GSS Tips from a Wedding Expert :: Buying Nationally Grown Flowers

We all know that flowers can be flown in from all over the world, no problem.  I thought, since we are all trying to be socially conscious, what would be the best flower to get that is grown local, within the Continental US?  That would of course be, hydrangeas.  The varieties that come easily, all year round would be green, ivory, pale blue and pale pink. Designing your wedding around these magnificent, “best bang for your buck” flowers is a no-brainer. Not having to worry about flooding in South America is a huge relief to me, as well as our brides.  Roses and many other flowers are also grown in California, as well as tulips in Seattle, peonies in Oregon, Orchids and most tropical plants come to us from Hawaii.

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above image courtesy of Jennifer Yarbro

Supporting our national growers is a huge plus for our economy.  Here is a little tidbit I found online: : a family business has been growing flowers in California for 36 years.  “If we do not grow it, we buy from local growers”.  Why should you buy American Grown Flowers you may ask? Well here are just a few great reasons. Domestic flower growers have been declimated competing with South American product that is often government subsidized. Ironically as US citizens become more conscious of environmental issues, the majority of flowers entering the United States are coming from countries with no holds barred environmental laws. Recent reports show Ecuadorian roses entering the US with pesticide residues of chemicals banned in the US. Also reports of pesticide poisoning of the employees is unsettling with up to 60% of the employees showing signs of pesticide poisoning. Chemicals banned long ago in the US as deadly are still being used in foreign fields, and reintroduced to your nose via imported flowers .

Another little known fact…our wholesaler also grows several varieties of Zinnias, Celosia and sunflowers, all here, locally, in Dallas!  Take a trip to your local wholesaler with your floral provider so that you can get a better understanding of “how it works”.

Spring is on the way before you know it, so take advantage of other floral that is seasonally available.  For instance:

January :: Most all flowers available (anemones, roses, tulips, lilies, hydrangeas, stock, gerberas, etc)
February :: Most flowers available (2nd most expensive time of year to buy flowers)
March :: Blooming branches!!!  Forsythia, Cherry Blossoms, Apple, Pear, ONLY AVAILABLE IN SPRING!
April :: Dogwood Branches short time only!!
May :: All flowers available (most expensive time of year for flowers)
June :: Most flower varieties start to decrease (here is when you will see mostly roses, lilies, hydrangeas (white, green , pale pink and pale blue only)
July :: Most flower varieties still decreased
August :: Most flower varieties still decreased (Great “hot season” flower – DAHLIAS!)
September :: Still too hot for pick up in varieties, Hydrangeas begin coming in in darker greens with burgundy tips, think FALL)
October :: As it cools off we start picking up different seasonal flowers, like some tulips and other fall flowers, Celosia,
November :: Anything available except seasonal blooming branches
December :: Anything available except seasonal blooming branches

Not all colors of flowers are always available, just as flowers have a season, the color of some flowers do as well. So, taking advantage of what is readily available in the US will help you designing your wedding.  Do not forget to do your due diligence in researching what is available, but hold your floral provider accountable for knowing what is available, and when!  Let’s all make our carbon footprint a little smaller in the coming years.



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