GSS for wedding vendors :: ChrysQ Album Slipcovers

GSS decided to feature ChrysQ and her LUXE Album Slipcovers. We have seen these precious lovelies in person and they practically made our eyes drool they are so fabulous. Here is what ChrysQ says about them on her site,

“ChrysQ’s Luxe Slipcovers provides amazing solutions for your album presentation needs. Each ChrysQ slipcover is custom-made to specifically fit your albums….We both wanted something trendy and luxurious that our clients could get excited about, and that was how the idea for fashion-forward slipcovers came about. Our slipcovers are made to any size dimensions and are a perfect complement to your stand-out albums, photobooks or dvd/cd cases. You’ll definitely leave a distinguishing impression on clients. A custom-made, handcrafted product; you just can’t beat that!”

Wedding vendors if you are on the fence about adding this addition to your repertoire, don’t delay. Each slipcover is hand-crafted and she designs based on what YOU and YOUR CLIENT want.




chrysQ album cover for vendors

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  1. Red Brick Photography says:

    Love these – saw them in person the other week and highly recommend them to any bride.

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