GSS Featured Wedding :: Summer & Chad’s Country Chic Wedding :: Anna Pociask Photography

Happy Hump Day, Lovelies!!  We’re officially halfway through the work week and we have a FAB-U-LOUS wedding feature to help celebrate!  Today’s gorgeous featured wedding comes from Anna of Anna Pociask Photography, a Huntsville, Alabama (previously of Fort Worth, TX- Shout out!!) wedding photographer.  We are beyond thrilled to have the privilage of featuring her work and we thank Anna for being so sweet and easy to work with. 

Summer and Chad were married in a beautiful country chic summer wedding in Jasper, Alabama.  Here’s what Anna had to say about this sweet wedding:

“Country chic meets Hollywood. This bride oozed with beauty that reminded me of Hollywood glamour. However, her sweet southern twang would give away she was not from the West and all southern.;)

When arriving to the venue I knew it was going to be filled with glorious details. The barn was nestled back into the woods, with glorious hills surrounding. I will let the pictures tell the story…..”

” My favorite part of her dress was the lace that came up and around her neck. So classic, southern, and beautiful.”



“Her dress, veil, bouquet all were DIVINE.”

“I wanted to take home all of the bridesmaids dresses. All came from Altered State and Prestons. Love those places!”


Thank you so much, Anna, for sharing this amazing wedding with us! Please stop by her website and show her some love! And Summer and Chad, we wish you a lifetime full of love, laughter, and happiness!!! May every day be better than the last!

If you have an engagement, wedding, day after, or anniversary session that you would like featured- Please send it to us at We HEART submissions!

























































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GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Red & Chocolate Brown :: Rustic Red Barn Chic

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!!  It seems as though the “Weather Gods” have finally heard our pleas!  Temperatures have FINALLY begun to drop (and by drop we mean we’re just happy to be out of the triple digit heat!) and we have even received a little rain!!!   Fall seems to be creeping up on Texas!!!  With that said, check out this Fall inspired, Rustic Red Barn Chic :: Chocolate Brown and Red wedding inspiration board. Although the color palette of Chocolate Brown and Red can be used anytime of the year, we’re putting a Fall spin on it.


Rustic Red and Brown Cake Table Decor:  Image Courtesy of Robert Evans Studio

Red Barn Bride and Groom Portrait:  Image Courtesy of Robert Evans Studio

Red and Brown Rustic Barn Wedding Reception:  Max Ultimate Food        Image Courtesy of  Emilie Inc.

Bride in Cowboy Boots:  Image Courtesy of Souder Photography

Red and White Gingham Ring Bearer Pillow:  Image Courtesy of Angela Anderson Photography

Canvas LOVE Banner:  Image Courtesy of Erin Hearts Court

Rustic Red and Brown Bridal Bouquet:  BMJ Events         Image Courtesy of Eclectic Images

Red and Brown Wedding Programs:  Lynn Graham Designs        Image Courtesy of  Modern Wedding Photography

Rustic Red and Brown Wedding Chair Ties:  Celebrations Ltd  Cayman Islands


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GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Cornflower Blue, Yellow & Gingham!

Ahhhhhh….! This Cornflower Blue and Yellow inspiration board is so refreshing!  It’s so bright, airy and gives such a feel of comfort and relaxation.  We just love the country chic vibe the gingham brings!.  Can’t you just picture yourself sitting at this gorgeous outdoor Spring/Summer wedding breathing in the fresh air?  We sure can! 

Cornflower Blue and Yellow Tissue Wedding Favor:  Image Courtesy of Drew Newman Photographers

Yellow Bridal Bouquet:  Noosheens          Image Courtesy of Ruggero Farina Photography

Cornflower Blue and Yellow Wedding Cake:  The Cake Shop        Image Courtesy of  Winfield Little Photography

Cornflower Blue and Yellow Groomsmen Attire:  Yellow Boutonniere:  Seaport Flowers     Image Courtesy of Maureen Davis Photography

Cornflower Blue and Yellow Centerpiece:  Jenron Designs DBA Butterfly Landings         Image Courtesy of  Drew Newman Photographers

Cornflower Blue and Yellow Wedding Favor Box:  Image Courtesy of Drew Newman Photographers

Cornflower Blue and Yellow Wedding Reception Decor:  Image Courtesy of Drew Newman Photographers 

Cornflower Blue and Yellow Cocktail Napkins:  Image Courtesy of Paige Eden Photography

Cornflower Blue Gingham Bridesmaid Dress:  Vivien of Holloway

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GSS Featured Wedding Professional :: Transcendence Studio, Doug Treiber Photography :: Elizabeth and Gavin’s Akron, Ohio Rainy Day Wedding

wedding day rain in cleveland

The wedding today literally gave us goosebumps! Doug, with Transcendence Studio sent it to us and mentioned Elizabeth’s wedding would be a fun one to feature. He was right! We feel the love, warmth and togetherness throughout. Doug is based out of Columbus, Ohio and shoots with his wife. He referred to her as “his partner in crime”. The couple, Elizabeth and Gavin live in New York, but traveled back to their family to be joined in marriage. In fact, they brought a lot of family elements to the wedding. We were able to catch up with Elizabeth and ask her some questions about her wedding.

How did you and husband meet?

Gavin and I met in 7th grade!  Although I can’t say exactly where or when, we are both pretty sure it was at a middle school dance. He insists that he asked me out when we 13, and that I said no! We met up again when we were both living and working in New York – when he asked me out the second  time I said yes.

How long have you been together?

We have been together for about 4 years.

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

How did he propose?

He proposed on a very cold and rainy morning, in a beautiful spot right along Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago. He somehow convinced me to go out for a run, even though it looked like there was about to be a huge storm.  And of course, about 5 minutes it to the run in started to drizzle.  As we reached the pier where Gavin was planning to propose, he faked an injury so we could walk for awhile.  When we got to the end of the pier, with water all around us, he got down on one knee and pulled his grandmother’s beautiful ring out of the pocket of his running shorts (where it had been WITHOUT A BOX for the whole run!).  Just as I said yes it started pouring rain, so we should have known our wedding day would be a rainy one as well!

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

Your dress is gorgeous, where did you get it and how did you know it was “the one”?

I actually wore two dresses – I couldn’t resist.  The dress I wore for the ceremony was my mother’s dress, with just a few changes.  We removed the sleeves and the gorgeous high ruffled neck that was perfect for her November wedding but would have been a bit warm for our August date. But everything else we kept exactly the same.  My mom is my best friend and I look up to her so much, so it felt very special to get married in the dress she wore on her wedding day.

The second dress I found after LOTS of trying on and changing my mind, and changing my mind again…at David’s Bridal.  I knew it was the one because I tried it on in the middle of winter, with pale skin, those few extra winter pounds, no makeup and messy hair, and still felt so beautiful and special.  AND most importantly, I could dance in it.  It was made by a young designer named Amy Wong Micucci for a contest David’s Bridal and Brides Magazine held called Operation Dream Dress.  It was a great way to get a dress made by an emerging designer at a David’s Bridal price.  She has her own line of bridesmaids dresses as well,

Your veil is incredible. Is that something you bought or was it handed down from someone?

The veil was my mother’s as well – I loved it.  Below is a picture of her wearing the dress and veil!

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

We love the boots….tell us more about that image?

The boots were a total fluke – I was joking with my friends that I should take them home just to ensure that it wouldn’t rain.  I figured it would be like Murphy’s Law –  if I take the rain boots it won’t rain; if I DON’T take them it definitely will. I had to pack a second suitcase just to bring them and needless to say, my tricky logic didn’t exactly work.  The funniest part is that it wasn’t even raining that hard at this point – we had no idea just how bad it would get and how glad I would be that I had those boots!  And to top it all off, my Mom got creative and used the boots as a vase for our post-wedding brunch the next day!

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

We hear its good luck to rain on your wedding day. What did you think when it started to rain?

Oh wow – I think I was in shock!  The storm that blew in really hadn’t been predicted, so we were all set up outside.  No one could see me, but I was actually sitting right behind the barn in the car with my Dad and all the girls, watching the storm blow in, watching the tents and place cards go flying, and watching all our guests running through the mud up to the barn.  We couldn’t stop laughing!  I knew it was out of my hands and I just had to throw up my hands and take the ride!  Luckily we had an AMAZING wedding coordinator (Amanda of At Last Event Planning) who handled it all in stride and kept things moving smoothly.  In the end I think the rain truly made the day (our engagement day and our wedding day!)  and will hopefully bring us lots of luck in the years to come!

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

What sold you on your wedding venue?

The barn, the fields and woods all around, and the campfire.  I had been picturing a rustic, Southern-style wedding (I was born in Virginia and we both love the outdoors) but wasn’t sure I’d be able to find a place that really felt authentic in my second hometown of Cleveland. We knew we wanted to be close to nature, but comfortable at the same time.  We  were originally booked in another venue that I liked but wasn’t really in LOVE with, but just a few months before the wedding, they told us they had accidentally DOUBLEBOOKED us with a Civil War Reenactment on the property!  Oddly enough, I had saved a voicemail from someone at Botzum Farmstead – a place we heard about long after we’d booked our first venue.  With just months to spare, we went to look at the barn and fell in love. It felt just like we had stepped into someone’s old family homestead.  We could just picture ourselves getting married in the meadow, dancing in the barn, and sitting around the campfire making smores at the end of the night with all our friends.  It felt like home.

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

How did you choose your wedding color palette?

I knew I wanted something soft and natural, and that I wanted the girls to be able to pick their own dresses and not all look the same.  The champagne – blush palette seemed like one that would give the girls lots of options but not risk looking too pieced together.  Plus JCrew offered a great selection of dresses in that color scheme.  I picked 5 colors and let each girl pick any dress in those colors.  Then the rest of the palette – for the flowers and décor – just came straight from the surroundings.  Soft greens, ivory and blush – just like the woods, fields and wildflowers all around the barn.

What song did you dance to for your first dance as husband and wife?

We danced to Otis Redding’s “That’s How Strong My Love Is.”

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

What was your “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”?

Something old was my mother’s dress and the handkerchief I carried.  I was the fourth generation of women on my mother’s side of the family to carry it.  My something new was the beautiful bracelet Gavin gave me as a wedding gift that morning.  My something borrowed was the amazing pair of earrings my sister-in-law and Maid of Honor brought for me to wear – a pair that belonged to her grandmother and that I felt so honored to wear.  And my something blue…well this one is kind of a stretch…but it was the bottom of my shoes! They were a fun bright blue, although they were mostly muddy brown by the end of the night.

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

Do you have any advice for brides that are in the planning process?

Try to slow down and enjoy the little moments with the people you love.  Everything seemed to be flying by so quickly during the week before the wedding.  In moments when things really felt hectic I tried to slow down, take a breath, and really soak it all in. I remember those few moments so clearly and treasure them – like having a quick quiet cup of coffee with my Dad the morning of the wedding.  Also, be creative with your budget. My husband and I sat down when we started planning and made 2 lists, without showing each other, of the top 5 things we were willing to spend money on, and the 5 things that didn’t mean as much to us.  When we compared those lists, we knew where we wanted to spend, and where we could save.  We managed to save in some big areas (like invitations from Costco, an online RSVP system,  and serving our guests beer, wine and 2 signature cocktails instead of a full bar) so we could spend money on the things that meant the most to us – music and making sure we could invite everyone we loved. OH and hire a day-of wedding coordinator – such a lifesaver and worth every penny!

What was your favorite part of your big day?

SPARKLERS – at the end of the night, all our guests lined up along the dirt road leading up to the barn with these amazing 2-foot sparklers my Mom found.  It was surreal – all the faces of the people we loved lit up, one of our favorite songs (Dixieland Delight by Alabama!) playing in the background, as we walked off down the road to start our new life.  When we were far enough away from the barn, we stopped, turned back and watched it all from the outside.  It was our first private moment as husband and wife and it was absolutely my favorite.

what to do when it rains on your wedding day

Venue: Conrad Botzum Farmstead

Dress: Alterations By Alina (she transformed my Mom’s dress) and Davids Bridal

Cake: Flour Girl (cupcakes!) and homemade whoopee pies made by my family in Pennsylvania

Floral:  Martha Rogers Marsh of Gatehouse Interiors, Willoughby,  OH

Catering: Taste of Excellence (These guys were running through the rain, made my vision of a family style dinner come to life, and even carried umbrellas!)

DJ/Band: Bluegrass band during dinner and cocktails:  Ricky Prater and the Midnight Travelers

DJ for after dinner and dancing: DJ Matt Gazdak through Jerry Bruno Productions

Ceremony Musicians (added this one):  Leslie Braidech (and friends) String Quartet

Videographer: Our friends – we decided to spend money on a small video camera that we could keep instead, asking our family members to videotape some special moments.

Invitations/Wedding Stationery: EInvite – Costco’s stationery provider

Wedding Coordinator: At Last Event Planning – Amy Hissa and Amanda Cochran

Thank you so much, Doug, for sharing this amazing wedding with us!  Please stop by his blog and show him some love!  And thank you, Elizabeth, for taking your time to answer our questions!  We wish you and Gavin a lifetime full of love, laughter, and happiness!!!  May every day be better than the last!

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GSS Inspiration Board :: Country Chic

2009 brought us a wonderful trend of farm and ranch weddings.  This trend has  not only carried over into 2010, but it has become even more popular!  We’re loving how relaxed and casual these weddings feel, while keeping it sophisticated and chic. 

Bride and Groom Image:  Courtesy of Jodie Potter Photography

Yellow Flowers in Blue Glass Jar Centerpieces:  Image Courtesy of Vis Photography

Mr. & Mrs. Place Setting:  Image Courtesy of Dana Grant Photography

Exterior Barn Image:  Courtesy of Cameron Ingalls Photography

Barn Reception Image:  Courtesy of Cameron Ingalls Photography

“Here Comes the Bride” Image:  Courtesy of Onelove Photography

Bridesmaids in Cowboy Boots Image:  Courtesy of John H. Weddingpix

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