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We have the utmost privilage of having Dallas Event Planner, Sarabeth Quattlebaum of Sarabeth Events, as a guest blogger for Groom Sold Separately today!  We are so excited and beyond thrilled to have Sarabeth lend her expertise and experience with us! 

With dessert bars being such a trending topic in weddings, (thank you Amy Atlas!) Sarabeth will be showing us how easy and affordable it can be to create your own dessert bar for your wedding, bridal/baby shower, and birthday!

So, without further ado…. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Sarabeth!

The team at Sarabeth Events had a great time planning these tables and our goal was to add a little fun and class to any size social event. We showcased three tables; a baby shower {yellow and green}, a birthday party {pink and yellow} and a wedding {all white}.

Here are some steps to follow when making your own dessert bar:

1. Think of a creative – but simple theme and color scheme {try to keep the colors to two or three choices}.
2. Decide where you will feature your fabulous dessert bar {kitchen table, bar, or awesome pedestal tables from Ducky Bob’s.}
3. Find favorite linen you already have that’s simple and won’t steal the show from the desserts {or pick one up at Ducky Bob’s and have all of your friends envy your tablecloth collection!}
4. Take out {and dust off} candy dishes and simple plates – make sure these items coordinate well together.
5. Have fun locating desserts AND candy that match your linen and/or the colors you are working with! We always think a majority of desserts with a little candy thrown in there make a perfect pop. Don’t forget that you can make the centerpiece of your table a cake or some drinks {we found adorable bottles in the deli and took off the labels}.
6. Go home and play with filling the jars with candy and putting the desserts on the plates. Remember when plating desserts – less is always more!
7. Take linen to local hobby store and find fun and festive ribbon. Buy extra! Pick up two colors of cardstock as well for labels.
8. Make labels at home {with fun fonts} then cut out cute shapes and mount the ribbon {use hot glue on glass} with the labels on to the candy dishes {you can also make labels for the desserts just use some place card holders or small frames you already have}. Secret: Make all of the labels the same size to create a uniform look.

These tips are truly meant for small parties of under 20 people. For larger social events call a Soiree Specialist at Sarabeth Events to custom, tailor-make you a perfect Sarabeth’s Sweet Soiree Dessert Bar! For the larger dessert bar we can coordinate with our pastry chefs’ custom monogrammed chocolates or a family recipe to add that special touch to your social event.

Here is the cost breakdown as well as what we featured on each table:

Birthday Party (Pink & Yellow) – Feeds 15-20 Guests = $29.65

1. Rock Candy – $15.00 – Bulk Aisle
2. Pink – Mini cupcakes – $2.99 for 12 – In Bakery
3. Pink – Zingers – $1.50 for box – In Snack/Cake Aisle
4. Pink/White Frosted Animal Cookies – $5.00 for box – In Snack/Cake Aisle
5. Pink Soda Izze Spark Blackberry – 4 x $1.29 = $5.16 – In Deli

Wedding (White) – Feeds 15-20 Guests = $52.98

1. White – Jelly Belly – $25.00 – Bulk Section
2. Whie Rock Candy – $15.00 – Bulk Section
3. White – Mini-Crispy Marshmallow Bites, Square – $2.99 – In Bakery (dip in white chocolate)
4. White – Twinkie Bites – $3.39 in Snack/Cake Aisle (add powdered sugar)
5. White – Chocolate Pretzels – $6.00 – Candy Aisle

Baby Shower (Yellow & Green) – 15-20 Guests = $49.26

1. Limeade – Frozen Section – $1.94
2. Green – Sixlets – 25.00 – Bulk Section
3. Green Stick Candy – 14.00 – Bulk Section
4. Yellow – Madelines – $2.99 – In Bakery
5. Yellow Golden Oreo Cakesters – $2.54 for box – in Snack/Cake Aisle
6. Yellow – Zingers – $2.79 for box – In Snack/Cake Aisle

Thank you so much, Sarabeth, for sharing your expertise with us!  Please stop by Sarabeth Events website and blog and show them some love! 

Image Credits:  First Image Courtesy of Amy Atlas.  All other images Courtesy of Sarabeth Events.

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