GSS’s Things We LOVE :: Gracylu Originals Headpieces!!!

Above Images Courtesy of CoCo Bleu Photography.

We were contacted by the Oh-So-Sweet AND beautiful Tristian of Gracylu Originals a few months ago.  She had heard about GSS and wanted to introduce herself.  We were absolutely blown away by Tristian’s pure talent!  Her pieces are so unbelievably gorgeous and stunning!  We have truly enjoyed getting to know and working with Tristian!  So, we are beyond excited to introduce you to Gracylu Originals!!!

Here is a little bit about Tristian and her company, Gracylu Originals from her website:

Tristian, the inspiring designer of Gracylu Originals, has joyfully been married to her high school sweetheart for seven years. They have two precious children, a handsome boy and a darling girl. The love of her business is due to the unique product she offers her clients as well as the reality that the business provides her with a platform of ministry to express her faith. Gracylu Originals was established two years ago when Tristian began her adventure as innovator and couturier of ravishing hair pieces. Her collection offers an array of fashion sense ranging from soft, lacy vintage, to bold and extravagant colors, and even stunning bridal pieces. Gracylu Originals offers recreations of previous designs as well as contriving custom orders to parallel exactly what the visionary client desires.”

 Above Image Courtesy of (L) Yvonne Denault Photography and (R) Zasey Photography.

And Tristian was sweet enough to do a little Q & A with us:

How did you get started with Gracylu Originals?
I sometimes tend to be a bit dramatic and over the top. So when I had my daughter Gracylu it just kinda went a bit overboard.  haha!!  I wanted people to see my gorgeous princess so I began to play around with flowers by adding things to them to make them as big and outrageous as possible. She was quite the show stopper. :)

 Above Image Courtesy of (L) Crave Photography and (R) Heather Essian.

Above Image Courtesy of (L) Heather Essian and (R) Joe Hendricks Photography

What kind of pieces do you sell?
I sell high end couture photography props, women’s and bridal pieces. Most of them aren’t for everyday wear. They are more for special occasions or when you really want to stand out or have that extra special photo.

Above Image Courtesy of  Mark Eric Photography.

Above Image Courtesy of Josh B. Photography.

What is your price range?
My prices usually start around $40 and go up into the hundreds.

  (And she does sashes!!!) Above images courtesy of Linda Holmes Photography.

What is the lead time on a piece?
My current lead time is anywhere from 3-8 weeks or longer. Bridal orders are usually always longer.

  Above Images Courtesy of Mark Eric Photography.

Do you create custom orders?
At this time the only custom orders I can accept are bridal. I love custom orders but they are so time consuming I find myself falling behind even more than I normally am.

Above Image Courtesy of Mark Eric Photography

 Above Image Courtesy of Simplicity Photography.

And here is the gorgeous Tristian with her sweet little Gracylu (both wearing Gracylu Original pieces!), who inspired it all!

Above Image Courtesy of Snell Photography.

And be sure to check out Gracylu Origianls’ Facebook Fan page and become a fan!

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