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We are excited to bring you an entertainment idea for your wedding. That super entertainer is Pucker Up Lip Impressions. We met Kathryn from Puckerup Impressions last year during Alice in Weddingland. She was a huge hit at the party and has since been traveling all over providing lipstick readings at private parties, weddings and more! We were able to catch up with her a bit and she told us the cutest story!

It was three years ago, when the handsome couple approached me on their first date. She sat at the table with me and he stood behind her chair. The first date tension in the air was nearly palpable. After they selected their lipsticks I forwent the typical “look at each other as you kiss your card” since they had not yet kissed and just had them both kiss their individual cards. They had the same kissing styles and congruent ideals of romance, I mentioned that she needed someone who was willing to communicate but that she made others earn her trust. The hopeful suitor studied what I said and her reaction, hoping to gleam some insight to win her over. When I moved on to discuss what his needs were in a romantic situation, I saw the pleading in his eyes, not to let her know how much he already cared. She listened intently and before the reading was over I knew. They were PERFECT for each other though I could not tell them so for fear of ruining it all. Three years later, they found me and invited me to be a part of their wedding.

Kathryn told us there are so many wonderful details one can find out about a person through their lip print. Are they passionate, a snuggler, how do they feel about PDA? (Public Displays of Affection) Do they have a tidy home, office, can they tell a lie or keep a secret? Here are some lip prints and some surprising things that I discerned about the kissers.

We also asked Kathryn to share a few readings with us and let us know what her reading was from each lipstick impression…

Kiss One
This kisser has a taste for the finer things in life and is meticulous about taking care of her things. She works to maintain consistent physical fitness, is wise in the ways of social pleasantries and needs a partner who fits in those ways. Her romantic partner has to be an equal who loves to snuggle and yet values and maintains their independence. An ideal romantic evening for her is one with fine foods, clothing and intimate yet stimulating conversations especially if on a beach. Location is important to this kisser to stimulate romance as they are not a fan of boisterous environments.


Kiss Two
The adventurer this kisser needs someone fun who adores trying new things. From 365 ways to kiss your love to unusual ethnic cuisines he has trouble with monotony and the status quo. While he will spend very little time in a gym you would likely see him on the slopes or behind a boat skiing. The ideal partner for him would be a person who challenged him, who also feels the need to try everything! He works as hard as he plays and has an extreme passion for sharing the fruits of his labors with the ones that he loves. Do not however ask him to engage in any organizational tasks like re-working the file cabinets or sock drawer as he has no time or desire to work on such things.

Kiss Three
Creative and whimsical this kisser loves to have fun, fun, fun! While a bit of an adventurer she still prefers to stay at the Ritz Carlton to a quite secluded cabin on Lake Tahoe. Extremely particular her choices in men tend to roam the gambit. She needs an independent equal who knows how to dress himself and who doesn’t consistently feel the need to be the center of attention as that is her place. While she insists on a clean and tidy home she has a maid to attend to this. Her decorating styles are as varied as her tastes in men, each room sporting a different feel from a different part of the world.


Thanks so much Kathryn…your work is so fun and we are happy to know you. Be sure to check out her site and find out about booking information for your next event.

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