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Collins Metu is one of those photographers that truly makes an art out of taking wedding photographs. This is our first time to feature this guy, but his work will definitely make you want to come back for more! We really like this engagement session, especially because of the story….one of the subjects is a photographer. Eric and Carrie’s engagement session was exactly what we like seeing from Collins though; clean, clear, angle bending, and story-telling. Check out his blog to see more.

Another fun treat we have today is the interview is with the……GROOM! We caught up with Eric and asked him some questions….

How did you and Carrie  meet?

Carrie and I met while we were both working as journalists at the Houston Chronicle, her as a city hall reporter and myself as a photojournalist. We met on an assignment and we started hanging out and got to know each other during movie outings and game nights with other journalist friends of ours.

How long have you been together?

We’ve started dating around the winter of 2008. What I remember during the assignment where we met was that it was very cold outside.

How did you propose?

Carrie and I love the outdoors. We went camping one weekend at a small Texas state park north of Beaumont. We spent all day lazing by a creek until the sun was almost down and we were almost the only people left on the shore of the creek. I took her into the creek to do a mikvah, a Jewish cleansing ritual. We’re not very religious. However, I thought it a spiritual thing to do as the sun glowed low in the west and we were surrounded by trees and water. We dunked under three times, completely immersing ourselves. When were came up the third time, I asked her to marry me.

Where is your wedding venue?

We will be married at Temple Emanu-El in St. Louis. The reception will be at the Jewel Box, a beautiful 1930’s art deco green house that’s been converted into a venue in a park in St. Louis.

Did you choose the photographer for your wedding?
Yes I did.

Who is the photographer ?

I  asked a colleague of mine, Houston Chronicle photographer Johnny Hanson, to photograph our wedding. Johnny is a good friend and very talented photojournalist.

What draws you to Collins’ photography style?

Collins’ approach is very much in a narrative story-telling style. Although he hasn’t had any formal photojournalism education, his approach is very similar to what one would expect from a professional photojournalist. He lets the activities of the day tell the story, but he has a strong visual voice and is able to tell the story in a distinctive style. He’s not simply documenting what’s in front of him. He adds to what he sees by making interpretive photographs. He has a great eye:  he has a natural sense of composition and is able to layer a photograph, building an image from infinity forward toward the viewer.

How involved in the wedding planning process are you?

I’d say I probably do less than 10% of the planning. I play a supportive role. The wedding will be held in Carrie’s home town, St. Louis, a city I know almost nothing about. Otherwise, I’m doing what I can. I’ve designed our save the date postcard and I try to fill in little gaps and chinks when they come up.

Do you have any advice for couples that are in the planning process?
I come at it from a business standpoint. Someone needs to be in charge. I let Carrie drive the boat on this ride because she is the most qualified. I don’t know the first thing about planning a wedding, while she’s hosted a number of showers in the past as well as been involved in many of her friends’ weddings. Also, as I mentioned above, I don’t know the first thing about St. Louis. She was born and raised there, again qualifying her for being the leader.

What are you looking forward to the most on your big day?

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say the most important thing I’m looking forward to is being bonded to Carrie with all my friends and family as witnesses. Also, seeing all of my friends and family under one roof. I sometimes like to pretend I’m a social scientist, imagining that I’m introducing one of my friends from one section of my life to a friend from another section and seeing what happens. My friends are amazing and I want them all to know one another. This will be that chance.

Cheers to our VERY FIRST Groom interview….Thank you, Eric. You did great! We hope your wedding is everything that you have ever dreamed of and wish you and Carrie a lifetime full of love, laughter, and happiness!!!  May every day be better than the last!

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  1. I have worked with both of them and they are absolutely amazing photographers!!! Amazing work Collins! Congratulations Eric & Carrie!

  2. Ellen Copeland Buchine says:

    Eric’s gorgeous photos wow everyone who views the website I designed and for which I wrote copy. It’s fun to see Carrie after hearing about her from Eric!Much hatzlacha to you both! Collins: Fantastic photo story.

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