GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Red, Black & White :: Argyle!

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!!  We love how classy and sophisticated a classic Black and White wedding can be.  But why not add just a small pop of Red and maybe even throw in a little Argyle theme?  That would make your Black and White color palette so fun and little sassy!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this board!  If you have a theme or color combination you’d like to see featured on Groom Sold Separately, send it to us at!


Groomsmen in Red, Black & White Argyle Socks:  Santa Barbara Wedding Chic

Red, Black & White Wedding Reception Decor:   Merveille Flowers & Events         Image Courtesy of Jake Holt Photography

Black Bridesmaid Dress:  Alfred Sung via Dessy

Red, Black & White Argyle Monogram Plate:  Sassy Alice

Argyle Black Brut Champagne:  Argyle Winery

Red, Black & White Argyle Bachlor Party Invitation:  Two Hearts Wedding Shoppe

Red Satin Peep Toe Pumps:  Christian Louboutin

Red, Black & White Argyle Wedding Cake:  The Happy Cake

Red, Black & White Bouquets:  Courtenay Lambert Florals           Image Courtesy of Brandy J Photography

Red, Black & White Argyle Cufflinks:  iCufflinks

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