GSS’s REAL Wedding :: Happy Anniversary to Tamra and Tyler :: Amy Karp Photography

Happy Hump Day, Lovelies!!!  We have a special treat for you today… You see, today is mine and Tyler’s three-year anniversary!  So, I’m going to get a little personal and do a short feature on our wedding.  Just because I’m in a reminiscent kind of mood and I felt like sharing.  By no means was our wedding anything extravagant, but it suited us just fine and most important everyone in attendance had a blast.  (And for those of you who don’t know, Amy was our wedding photographer!  To make a long story short, we enjoyed working together so much on my wedding that we decided to go into business together and create Groom Sold Separately!)  Tyler and I were married on May 9, 2009 at Oakmont Country Club in Corinth, Texas.  So, without further ado, I give you our wedding:

Happiest Anniversary, Tyler!!!  I love you more now than the day I married you.  You are the best husband and father and am I so thankful God brought you into my life.  I love waking up next to you everyday and laying down next to you every night.  I will love you as long as I live – Always and forever, no matter what.

All images courtesy of Amy Karp Photography



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GSS Featured Session :: Underwater Trash the Dress Session :: Amy Karp Photography

Happy Hump Day, Lovelies!!! You’re in for a treat today!!!   Today’s fabulous featured session comes from our very own Amy Karp!!!  I’ve been hounding Amy for a while now to let me feature these amazing Day After/Trash the Dress underwater images- And she FINALLY gave in!  YAY! Amy Karp Photography is a Dallas, Texas based wedding photographer. 

One of the sweet subjects from these images, Vanja (the bride in the first four images) has been gracious enough to answer a few questions for us.  Vanja and her hubby were married September 24, 2010.  Take it away, Vanja!  

 What made you want to do an underwater session? I had this beautiful dress just sitting in my closet and I’ve been wanting to do a Trash the Dress for a little while. I mean it would be a total waste to only use a dress once, right? I saw Amy’s post on one of the Facebook discussions online about underwater photography and I offered to be her “model.”

Was it very hard holding your breath and getting the poses down?  In the beginning it was very hard to hold my breath and actually look relaxed under water. Finally I just dealt with the fact that I’ll have water going up my nose and I started to be able to relax and not look like I’m drowning.

Did this ruin your dress or is it okay?  I’m one of those people that takes risks. As I said before, I’ve already used the dress once (its main purpose), so I wasn’t too afraid of what may happen to it. I put the dress in a trash bag after our session, took it home and threw it in the washing machine. I figured, nothing happened to it during the five hour session in the pool, what’s the worse that could happen to it in the washing machine? About 30 minutes later, it came out as good as new. I put it on a hanger to air dry. It looks perfect and it’s ready for its next photo shoot. :)

And most of all, did you at least have fun???  I had a blast. This was the first time that I had met Amy, but I felt really comfortable working with her. Within just a few moments I felt like we have known each other forever. Even though I was almost blind by the end of the day from keeping my eyes open underwater the whole time, I very much enjoyed our session and would do it all over again. No worries, my vision returned back to normal the next day.

Thank you so much, Amy, for finally allowing me to share these amazing  underwater sessions with GSS! Please stop by her website and blog and show her some love! And thank you, Vanja, for taking your time to answer our questions! We wish you and your hubby a lifetime full of love, laughter, and happiness!!! May every day be better than the last!

If you have an engagement, wedding, day after, or anniversary session that you would like featured- Please send it to us at We HEART submissions!

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We wanted to remind you that Amy Karp, from  Amy Karp Photography and Groom Sold Separately are offering a wonderful gift for one lucky couple. Do you know someone who is getting married and has an unbelievable story? It could be how they met, what they enjoy doing, you can even nominate someone who just deserves to see how beautiful everyone else sees them.  The session is free and the lucky couple will receive a disc of electronic files. If the couple decides to purchase any products or have anyone purchase products for them, 100% of the proceeds go to a charity of their choice. What’s the catch, you ask? There is no catch…If you would like to know more or sign up, please click here. We are leaving all of the voting in the hands of our Facebook Fans. The finalists will be judged by readers on….We are leaving it completely all up to YOU!

Several have already signed up and have been racking up the “likes”…. want to see the couples? Check them out here :: COUPLES!

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GSS our REAL Wedding :: Tamra and Tyler

Now that you have seen what it looks like from a Bride’s perspective planning all of the details of the wedding, here’s what I saw as her photographer. Tamra mentioned Tyler was a big golfer, so I really wanted to incorporate their rings into “golf” something 😉 What’s better than a golf cart? Tamra’s wedding was a beautiful wedding and all of the details unfolded so naturally for me to capture. If you missed the planning pieces for her wedding, please revisit this post and this post. Are you all following how GSS was formed yet….bride meets vendor! Now let us help you find your fabulous vendors for your wedding day!

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GSS Inspiration Board :: Vintage Charm

If you can’t already tell, GSS is in love with all things vintage & retro.  Thus, the inspiration behind our latest inspiration board.  Drum roll, please…. Introducing Vintage Charm!  Ta-Dah!

Wedding Dress:  Stephanie Allin     Style:  Nina Short

Wedding Cake:  Truli Confectionary Arts

Tablescape:  Martha Stewart Weddings

Teal Pumps:  Forever 21

Bridal Pumps & Clutch:  Harriet Wilde

Invitations:  Enchanted Garden by Hello!Lucky

Veil:  Birdcage Veils   Photography by:  Missy Missy Photography

Table Number Image, Boutonniere Image, & Bouquet Image by:  Amy Karp Photography

Bridesmaid Dress:  Vivien of Holloway

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