GSS’s Things We LOVE :: DIY Tiered Trays!

Soooo…. We’ve had a small obsession with Amy Atlas for a LONG time now…. But, really, who doesn’t?!  Her dessert tables are just mind-blowing!  She was one of the first people to put dessert tables and candy bars on the wedding map.  And what do we love most about her dessert tables (besides the dessert, of course!)?  For us, it’s her use of tiered trays.  Tiered trays come in all sizes, shapes, and heights and are beautiful… and often a bit pricey!  Lucky for you, we found this awesome article on how to make your very own DIY tiered trays (AND it’s super cheap to do! BONUS!) on Joy’s Hope blog.  We’ll give you the short version and you can go to her awesome blog for the full version by clicking here.

DIY Tiered Trays Step-By-Step:

1.  Run down to your local Dollar Store or Dollar Tree and pick up a few glass candlestick holders, plates and adhesive.  Also, pick up some spray paint of various colors and some spray primer to paint your plates and candlestick holders with.

2.  Prime all plates and candlestick holders.  Let dry.  Paint all plates and candlestick  holders.


3.  Take your adhesive and glue the bottom of each candlestick to the bottom of each plate.  Let dry.


4.  Glue on second plate.  Let dry with a little added weight for better adhesion.


5.  Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you have the desired amount of tiers.

And viola! Your beautiful finished result!!!


Please note that the above tiered trays are NOT dishwasher safe, nor are they safe to serve food directly off of.  If you wish to serve food on them, you can simply put a cupcake liner or a fancy doily on them.  If you want some DIY tiered trays that are dishwasher and food safe, pick up some pretty plates from Target like these below:


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