GSS’s Things We LOVE :: Crepe Paper DIY Projects :: Part 1

We are always on the lookout for good DIY projects; today we are sharing with you some fun and affordable projects made with a primary material – crepe paper. Now, we all know crepe paper in streamer form can be used as inexpensive décor,  but what you probably don’t know is that crepe is also available in three yard rolls 19” in width, and of a heavier caliber. This material is great for projects because not only is it fabulously inexpensive and easy to work with, it also comes in a great variety of colors. Our favorite source for these large crepe paper rolls is Paper Mart , they have over 30 color choices- And even better than that-  Each roll is UNDER two dollars a piece!

Well, now that we have our primary material – what should you do with it? Well we have two totally cute DIY’s in store for you – this week we are creating cake buntings & starbursts. Jen created these for a birthday party a few weeks ago and used this tutorial from Atypical Type A.   Here is her finished product…


… And now it’s time to create yours!

DIY Cake Bunting & Starbursts Tutorial




–          Roll of crepe in your color choice(s), Colored paper works as well

The rolls have lines running through them. Cut a section out along the lines and you have a perfect size strip for this project!

–          Wooden skewers

–          Scissors

–          Tape

Click here for step-by-step instructions with example images. 

Step 1

Fold your paper accordion style

Step 2

Cut about ¾ of the way up your accordion making thin cuts

Step 3

Unfold and tape one end to a skewer (both ends if creating the bunting).

Bunting steps end here, for starbursts continue

Step 4

Roll up the rest of the paper and secure with tape

Step 5

Tease out the paper for a full and fun shape

And voila!  You have your crepe paper cake bunting and starburst!  Make sure you stay tuned next week for crepe paper flowers – fun for table décor, bouquet alternatives and more!!

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