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Today we are so excited to share the mega-talented Kelley Crowder, Elle Films with all of you GSS readers. She is such a breath of fresh air and talking with her about her craft is truly inspiring. Once you talk with Kelley about wedding films, you quickly learn the difference between a videographer and a film maker.

kelley crowder with elle films specializing in wedding films videography

Kelley is passionate and an incredible story teller. Did we mention she is getting married herself? I love talking with wedding professionals and seeing when they are the bride what their splurges will be….Kelley quickly said, she is definitely splurging on her wedding film!

We asked Kelley some questions…

How long have you been telling stories through wedding films?

For a little over 3 years.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

The moment that the doors open for the bride to enter the church.  It’s a very powerful moment.

What would you say is your signature?

Modernly.Cinematic – we capture the events of the day while telling your story.  It’s classic but reflects the moment in time that you got married.  We want something that you can watch over and over with out it being dated in the years to come.

We love to read stories, what is your most memorable wedding moment?

A wedding was about to start and no one could find the father of the bride.  You always fear the runaway bride or runaway groom moment but a runaway Father of the Bride – that’s definitely a Hollywood blockbuster in the making.  The Bride was thinking about just walking down the aisle by her self but everyone talked her out of it,  that’s definitely a moment you don’t want to regret that later.  Turns out the Father of Bride had just gotten himself turned around in the venue.  When everyone found out, it was quite a funny moment.  She had the biggest smilie on her face when she walked down the aisle with her father.  It was such a great moment.

What are some of the other services you offer?

What ever you can come up with!!! We do DVD invitations, DVD save the dates, Love story’s, photo montages, our newest thing is wedding day music videos – a great way to incorporate all of your guest.  We will work with you on whatever you have in mind.

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Here are some highlights of her brilliant wedding films ::

Thank you, Kelley for sharing your craft with us and be sure to check out her site. She’s an amazing wedding professional!

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