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image courtesy of Kristen Weaver Photography

Not all wedding aisles are created equally. Who says you can jazz up your wedding aisle runner with something fun, something unique, something that screams YOU? We found a few great ideas and wanted to share them with you. The first are creating a masterpieces with flower petals. Make your mark with pretty designs by grouping the petals in a design. You can lay them directly on the ground or a plain aisle runner you already have.

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images courtesy of (left) Martha Stewart Weddings top right The Knot and bottom right The Knot

Adding large hurricanes with floating candles and more flower petals really transforms the aisle above to something romantic and whimsical. It looks like something right out of a romance novel! The top right image is truly magical as well. That aisle is weighted near the guests with what looks like terra cotta and is much wider. If you have room to do this, it will certainly be a GRAND entrance by the Bride! Most florists will have stock left over and some grocery stores will have to discard flowers that they were unable to sell before their time was up. You can try to gather petals near the day of the wedding this way, or you florist can find the perfect ones for your wedding. Rose petals will brighten the aisle and add a fragrant touch. If your colors are more muted, maybe try an even more fragrant flower like lavender. These blooms will help calm your guests and add a wonderful aroma to the ceremony. Remember, its your wedding and have fun with it.

For more wedding design ideas, be sure to visit our wedding inspiration boards…. we have them in tons of colors and you are sure to find some great inspiration there!


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  1. so beautiful! Wish more weddings incorporated this.

  2. Hi!

    I have a wedding, that’s coming up on May 1st. I need a price quote for a Red and Gold design.

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