GSS’s Things We LOVE :: DIY Doily Envelopes!

Happy Thursday, Lovelies!!!  Just one more day and then it’s the Weeeekkkeeeeenndddddd, Baby!  We stumble upon these amazingly adorable and super easy DIY doily envelopes by Design.Mein and we just had to share them with you!  Enjoy!

Design.Mein even shares her step by step guide to making these cuties below:

“Here is a step by step guide to making the invite with suggested dimensions: a) Select a doily that can fully cover your old cardstock when folded on 4 sides. I used found cardstock, which is really just an old library card measuring 4 and 7/8″ by 3″  (124 by 77mm) and a doily 7” (178mm) in diameter. I love it that old paper stock usually comes in round imperial measurements. b) Fold in the flaps by the sides first, followed by the flap below. c) Fold down the top flap and seal it with a kiss. In this case, I used Herma Self-adhesive label No. 2213, 8mm in diameter. d) Turn card over and addess with another adhesive label. I typed guest names on Herma adhesive label No. 2253, 19mm in diameter. I could use a round label as guests to this party did not have long names.

Play around with sizes and textures. Cardstock with colour works better than white ones as the contrast enhances the pattern of the doily.”

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GSS Weekly Recap :: Weddings Revisited

This week we brought many great wedding trends and some fantastic inspiration for you to add to your own event. We covered a couple of DIY projects, a beautiful WHITE wedding inspiration board and a wedding over-flowing with gorgeous color. Don’t just take our word for it. Visit the links below to see for yourself!

GSS’s things We LOVE :: Beyond White’s Whimiscal Window Pane Wedding Seating Charts

Last year we showed you an awesome idea for your wedding reception seating chart using a repurposed window pane.  (You can see that post by clicking here.)  This can easily be recreated for your own wedding.  Just find an old window pane at your local junk yard (or a new one at a home improvement store (think Home Depot or Lowe’s) and roughing it up with sandpaper to look old) and a paint marker from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.  Then, in your best handwriting, write the table numbers … [Read More…]

GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: It’s a Nice Day for A… WHITE Wedding!

It was suggested to me that I make the inspiration board for this week an all White wedding.  I have to be honest, I used to shudder at the thought of an ALL White wedding.  I mean, should Bridesmaids wear the same color as the Bride? Wouldn’t that be a HUGE wedding faux pas?  Many Brides think this way.  They want to be the only gal in White at her wedding- which is totally understandable.  But if you’re a bride who thinks outside the box and doesn’t mind letting your ladies wear White as … [Read More…]

GSS Do It Yourself :: Paper Flower Bouquet

Not too long ago we showed you a fun project to make a bouquet out of PAPER! We put out origami skills to the test and made one to show you! This is a great alternative to a real flower bouquet that will last a very long time. We used a few fun things to make this a fall inspired bouquet. With the purple hues and greenery, it paired well with the vintage paper we used to make the flowers. This is a perfect eco-friendly DIY project for your wedding. We always like to reuse, re-purpose, and create … [Read More…]

GSS Featured Wedding :: Pradhna & Patrick Colorful Indian Wedding :: Cory Ryan Photography

Talk about color! Our jaws hit the floor when we received this Texas Indian wedding submission from Cory Ryan Photography. There was so much emotion captured, so many colors, and so many beautiful images. We wanted to show you this wedding to its fullest, but alas, we had to narrow it down some. Cory did a fantastic job with this wedding and we are ecstatic to share it with you. Here are some thoughts from her :: This was the first Telugu south Indian wedding I had ever shot. Over the span of 14 … [Read More…]

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