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It is hotter than HOT in Texas. In fact, yesterday it was 106 degrees. At 7pm the other night, the temps were still above 100! When we saw Stacy Reeves’ post of these beautiful bridals shot at Hickory Street Annex in Dallas, it cooled us off a bit. Well, the virtual sense…its still hot and so are the bridals!

We asked Angela a few questions about her bridal experience…

Who was the designer of your dress?


How many dresses did you try on before you found, the ONE?

Funny story, I was trying to be a budget bride and I actually purchased a dress off of E-Bay before I’d even gone to try dresses on.  While I was waiting for the E-Bay dress to arrive I thought I would go try on a few dresses you know, “just for fun”.   Of course I fell in love with one dress and now I’ve got two hanging in my closet.  So much for the dress budget…  I probably tired on about 15 dresses total.

We noticed you have a different head-pieces, could you please tell us about those?

Well I had originally planned on wearing a birdcage veil at the wedding, but I really liked the look of the veil that went with my dress.  The lace was so pretty. So I decided to do some of my photos with a few head-pieces for fun.  I wore the white bird cage veil with the flower at my reception.

We love your fun shoes; tell us about choosing the color?

I love red shoes.  I mean LOVE them. There was never any “I wonder what shoes I’ll wear with my wedding dress” doubt in my mind.  They would have to be red.  I purchased the shoes I wore in the photo and at the wedding about two years prior.  I saw them in a Glamour (I think) magazine and just had to have them.  I wanted to wear them to my company Christmas party.  Sadly I hunted all over Houston and could never find them.  I even went to all the trouble of contacting Nine West directly.  Then I was walking through Macy’s one day in February and there they were, on sale and everything.  Sorry for the long shoe story…:)

Please tell us why you chose the location for your portrait session?

Honestly it was the only inside place available.  We had originally planned to shoot at the Fort Worth Arboretum.  We had already had to reschedule twice due to weather so when I saw they were calling for snow the day of the rescheduled shoot I had to find the first place I could.  Most venues were booked up because it was NBA All-Star Weekend in Dallas.  I was just so lucky that Hickory Street Annex was free and as it turned out a great location.

When you found out it was snowing, was your session already scheduled? How did you react?

We were already scheduled, and we had already rescheduled twice due to weather so I just had to roll with it.  I was only a little frustrated because I hate driving in the snow and ice.   So the drive was a bit nerve racking, not so much the location switch.

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