GSS Wedding Trend :: Bridal Cuffs!

Accessorizing a clean, effortless wedding dress with a statement necklace has been a popular trend this year.  But if you’re not a necklace-wearing type of bride, maybe you’d be interested in jazzing up your wedding day look with some bridal cuffs instead.  We’ve found some gorgeous options for your viewing pleasure.  Etsy has a plethora of bridal cuff options and Johanna Johnson has some designs that will knock your socks off too.  But just keep in mind, if your dress has elaborate detailing or a busy top-  You may want to go easy on the accessories.  Bold accessories could overwhelm your look.  Sometimes less really is more!

Above Bridal Cuffs via Johanna Johnson

Above Bridal Cuffs via (Left to Right, Top to Bottom):  Doloris Petunia, Doloris Petunia, SparkleSM, SparkleSM & Sparkle SM

Above Bridal Cuffs via BCGirls


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