding at the courthouse, we certainly don’t think this wonderful wedding venue! The light streaming through the windows, the history, the restored building (some of the building is left as it was)…it’s the perfect backdrop for a gorgeous wedding. Christina, you are divine!

We asked Christina a few questions:

how did you meet?

We met at Adair’s.¬† We were celebrating a good friend of mine’s going away party¬† (She was moving to Spain).¬† He just so happened to be there with a couple of his friends.¬† I was taking a picture of the group and he offered to take it for me…..and so the sparks began.

what’s your love story? (how did he propose?)

It was¬†a full day extravaganza.¬† We went to dinner and then went to the rooftop of the Mosaic buidling downtown (the Q’s have pictures of us up there (engagment session)) to watch the sunset.¬† After he popped the question we went into one of the vacant apartment units and he had it filled with flowers, champagne and strawberries.¬† We called our folks and friends and then decided to go get a drink at the place that started it all….Adairs.¬† He had¬†told all our friends the plan and they were there waiting with hugs.¬† It was great!

where you surprised?

I knew something was going on, he was¬†acting strange the whole day.¬† He didn’t each much all day, I saw a random rose petal in the elevator at Mosaic, a small table was missing in our house (this is what held the vase full of flowers).¬† A bunch of things that just made me say…hmmmmm.

what is the monogrammed item that your bouquet is laying on?

That was the ring bearer’s pillow.¬† My Aunt (I call her Nanny) and I made the pillow, veil and garter.

your dress is stunning.  who designed your dress?

I LOVED my dress!  It is the Tessa dress by Bellissima Couture.

how many stores did you visit and how many dresses did you try on before you found “the one”?

I went to probably 8 stores and tried on 30+ dresses.¬† After I tried on ‘the one’ I went to a couple of other shops just to make sure.

what was your overall theme of the wedding?

I’m a very creative person and wanted something unique and something that brought our culture’s together.¬† He’s from Philadephia and went to school at OU hence all the flags on the cake and the Philly Cheese Steaks on the menu.¬† I’m from south Louisiana and wanted to bring my traditions of southern culture as well as some Jambalaya and Hush Puppies, also on the menu, and the¬†pirogue that served as a bar.¬† Here’s the right up for the pirouge that was on display:

This boat is a Cajun Pirogue (pronounced pee-roag).
Its light weight and flat bottom allowed it to be paddled, poled, or pulled through very shallow marshes.
It was (and still is) used for fishing, hunting, and trapping.

This pirogue was built by Christina’s grandfather, Hayes LeBlanc, in 1954.

Rural Cajun wedding receptions usually took place outdoors at the home of the bride.
Ice-filled Pirogues were the normal method of icing down drinks for the reception.
This tradition continues…

Lache pas la patate!

what were you colors?

I love orange!¬† It’s just so bright and cheery.¬† I chose a blue patterned dress for my bridesmaids.¬† I wanted your non-traditional bridesmaid dress.

how many guests were there?

Approximately 140 guests were able to attend.

how many attendants?

4 attendants and 1 ring bearer.

why did you pick the old red courthouse?

Since both of our families would be travelling to Dallas we wanted something unique to the area and something with history.  We preferred a downtown location too.  We liked the history that Old Red had and that our guests could view the museum during the cocktail hour.  We only viewed a couple of locations and Old Red was our favorite by far.

did you use an event planner (if so, who?) or were you a DIY bride?

I am very much a DIY bride.¬† I enjoy planning and coordinating, but I wanted someone to help for the day.¬†¬†Courtney Jordan with Magic Moment‘s did a fantastic job!

we take it from the groom’s cake that the groom likes oreo’s. cute. ¬†who made the cake?

Yes he does like oreo’s and we also wanted something different….and a converstation starter.¬† Panini¬†Bakery made the cakes and they were both delicious.¬† We got so many compliments on the cakes and we are so anxious to get another one at our 1 year anniversary.

what was your favorite part of your big day?

Gosh…all of it!!¬† I liked how everyone I loved was in the same place at the same time.¬† Both of our families live¬†across the US, so it meant alot¬†to have so many of them there.¬† It was also so hard to keep all those secrets from my husband.¬† During our first dance was able to share so much with him.

do you have any advice for bride-to-be’s about wedding planning?

The last month is crazy!  Do as much as you can before that last month.

where did the inspiration for the wheel barrel exit come from?

This was a total surprise to us!  The Best man had this planned.

do you have any advice for bride-to-be’s on what to do or what not to do on the big day?

I would definitely recommend a coordinator.¬† This was something that I didn’t realize I needed or wanted or¬†wanted to pay for.¬† But I didn’t want my mom or sister or bridesmaids to miss out on¬†all the fun because they were making sure¬†everything was on schedule.¬† Which by the way…..everything went exactly on schedule, thanks to Courtney!

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