Introducing Gracy Luxe :: Gracylu Originals Couture Bridal Line!!!

Happy Friday, Lovelies!  The weekend is finally beginning!  Back in 2010 we fell head over heels in love with Gracylu Originals’ GORGEOUS headpieces and sashes.  (You can see our previous post about Gracylu Originals by clicking here.)  And just when we thought we couldn’t love Tristan’s (founder of Gracylu Originals) pieces more…  She has now expanded her brand and created an absolutely stunning couture bridal line named Gracy Luxe! OH. MY. GOODNESS…. We just about died when we saw her new pieces, which include but are not limited to:  Hair fascinators, bolero jackets, blushers and veils.  She also creates custom ordres as well.  So, without further ado, we are so excited to introduce you to Gracy Luxe!

“Hello friends!

 Welcome to my brand new online home, Gracy Luxe! I’m thrilled you’re here and hope you’ll feel as cozy here as I do.2012 has brought some amazing changes to my life and business – and as I reign in my focus on what’s truly important (my faith & my family), the next path of my journey has become incredibly clear: GracyLu Originals is growing up. She’s been my baby in every sense of the word and I thank you all for your constant love and support of this little business of mine. The time has come however for an evolution. GracyLu is every so gracefully stepping aside to allow her gorgeous ‘older sister’ to step in.So please join me in warmly welcoming Gracy Luxe to the family! She’s older and wiser, full of wisdom and romance. She harbors elegance and whimsy, she hasabsolutely and completely stolen my heart.With my focus shifting to not only include but put my family first, I knew some change was in order. When GracyLu Originals was born I had no idea the vast places it would take me and the sheer amount of time and energy and love that would go into it. In order to continue to flourish, I decided Gracy Luxe needed a team.
A team of ‘siblings’ if you will that together create the whole of the family. These talented artists from far and wide stand by my side, ensuring you see gorgeous photos, a beautiful web site, and of course the loveliest of products.I am beyond excited to venture into this new line, and look so forward to you, my friends, joining me. Stay tuned in the days and weeks ahead as I introduce Gracy Luxe to you all. Until then, bookmark and visit often!
Lots of love, T”


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