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Peonies are all the rage these days and despite seeing them everywhere, we couldn’t love them more!  But, let’s face it-  Some brides on a budget and DIY brides don’t have it in their budgets to use these gorgeous stems… until now!

We’re so excited to share with you this DIY project by Ez that we found on her blog, Creature Comforts.  These little beauties have tons of potential not only for wedding décor, but also as fashion accessories, gift wrap accents and so much more!  The process to make these peonies is rather lengthy.  So, while we will cover the highlights here, we encourage you to visit Ez’s Creature Comforts Blog and watch her tutorial videos.  You can see Ez’s full DIY Peony tutorial by clicking here.

Materials You’ll Need:

–          Candle

–          Lighter or Matches

–          Chiffon or Lightweight Satin in peony colors – white, soft to bright pinks, and vibrant fuchsia (fabric MUST be polyester)

–          Fabric scissors

–          Embroidery thread in yellow

–          Sewing needle

–          Barrette, hair comb or hairpin (optional) – for hair accessory

–          Pin back (optional) – for brooch

–          Double sided adhesive dots (optional) – for gift topper

Project should be performed in a well-ventilated room


Step 1

Cut out (5) circles (shapes do not have to be perfect) out of fabric. (5) circles = one flower. Circles should range in size from 3.5-4” in diameter. Top circle of flower should be a little smaller than the rest.


Step 2

To create the petals you rotate each circle over an open flame. Fabric will curl when exposed to heat.


Step 3

Once circles are curled you will cut slits on all four sides of circle, being careful not to cut all the way through petals.


(Note: We found Ez’s Steps 4 & 5 the following steps to be tedious and quite dangerous, so we decided to skip it. Use your best judgment and make the project your own!)


Step 6

Create a yellow pom-pom for the flower’s center.  You can view a video tutorial on how to create the yellow pom-poms by clicking here.  You will sew this pom-pom onto five layers of petals to create one flower.


Step 7

Once the flower is complete use these little cuties however you like!


From Jen:

I recently used these peonies as napkin rings at a couple’s shower! The bride is using peonies on her wedding day so I thought this would be a unique and fun way to incorporate her favorite flower while still having that handcrafted touch! She loved them so much we are using the fabric peonies on her wedding day alongside the real stems!


Event Credits:

Coordination, Design & Styling: Jen Rios Design

Vintage China: Rent My Dust Vintage Rentals

Event Location: Lost Oak Winery, Burleson, TX

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