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Its your wedding day and one of your bridesmaids is wearing the wrong color nail polish! No worries, just whip out your nail polish remover from your trusty wedmergency kit and viola! Nail color crisis averted! Wait, what is a “wedmergency kit”? We don’t know if there is actually a product named this, but we found some similar items with our thoughts in mind. Target has these super-handy “Wedding Day Survival Kits” and they even make one for the groom!

Do you want to go to Alice in Weddingland? We are having a giveaway today for one ticket! We want to hear from you :: what’s your wedding day emergency story? Tell us in a comment!

REMINDER :: today is the LAST day for Early-bird BRIDE pricing! The early-bird bride tickets include one (1) raffle ticket. That means you have a chance at the honeymoon giveaway!

Gals, they are filled with goodies that you may forget on your wedding day. Here is what they list is inside :: toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, tissues, hairspray, static remover, Band-Aids, mints, clear nail polish, bobby pins, double-sided hem tape, stain remover, pain relievers, sewing kit, super glue, brush, dental floss and lotion. Make your own list of items you normally use when getting all gussied up and then check off to make sure those things are in the your own survival kit.

We thought of a few other you might want to add….nail polish remover, earring backs, spare-soles & footzy rolls, lip gloss, antacid, hair ties, pen, paper, small umbrella, sole-mates, and don’t forget a digital camera so you can have some images before your professional wedding photographer arrives!

Some of the items included in this groom’s kit are :: a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mints, deodorant, pain reliever, antacid, facial tissues, a razor, shaving cream and a styptic pencil, nail clippers, adhesive bandages, a mirror, a lint remover, a mending kit, scissors, safety pins and boutonniere pins, Stain remover, wrinkle remover, black socks, extra wedding bands and a stress ball keychain complete the kit. Do NOT tell the Maid of Honor if the “EXTRA WEDDING BAND” has to be used to keep the stress level down. Other than that, its a pretty solid package!

Don’t forget to tell us your wedding day emergency story? We would love to hear from you!

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