GSS’s Things We LOVE :: Celebrating Your Feminine Beauty with Sheer Beauty by Emily Mamone of Don Mamone Photography

Having a hard time deciding on what to get your Groom as a wedding gift?  What about a lovely photo album full of romantic, sexy, and sassy images of you?!  Why not, he absolutely adores every part of you- he’s marrying you after all!  So don’t be shy and book a boudoir session with your favorite photographer!  This is a super sweet gesture that roared onto the wedding scene since last year and has continued on into this year.  Miss Emily Mamone of Don Mamone Photography has created Sheer Beauty in order to do just that… AND so much more!  Emily not only has multiple years of experience behind the camera, but she modeled for many years prior to becoming a photographer.  Her modeling experience provides her with a unique understanding of posing and composition as well as lighting design and direction.  She has carried this knowledge with her as she developed her photographic talents and now she brings both to every wedding and portrait session they do.  She loves knowing that she can help their clients look and feel their most beautiful and then capture the image while they do.
We were lucky enough to do a quick interview with Emily to find out what Sheer Beauty is all about and what inspired her to create it.   Check it out:
What exactly is Sheer Beauty?  Simply put, Sheer Beauty is my passion for finding and capturing a woman’s natural beauty through contemporary portraiture.  As with all images I capture, throughout each Sheer Beauty session, I strive to tell a story, her story.
  To Whom is Sheer Beauty targeted?  Sheer Beauty is targeted to all women, pure and simple.  I capture everything from contemporary high school senior portraits to playful and sensual boudoir, as well as professional or creative head shots and concept fashion photography.
Senior Portraits:
Headshots and Portraits:
Fashion and Concept:
What is needed for a Sheer Beauty shoot? ie., What does a Sheer Beauty shoot normally entail?  First, every Sheer Beauty session begins with a complimentary consultation.  It is very important that I discuss the type of images each client wants to capture.  We will discuss what venue and backdrop she is considering, how many looks or wardrobe changes she may want and how the final images may be used.  Although my ultimate goal to tell each women’s story remains the same, I may capture a session somewhat differently if I am planning to design a portrait album versus on-line images or single prints.  From there, I provide some guidance on style, hair and makeup and we determine a good session date and time.  Next, then the session day arrives, and my first obligation is to make the client feel comfortable and relaxed.  Most times, I encourage clients to bring a friend to their session to help them loosen up, as well as to assist with any needs they have. This can be especially important if we are capturing boudoir images.  Finally, once the session is complete, I upload, backup, cull, edit and retouch the final images so that we can host an image review session at which time we select her favorites and determine what products are to be designed and ordered.  In keeping with my desire to tell each woman’s story, my editing style is inherently very natural.  I ensure that each woman looks her very best but refrain from making edits that are unrealistic or unnatural.
 What made you want to start up Sheer Beauty?  So many reasons encouraged me to start Sheer Beauty.  In today’s society, most woman are not especially comfortable with their beauty; myself included.  Unrealistic images that have been dramatically edited and retouched seem to have a great deal to do with these misconceptions by establishing an unreasonable and most times unattainable goal for women.  Every woman, regardless of age, shape and size is beautiful in their own way and it is my goal to tell their story by capturing their beauty, their Sheer Beauty
Now,  just picture your Groom’s face lighting up the moment he opens this up on your wedding day!  This is a gift he’ll surely treasure forever!  So, go ahead and let your inner beauty shine!!!
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