GSS’s Things We LOVE :: So-Called “Ugly” Wedding Flowers

 Image credits:  Left to Right:  Pacific Weddings, pd Bloom

Let’s face it – In the past several years, floral stems such as Carnations and Baby’s Breath have had a bad wrap. Considered cheap, tacky, or downright ugly by some, these little guys have been virtually shunned by brides and wedding professionals alike…. Until now!  These so-called “ugly” flowers are making a comeback!  Jen even blogged about it earlier this year in her 2012 Wedding Trend Predictions. (Click here to see her post.)  As total wedding trend groupies, we can’t help but jump on board to fall head over heels with these rising stars.

The beauty of Carnations :

  • Available in a wide variety of colors from white to every color in the rainbow (and in various shades!)
  • Extremely versatile in terms of design applications and styles (modern, vintage, romantic… it covers all wedding genres!)
  • Cost effective (surround your entire wedding in these pretties at half the cost!)

And our favorite…

  • When you bunch them together you can’t really tell what they are… dahlias or peonies, maybe? Who knows, who cares? They look expensive, lush and gorgeous!

Image credits:  Left to Right, Top to Bottom:  Oxford Proper, Martha Stewart Weddings, Bella Pictures, Martha Stewart WeddingsSweet Grace Cake Designs 

The beauty of Baby’s Breath:


  • Cost effective (again, BONUS!)
  • Extremely abundant and hearty (seriously, we are talking out of the water for months and still so pretty – a little dry – but still pretty!)
  • Fluffy, airy, and great for a filler (brides are carrying bouquets of JUST babies breath – what other floral stems can stand their own like that?)

And our favorite…

  • It has the ability to take on many different “jobs” – bouquet, boutonniere, head piece, archway… it can be anything you want it to be!

Image credits:  Left to Right, Top to Bottom:  Madalina Lesan1313 Photography, Studio EMPMartha Stewart Weddings, Shelley Foster Photography via Jen Rios Design, Braedon Photography

So what do YOU think?  Do you dare to have “ugly” flowers at your wedding?  We can’t wait to see what you do with them!



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  1. LOVE them ALL … even using some variations in my own wedding. I just adore the textural interest carnations create! Great post!

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