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We recently had the chance to chat with Damany Daniel, from i entertainment. They put the “i” in fun…what does that mean anyway? We found this on their site

We put the ‘i’ back in fun. What does that mean? It means that the next day (and for days, weeks, months, and years following your wedding day) your guests will be telling their friends “I had so much fun last night!”

We LOVE that! Damany, you are a blast! Damany and i entertainment will be entertaining us at the upcoming Alice in Weddingland event. Be sure to stop by the registration page to grab your ticket before they are all gone!

We wanted to share with you, our faithful readers, some of the helpful things Damany had to say about all things entertainment for your wedding.

Q :: how long have you been in the entertainment industry?

i entertainment has been in business for 6 months, but came directly out of another company that had previously been in business for six years. I, personally, have been in the entertainment industry for 10 years.

Q :: How far in advance should a bride start searching for an entertainer for her wedding?

An entertainer should be as much a part of the planning process as any vendor. It is smart to start looking for an entertainer as soon as you have a venue booked as they can interact with the venue to figure out the perfect setup for your reception. They can also make recommendations as to a timeline, and any additional entertainment options that might work well for your guests and the atmosphere you are trying to create for them.

Q :: I talked with you about the other services i entertainment offers for weddings. Could you please share this with our readers?

i entertainment is a full service entertainment company offering all the things that make your party pop.  We offer game show recreation and have seen things like the newlywed game or family feud work very well at rehearsal dinners and receptions.  We also offer flipbook, greenscreen and photo booth services as well as lighting.

Q :: What is a normal wedding weekend for you? From the setup to the breakdown?

We always try to show up for any wedding reception up to 200 people at least an hour before it begins, longer if it is more complicated or if there is a ceremony involved as well.  We are typically in the facility no longer than an hour after the event ends (we’re tired by that point)

Q :: Do you see trends in music for first dances and father/daughter dances?

Honestly, I am seeing more brides and grooms focus on songs that mean much to them and not just things that are sappy or necessarily “romantic.”  I have seen a lot more quirky songs like “1,2,3,4” by the Plain White T’s and silly songs where the bridal party cuts in right in the middle of the first dance.  Of course, there are still the romantic songs that every bride loves.  The standards still work, but you are beginning to see a lot more indie artists that a lot of people may not have heard of.  Occasionally you see a bride who will want very specific versions of songs, even some that they heard a local band perform live at a bar.  Trying to get those songs is difficult but giving the bride her dream is what this is all about, if we can make the couple’s perfectly special then we have succeeded and left them with a memory that will last long after the sparklers fade.

Q :: what are some of the top requests for first dances and father/daughter dances?

Top requests don’t exist anymore.  There is no more normal.  Brides want unique so the top songs are all over the place.  A lot of times, I see father/daughter dances as being songs that fathers used to sing to their daughters when they were growing up.

Q :: what is your most memorable moment in the wedding industry so far?

I would have to say that it was the time that the bride grabbed the mic just as i was starting to play Journey’s “Don’t stop believing” and said “there are two kinds of people in the world…those that love Journey…and liars.”  Right before she and her sorority sisters tore it up on the dance floor.  That’s a night I will never forget!

Congratulations on the 2009 NACE award for Entertainer of the year! That is awesome!

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  1. Damany sets the standard. We in the DFW industry love his spunk, and i-Entertainment’s innovation. Great interview!

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