GSS’s Things We LOVE :: DIY Bubble Wedding Favors!

In case you can’t tell, we LOVE LOVE LOVE all things DIY- Especially when it comes to weddings! Check out these super fun DIY Bubble Favors we found over at Hostess With the Mostess.  They were created for a little girl’s birthday, but of course, can be modified to fit a wedding.  Here is the tutorial on how to make them along with the downloadable template for the labels:


6” Tin Containers, found at Specialty Bottle
Pipe Cleaners, found at Michael’sHobby Lobby or the craft department at Wal-Mart
Bubble Solution, found at any party store or Wal-Mart
Raffia, found at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby
Full Sheet Label Paper, found at Office Depot
Computer / Color Printer
Paper Cutter

Download and print out the template for the bubble labels and trim just under and above the pink lines (so that the lines show) and horizontally at the end of the pink lines.

2. Adhere to the tins using as light of a tough as possible so you don’t leave fingerprints.

3. To create the pipe cleaner wands, shape the top of the wand into a circle, then twist the end around the handle.

4. Measure your raffia to about 18.” Holding the pipe cleaner in place, wrap the raffia around the wand and the tin, tying in a bow at the front.

5. Fill the tins about half full with the bubble solution (can be found at any party stores).

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  1. Do the bubble wands actually work?

  2. Hi Audra! Yes, they do!

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