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Hello, Sweethearts!  This week we are back with just one more crepe paper project that we know will make your heart swoon! In case you missed last week’s post (click here to see it!), we gave you a HUGE tip regarding purchasing large rolls of crepe online for projects. We revealed Paper Mart, our link for three yard rolls of crepe paper 19” in width, and of a heavier caliber. This material is great for projects because not only is it fabulously inexpensive and easy to work with it also comes in a great variety of colors. The best part – each roll is under two dollars a piece!

This week we are making crepe paper flowers. The sky is seriously the limit with this DIY. Jen used them recently as a table runner but you can also make them super-sized for a fun and unique bridal bouquet alternative. This tutorial comes to us from the one and only, Martha Stewart.  The step by step they provide is very helpful but we encourage you to make it your own based on what you are wanting your end result to be like. Just like real flowers, these crepe paper flowers should reflect you and each one should be unique and beautiful!

Above image courtesy of Studio Castillero 

So… let’s get our DIY on!

Giant Crepe Paper Rose

Above image courtesy of Studio Castillero

Tools and Materials
Large flower template
Double-sided crepe paper
Smooth-sided pencil
Paper-covered floral wire
Floral tape
White craft glue

Large Flower How-To
1. Enlarge and print template. Use the template to trace and cut five teardrop-shaped petals and 15 heart-shaped petals from double-sided crepe paper.

2. To shape petals, cup in center; wrap left and right top edges around a pencil to curl.

3. Make a stem by wrapping three paper-covered wires together with floral tape.

4. Start building flowers by first placing teardrop petals around the stem and securing with floral tape. Place heart petals around the “bud” you have created and secure with more floral tape.

5. Trace and cut the calyx shape from green crepe paper. Wrap calyx around bottom of rose and glue in place.

6. Trace and cut out three leaf shapes from green crepe paper. Draw a bead of glue down the center of each leaf, place a paper-covered wire down, and pinch the crepe paper together over the paper-covered wire “vein” to hide it.

7. Attach the leaves to the stem by wrapping in floral tape.

8. Wrap stem with strips of green crepe paper to cover floral tape; glue in place.

There’s also a video tutorial on how to make these if you’re more of a visual learner.  Click here to see it.

Double-sided crepe paper is available at and at select Michaels stores. For store locations, please visit Glue and floral tape are from Martha Stewart Crafts. All other tools and materials are available at crafts stores and art-supply stores.

For more information on Morgan Levine, editorial assistant in the holiday and crafts department of Martha Stewart Living, or to purchase her flower barrettes, visit For more great ideas, check out these floral-inspired crafts. Or make Morgan’s gorgeous hard flower barrettes — they’re great hair accessories.

There you have it! This DIY can be time consuming but the result is a fabulous reward! We can’t wait to see what you create using crepe paper, sunbursts and flowers are only the beginning!

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  1. Love this DIY! Such a great way to decorate a birthday party or a wedding! Thanks for sharing!

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