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We have always loved the use of color in weddings.  And what we love about brides these days is that they aren’t afraid to use color!  We are seeing more and more creative uses of color-  Whether it is incorporating several shades of one color (ombre) or layering several coordinating colors (color blocking). While we will always appreciate the traditional method of choosing a wedding palate with a couple of main colors and one accentcolor, we can’t help but be head over heels for these two new color trends!

Ombre –  a French term meaning “shaded” refers to one color graduating from light to dark.

Image Credits L to R:  Thomas Rabschvia WireImage, KLK Photography

Fashion Icon, Gwen Stefani actually brought Ombre into the wedding scene all the way back in 2002 when she married Gavin Rosdale.  (Can you believe that it has taken this long to catch on?)

Well, we finally saw Ombre take off in 2011 and it’s been holding strong this year as well. What we love about this color trend is it’s versatility. It has a soft, feminine appeal that can go both sweet & vintage as well as daring & modern. We also love how this trend can be used in bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses, floral, cakes, stationery and even in your wedding favors!  The use of ombre provides a whimsical and serene approach to any color scheme.

Image Credits L to R, Top to Bottom:  Sugared Occasions, Amanda McMahon Photography, Stephanie Yonce Photography, Martha Stewart Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings

The exploration of using ombre in wedding décor has led us to a new wedding color trend this year – Color Blocking.  Originally utilized by the fashion industry, Color Blocking is the pairing of chunks of contrasting colors. Basically, you are layering several colors opposed to the fading effect of shades of one color you have with ombre.

Image Credits L to R, Top to Bottom:  Annie Edmonds, Olivia Leigh Photographie, Mallory Hope Design, Martha Stewart WeddingsMartha Stewart Weddings

Because of its defined lines and use of generally bright colors, overall color blocking provides a modern look. It has less versatility with styles than ombre, but still gives you plenty of room to play with just how modern you want to make it.  As an emerging trend we are excited to see where this one goes! 

Featured Banner Image:  Ombre Cake by Glorious Treats

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