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Today’s post is not about wedding tips or trends. We want to share something very sweet with you. We were on Pinterest and it sparked today’s post. Its your wedding day. Your nerves are going crazy. Someone hands you a note and its from YOUR SOON TO BE HUSBAND. The room gets quiet. You open the envelope and for the next 5 to 10 minutes the world stands still as you read words your groom composed just for you. These moments are the truly powerful during a wedding. With all the chaos going on around you, these little things let you slow down and serve as a reminder what the day is truly about….marrying your best friend. Now when a groom gets creative with HOW he delivers these heartfelt sentiments, the waterworks flow. We are talking tears .. happy tears and gobs of them!

image by Amy Karp Photography

An antique typewrite sits in a bridal suite in Plano Texas and its used strictly as decoration. The groom knows about it and the night before composed a wonderful letter to his bride. He printed this on his home computer and used an antique typewriter font. That morning, before all the girls get to the room, he sneaks in and rolls his words into the typewriter and affectionately using a heart to sign his name. When the bride enters the bridal suite to read these words …. waterworks = full blast. What a sweet way to send a note to your bride!

image by Amy Karp Photography

image by Amy Karp Photography

Image from Ruffled by Alea Lovely

We found the image above on Pinterest. Check out what this groom did. He hand-wrote sweet words on the bottom of her shoes. You guys are good! So whether its a card, or a balloon, or on the bottom of a shoe. They are your words and so meaningful to the bride.



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