Last Call for GSS GiveAway :: Bethany Lorelle Headpiece

We love and you will too. She has head pieces for brides and even for bridesmaids. You don’t even have to be getting married to put some items in your shopping cart. She has headpieces for all occasions! If you want to enter to win this headpiece, head over to this post and follow the easy as pie instructions..its just leaving a comment. You will be glad you did if you are the lucky winner!

Here are some more of her lovely creations…

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GSS’s Things We LOVE :: Colorful Vintage Inspired Veils

We ran across these veils and immediately fell head over heels!  Not only are they vintage inspired (which we live for!) but some of them have even ventured out into the world of color!  These are made by two sisters in Dublin, Ohio.  These designs are called Wedding Aisle by Le Chic Studio.  You can find their store by clicking here.  Here is a little about them:

“Once upon a time there where two sisters who had the same last name…one got married and so that changed. Shortly there after the other fell in love and so it began…the quest for the perfect fairy tale wedding.
Along the way the sisters discovered there was beauty found not only in the wedding gown but also in the small accents like the veil, garter, ring pillow, all the way down to the icing on the cake. The quest in capturing the beauty of these items is like catching a garden fairy in the land of make believe… the feeling is so over whelming that one must share it with the world…and so they are now here to help turn your wedding dreams into a reality…

Just so you know “if you smell cinnamon you might be in the presence of a fairy and if you hear bells , and its not Christmas time, you could be near a fairy. So keep your ears open for jingling sounds. Oh, and if there’s not a kitchen nearby, or your mom isn’t making cinnamon rolls, a fairy might be near you.”

So, if you’re a fun kind of bride… An offbeat bride…  A fairy bride… Maybe even a little Rock N’ Roll or Rock-a-Billy bride… These would be perfect for you!

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