GSS Featured Wedding :: Holly & Hao’s Texas Wedding :: Kimberly Chau Photography

You are in for a treat today. Kimberly Chau submitted this lovely Dallas Texas wedding to us via Two Bright Lights and we were instantly smitten. The Badgley Mischka shoes are simply divine, the menswear is sleek yet fun, the decor` is cute and fresh, and the EXIT … you need to get to the bottom of this post to see it. We won’t spoil it for you. Its a must see! Kimberly shares a few words about the couple….

Holly + Hao are just the cutest couple! Holly + Hao had their wedding recently in Dallas and it was just spectacular. Back in high school and college, Hao persistently and patiently pursued Holly. They met at a church camp and he hung out with her the whole time! Even though Hao tried and tried over and over again to gain Holly’s heart, he was rejected after the first few attempts. But that didn’t stop him from trying harder and thanks to God’s perfect timing, Hao finally caught Holly’s attention one lucky day and asked her out on a date! And from then, it was history. They fell in love and now they are married!

Reception Venue:  El Dorado Country Club
Dress Designer:  Angelina Faccenda
Ceremony Location:  Prestonwood Baptist Church
Tuxedo and Mens Attire:  Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers
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GSS Featured Session :: Underwater Trash the Dress Session :: Amy Karp Photography

Happy Hump Day, Lovelies!!! You’re in for a treat today!!!   Today’s fabulous featured session comes from our very own Amy Karp!!!  I’ve been hounding Amy for a while now to let me feature these amazing Day After/Trash the Dress underwater images- And she FINALLY gave in!  YAY! Amy Karp Photography is a Dallas, Texas based wedding photographer. 

One of the sweet subjects from these images, Vanja (the bride in the first four images) has been gracious enough to answer a few questions for us.  Vanja and her hubby were married September 24, 2010.  Take it away, Vanja!  

 What made you want to do an underwater session? I had this beautiful dress just sitting in my closet and I’ve been wanting to do a Trash the Dress for a little while. I mean it would be a total waste to only use a dress once, right? I saw Amy’s post on one of the Facebook discussions online about underwater photography and I offered to be her “model.”

Was it very hard holding your breath and getting the poses down?  In the beginning it was very hard to hold my breath and actually look relaxed under water. Finally I just dealt with the fact that I’ll have water going up my nose and I started to be able to relax and not look like I’m drowning.

Did this ruin your dress or is it okay?  I’m one of those people that takes risks. As I said before, I’ve already used the dress once (its main purpose), so I wasn’t too afraid of what may happen to it. I put the dress in a trash bag after our session, took it home and threw it in the washing machine. I figured, nothing happened to it during the five hour session in the pool, what’s the worse that could happen to it in the washing machine? About 30 minutes later, it came out as good as new. I put it on a hanger to air dry. It looks perfect and it’s ready for its next photo shoot. :)

And most of all, did you at least have fun???  I had a blast. This was the first time that I had met Amy, but I felt really comfortable working with her. Within just a few moments I felt like we have known each other forever. Even though I was almost blind by the end of the day from keeping my eyes open underwater the whole time, I very much enjoyed our session and would do it all over again. No worries, my vision returned back to normal the next day.

Thank you so much, Amy, for finally allowing me to share these amazing  underwater sessions with GSS! Please stop by her website and blog and show her some love! And thank you, Vanja, for taking your time to answer our questions! We wish you and your hubby a lifetime full of love, laughter, and happiness!!! May every day be better than the last!

If you have an engagement, wedding, day after, or anniversary session that you would like featured- Please send it to us at We HEART submissions!

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GSS Featured Engagement :: James & Stephanie’s Outdoor Engagement :: Shaun Menary Photography

Today’s featured engagement comes from one of our sweet readers, Stephanie.  She’s the Bride to Be in this feature!  We LOVE it when our readers submit their photos to us for a feature!!! Shaun Menary, of Shaun Menary Photography documented their engagement beautifully. Shaun is a Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas based wedding photographer.  Stephanie and James will be married on January 28, 2012 in Dallas.  Stephanie was kind enough to answer a few questions for us:

 How did you and James meet? We met at a happy hour that was planned by a mutual friend who wanted to introduce us.  One by one, each of our friends left and it ended up being just he and I talking over margaritas and beers. In the end he asked for my number and asked me out thevery next day.

How long did you date before the proposal OR How long have you been together?  James and I dated for 7 months before he proposed. I had no doubt he was the one after our very first date.

Have you set a date yet?  Our wedding date is January 28, 2012. We decided on this date because his birthday is the 28th of November and mine is the 28th of July.  This way we will always be celebrating on the 28th.

Have you picked your venue?  If so, what made you choose this location?   We will be married at the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration and the reception will take place at the Hilton Park Cities. My family has been members of Transfiguration since 1990 and I attended elementary school there.  Like most little girls, I always dreamt of marrying the man of my dreams in the church that I grew up in. We knew that we wanted to have the reception at a hotel that was close to where we live and play. We love the intimacy of the Hilton Park Cities. There are only 224 rooms and one banquet room. There is also a great space for a cocktail hour when the guests first arrive which will help get the celebration started. 

At what point did you know that he was “the one”? I knew it from the start. He made me dinner on our first date and after dinner we sat on the back porch and talked for hours. We talked about our families, hobbies, passions, hopes and dreams. I knew that God had always planned for me to be there with him in that moment.

Besides getting engaged, what is your favorite memory as a couple?  One reason that I knew that he was the one, is that no matter what the circumstance, we always make the very best of it and just enjoy being together. I have so many favorite memories but one memory that stands out is from last January. We went skiing in Tahoe for New Year’,s. James loves to be outdoors and skiing is one of his favorite things to do. As a kid, I used to love to ski but I hadn’t been in almost 10 years.  The first day I had made an appointment to take a half day lesson to get my ski legs back.  There was a horrible storm that day and they closed the entire mountain.  Since we only had a few days of skiing the next day I decided to forgo the ski lesson and jump on a lift with him.  He offered me some pointers at the top of the first mountain and then we were off.  He was so patient with me the whole day. It was absolutely an amazing day.

How did he propose? We had planned a trip to San Francisco.  When we arrived at the hotel we were too early to check in- So he told me I needed to change because we were going to go on a bike ride.  Once we had our bikes we headed to Crissy Beach.  When we got there, James suggested that we leave our bikes and go down to the water to take some pictures.  The next thing I knew he was down on his knee. It all happened so fast! I said yes and jumped into his arms.  Seconds later he told me there was another surprise and his brother and his wife came running out of their hiding spots popping a bottle of champagne. He had flown them in from San Diego and they had been following us since we arrived and documented the whole event.  We spent the rest of the day with them following us around the city taking pictures and enjoying the moment. I felt like the absolute luckiest girl in the whole entire world!

Were you surprised?  I was very surprised!! He did such a wonderful job of planning and keeping everything a secret until the very last second.  I could not have dreamt a more perfect day in a more perfect way!

What made you choose Shaun Menary as your photographer?  I had several friends recommend photographers and I did a lot of research on the internet.  For us, the perfect photographer needed to have more than an amazing portfolio.  The rapport with our photographer was equally as important as the end product.  When we met Shaun Menary there was an instant vibe! We both felt an immediate unspoken connection to Shaun.  In the end, we knew that we could trust him to capture the memories of our wedding exactly how we had always wanted.  It is a tall order to fill, but we are confident that he is the man for the job!

Thank you so much, Shaun, for sharing this amazing wedding with us!  Please stop by his website and blog and show him some love!  And thank you, Stephanie, for taking your time to answer our questions!  We wish you and James a lifetime full of love, laughter, and happiness!!!  May every day be better than the last!

If you have an engagement, wedding, day after, or anniversary session that you would like featured- Please send it to us at  We HEART submissions!

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GSS Featured Wedding Pro :: Vendor Spotlight :: Dallas Wedding Photographer Jared Rey

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (1)

We are so proud to bring you a gorgeous Texas wedding from one of our new featured wedding professionals, Jared Rey. We love connecting brides and wedding pros to all-things-lovely! Jared’s photography is always such a treat to view. We could click through his wedding gallery for days! His ability to find beauty in all that he sees is amazing. We are so thrilled to have as a featured wedding vendor on our site! His wedding photography is fun, candid, real, and emotional. Here’s a little bit about Jared and his work:

I have been around a camera my whole life, my aunt stirred a passion of photography in my heart at an early age as I was her little model growing up. I began taking photography classes in high school where I learned about using film cameras and processing film. I transitioned to the digital world in college and began teaching myself how to use the camera through reading a ton of books and internet research. Once I graduated from college I took workshops from photographers such as Zack Arias and Jeremy Cowart, amazing music/portrait photographers whom I have great respect for in their beliefs and passion for photography. All this knowledge I have gained over the years has given me the technical knowledge I need to make my artistic vision come to life.

I began my business in 2007 and over the years my vision and passion has become more clear. This passion and direction stems from my Christian beliefs which have taught me to love, respect, and discover the unique beauty found in God’s most precious creation. As a lifestyle photographer My goal through photography is to capture who my subject is and what makes that person special. I want us to be real with each other, no pretending, and not worry about trying to be someone else in a photograph. I want to accomplish this through relationship building which will allow my subject to be authentic and original. I find that there is nothing more beautiful than people expressing real, deep, joyful emotion in front of a camera. We are all imperfectly perfect and our time together will be spent discovering what that looks like for each individual person. Each photograph tells the unique story of who you are and being able to display that proudly in your home for all to see brings great joy to my heart. I look forward to telling your story.

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (2)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (3)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (4)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (5)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (6)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (7)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (8)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (9)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (10)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (11)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (12)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (13)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (14)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (15)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (16)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (17)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (18)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (19)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (20)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (21)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (22)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (23)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (24)

dallas wedding photographer Jared Rey rustic wedding (25)

This wedding is nothing short of stunning and Jared told their story beautifully. Be sure to check in and see more of his work on his site and see his beautiful listing among our Texas Wedding Photography. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story with us!



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Bridal Giveaway for one lucky Bride in Dallas!

Always a bridesmaid, now you’re the BRIDE!!! You have worn the bridesmaid dresses, you have helped your friends button up their bridal gowns, you have bustled and bustled many wedding dresses. Now, you are the BRIDE!

We are so excited to share this big news with you! We have teamed up with some great people to make this happen. DiFiori, Bethany Lorelle, RSVP Events, The Aldredge House in Dallas, and Amy Karp Photography have generously contributed to this contest.

Here’s the skinny… To enter the contest, its simple. Send us a picture of you in your favorite bridesmaid dress along with a story about why you liked it the best. Never a bridesmaid? No problem, send us a picture of you in your favorite dress along with a description of your ultimate wedding dress. The more creative the better! We will be uploading these images to our Facebook Fan page and you, your family and friends will be voting on them by “liking” the image. The most likes will advance to the finals and the winner will be chosen by a secret panel of judges. The winner will receive a bridal portrait session with Amy Karp at the Aldredge House in Dallas, a gorgeous bridal bouquet from the amazing artisans at DiFiori, a custom headpiece from Bethany Lorelle, styled by RSVP events as well as hair and makeup. The bridal session will be on March 14th, so check your calendar to make sure you will be able to clear your Monday for this ultimate experience!

Please visit our submission page to send us your image and story. The facebook contest will be going on through February 28th and we will announce the winner on March 7th! What are you waiting for? The most likes advances to the finals, so get to it!

The winner will receive one (1) 16×20 print and five (5) high-resolution electronic files from the session.

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GSS Featured Engagement :: Kyla & Kyle’s Texas State Fair Engagement Session :: Red Brick Photography

Happy Hump Day, Lovelies!!!  You’re all in for a treat today!!!  Man, our submissions just keep getting better and better!!!  Today’s fabulous featured engagement session comes from Mandy Lackey of Red Brick Photoraphy and it totally rocks our socks off!  Red Brick Photography is a Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas based wedding photographer.  Mandy has been so sweet and accommodating to GSS and we have truly enjoyed working with her on this feature.

Kyla and Kyle will be married on April 22, 2011.  Kyla was kind enough to answer a few questions for us:

First of all, we find it absolutely adorable that you and your fiance’s names are so similar.  Do you get comments on that a lot?  We get this ALL the time.  Everyone pauses for a second and then can’t stop talking about how adorable it is and if we are going to name our kids some variation of Kyla or Kyle, which we are not.  Our parents can’t even get it right half the time, my mom wrote Kyla on Kyle’s birthday card last year and you could see where she changed the a to an e.  It gets very confusing when people are talking to us too, we both answer to either name. 


How did you and Kyle meet?  Despite the similar names, Kyle and I have lots of rivalries going that make our meeting even more unique.  When we met we were both working for rival Big 4 accounting firms.  One of his coworkers planned a night out for their coworkers and the planner was good friends with one of my coworkers and invited us to come along.  We went to Grimaldi’s for dinner where we had the longest wait EVER.  Kyle and I started talking about our names, our work rivalry, and our college rivalry.  He went to UT and I went to OU, so with all of this going against us, you would have thought the conversation would have ended right there.  But we hit it off and I made sure I sat by him at dinner.  After dinner we all went to a concert where I tried to play hard to get, but Kyle returned the game.  Things went great all night though and we had a lot of fun together and after the concert Kyle asked for my number and we went on our first date later that next week. 


How long did you date before the proposal OR How long have you been together?  We dated for a year and a half before the proposal and we have been together almost 2 years.


Have you set a date yet?  We are getting married on April 22, 2011.


Have you picked your venue?  If so, what made you choose this location?  We are getting married at Occasions at Stone River in Royse City, TX.  We wanted a venue with an outdoor option and this place had it and so much more.  We went out there one day for a tour and fell in love with the place and fell in love even more when we found out that they pretty much do everything for the wedding.  They have made planning our wedding so easy and affordable. 


At what point did you know that Kyle was “the one”?  A few months after we met, Kyle and I went to Destin, Florida for the week with some of his friends.  This was my first time meeting most of his friends from college because they all live in different cities.  I was a little nervous about not knowing any one and being stuck with these random people for a week.  But from the very beginning, Kyle made sure that I was included in everything and never felt uncomfortable.  He even went above and beyond to make sure I had a great time on their vacation.  He made alone time for just us to go out to dinner on the beach and he even ditched all of his friends another night so that we could go see one of my friends who happened to be there at the same time.  By the end of the vacation I felt like I had gone on a vacation that I would have planned and was now part of the group.  Seeing the way he considered my feelings and made sure I was happy showed me that he would always be there for me. 


Besides getting engaged, what is your favorite memory as a couple?  Besides the engagement and planning for the wedding, the most memorable moment of our relationship is buying our house.  We looked all over Dallas and went back and forth between getting another apartment or buying a house, when our realtor showed us a house that was a perfect fit for our personalities.  It had everything we wanted and more.  We had so much fun buying furniture and decorating the house and was so excited when we had our families over for a house warming party.  Everything was perfect and we now have a great house to share our new life in together as a married couple.  Every time we talk to one of our friends they get a great laugh over how “domestic” we are after a weekend of yard work and holiday decoration shopping.


How did Kyle propose?  Kyle sent me flowers at work one random day with a card that read, “I remember taking you back to right where I first met you”, which is a line from our song Then by Brad Paisley.  The card also said, “Tonight, 7pm”.  So I met him in front of Grimaldi’s where we sat down at a table and he told me how happy I made him and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.  After his proposal we went inside, where he had both of our families waiting for us for a celebration dinner.


Were you surprised?  I was very surprised because I had just finished my Masters Degree and I thought we may be going out to celebrate.  I was also so happy and surprised to see both of our families there.


What made you choose Mandy as your photographer?  Kyle actually saw an add for Mandy’s Red Brick Photographyon Facebook and showed me the website and we both really enjoyed her work.  We met her at Starbucks one night to discuss details and we knew right away she was the one.  We loved her personality and all the ideas she had.  Her work is amazing and she is more amazing.  We feel like we are having a friend coming to our wedding more so than just a professional photographer.


Thank you so much, Mandy, for sharing this amazing engagement session with us!  Please stop by her website and show her some love!  And thank you, Kyla, for taking your time to answer our questions!  We hope your wedding is everything that you have ever dreamed of and wish you and Kyle a lifetime full of love, laughter, and happiness!!!  May every day be better than the last!

If you have an engagement, wedding, day after, or anniversary session that you would like featured- Please send it to us at  We HEART submissions!

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LAST WEEK to enter to win and VOTE on your FAVORITES!

Dallas Wedding Photography


We wanted to remind you that Amy Karp, from  Amy Karp Photography and Groom Sold Separately are offering a wonderful gift for one lucky couple. Do you know someone who is getting married and has an unbelievable story? It could be how they met, what they enjoy doing, you can even nominate someone who just deserves to see how beautiful everyone else sees them.  The session is free and the lucky couple will receive a disc of electronic files. If the couple decides to purchase any products or have anyone purchase products for them, 100% of the proceeds go to a charity of their choice. What’s the catch, you ask? There is no catch…If you would like to know more or sign up, please click here. We are leaving all of the voting in the hands of our Facebook Fans. The finalists will be judged by readers on….We are leaving it completely all up to YOU!

Several have already signed up and have been racking up the “likes”…. want to see the couples? Check them out here :: COUPLES!

Dallas Wedding Photographer

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GSS Featured Wedding Professional :: H. James Hoff Photography :: Bridals at the Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral

We are honored to introduce you to the extrordinary talent of  H. James HoffH. James Hoff is an old friend of Tamra’s and we can’t be more excited to showcase his work!  H. James Hoff is a photographer and artist located in Dallas, Texas who has over 25 years of experience in film, television, and on Broadway, and is a member of United Scenic Artists local 829 in NYC.   H. James Hoff has worked on some pretty awesome things…. You might even know a few:  Sex and the City, the Sopranos, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  Check him out on IMDb by clicking here.

These beautiful bridals were submitted to us by the bride, Shantell.  (Does that name sound familiar to you?  It should!  We recently featured her magnificent wedding stationery.)  Her bridals were taken at the Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral (which also the local of her wedding reception!)

Thank you, H. James Hoff and Shantell, for sharing the stunning bridals with us!!!

If you have an engagement session, bridals, or a wedding that you’d like to have featured on Groom Sold Separately, please email us at!

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GSS Featured Wedding Vendor :: Don Mamone Photography

We have had the huge pleasure to work along side Don Mamone Photography recently. Don and his wife, Emily are a husband and wife wedding photography team in Dallas.  Don photographed the images we featured on our post about The Ryan Manor here. Working with Don has been an absolute pleasure and he and his wife are those type of people you really want to get to know as soon as you meet them.

We asked Don a few questions so you, GSS readers, could get to know these crazy awesome wedding photographers as well:

Q :: how long have you been shooting weddings?

I have been photographing as a hobby, more of a passion really, since 1995. In 2002,
I began apprenticing with an exceptionally talented wedding photographer to ensure I understood the specific challenges and opportunities associated with wedding photography and have been photographing weddings ever since.

Q :: what is your favorite part of the wedding?

Without hesitation, I have always known that my favorite moment during a wedding day is the moment when the groom sees his bride for the very first time.  It was getting married myself though that taught me why.  As Emily rounded the corner, looking radiant in her wedding dress, knowing she was going to be my wife was an indescribably awesome feeling!

Q :: what is a typical wedding day like for you (from packing your gear to the grand exit)?

When it comes to photographing a wedding, I have a very specific routine designed to guarantee that all the details are accounted for.  I begin by gathering and printing all the details for the wedding.  I then format all our digital cards, clean and pack the camera bodies, lenses and accessories.  From that moment on, the remainder of the day is all about the bride and groom.  Each day is as unique as the couple being photographed so we draw on our experience as we approach each part of the day to ensure we capture all the special moments that will tell the story of their wedding day for years to come.

Q :: what is your most memorable wedding photography experience?

That is a really tough question because every wedding is remarkable and possesses so many special moments.  One memorable moment that does stand out was photographing the reception of a couple that met at Texas A&M.  It was so fun to see the ENTIRE wedding take the dance floor for the Aggie War Hymn.  They sang and danced with Aggie Pride.  WOOP!

Q :: have you always been in Dallas?

I relocated to Dallas from Southern California just over three years ago.  Although I miss some things about California, I feel very welcome here and could not be happier with my life here in Dallas

Q :: what are some of the ways you give back to your community?

Emily and I donate our time and photography to the American Fallen Soldiers Project.  Local artist Phil Taylor paints portraits of America’s Fallen Soldiers and presents them to the families left behind.  We photographically document the presentations of the portraits for the project and for the families.  This is one way that we can give back to those that have given so much for us.

Thank you Don and Emily for sharing with us today! Please enjoy these gorgeous images they sent us :)

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