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A big huge ginormous *is that a word?* thanks to Kari Crowe Photography for posting this incredible engagement session. We were casually perusing our favorite photog blogs when we spotted this hot one! Merrie, we love your hat and you are adorable!! Read further down to hear how Simon proposed to Merrie. Hint….lovelock!

At GSS, we love sharing the latest and greatest with you. Vendors, please please PLEASE keep sending us fabulous images of your work (submissions (at) we are seeing some HOT stuff roll into our Inbox & nothing’s better than opening love letters from you! 馃槈

We asked Merrie a few questions:

how did you meet?

Simon and I met while I was studying abroad for a semester in England.

how long did you date before engagement? OR how long have you been together?

We dated for about 5 months before he proposed.聽 (When you know, you know!)

have you set a wedding date?

april 10th, 2010!聽 almost down to the 100 day mark.聽 yikes!

what was the inspiration behind your hat?

since I’ve been looking at wedding blogs and pictures, I’ve been really attracted to the vintage style.聽 I had a picture in my head of what I wanted our shoot to be like.聽 My sister is actually the one that collects the vintage things, so she had a hat that I thought would be cute to use.聽 Turns out I was right. :)

we absolutely adore your style. 聽How would you describe it?

I’d probably say vintage with what I think is a romantic twist.

at what point did you know that simon was “the one”?

Simon took me to Rome about a month and a half after we met and began dating.聽 We spent the week just enjoying each other and getting to know each other even more than we already did.聽 We had no distractions as our cell phones didn’t work, we had very limited access to the internet, and hardly anyone knew English.聽 I think this point in our relationship is the point we agree on as far as knowing that we had each found the one we were supposed to be with for the rest of our lives.

besides getting engaged, what’s your favorite memory as a couple?

I know I keep mentioning this, and I could name lots of other amazing times we’ve had together, but I think our favorite memory is when we threw our key into the Trevi Fountain.聽 It was so symbolic for both of us–making the choice to throw away everything else for each other and never look back.聽 And we haven’t looked back since.

how did he propose?

He proposed while he was visiting me from England. He was very creative and created an Italian themed night inspired by our recent trip to Rome.聽 He took me to Trevi’s Restaurant at the Omni Mandalay Hotel by the canals in Las Colinas.聽 He had planned a gondola ride at sunset after dinner, but halfway through our meal, there was a torrential downpour.聽 The gondola ride was postponed, so I figured it wasn’t going to happen.聽 After the rain let up, we decided to go for a walk by the canal.聽 He got down on one knee, and pulled out a ring box.聽 Obviously, I thought this was my ring, but instead he opened it and asked if I would have the key to his heart.聽 Out of his other pocket, he pulled out a lock which had, “Will you marry me?” written on it.聽 (Side-note:聽 In Rome, there is a church across from the Trevi Fountain where lovers lock locks on the gates.聽 Simon and I did this and threw the key into the Trevi Fountain.)聽 My ring was attached to the lock, so I had to use the key to unlock the lock and get my ring.聽 :)

We love Google

we were so intrigued by this story, we searched for this on Google and this is what we found: “A recent youth craze for swearing undying love by writing names on padlocks and throwing the key from a bridge into the Tiber has crossed the Italian capital and reached the Trevi Fountain.”..”The craze caught on, and soon people were coming from all over the world, either to immortalise the bridge or their own love vows.”

were you surprised?

honestly?聽 no.聽 we had been talking about getting married for a while and i knew he had bought the ring and was planning on asking me while he was visiting.聽 he had gone to breakfast with my dad a couple of days before, and i wasn’t allowed to go, so i figured it was coming up.聽 also, i was pretty sneaky and had basically planned something for us to do every other night he was there.聽 馃槈

what made you choose kari crowe as your photographer?

To me, photography is the most important aspect of our wedding.聽 More than the dress and the cake and the flowers.聽 Pictures are the only thing that you really have left when all is said and done.聽 We met with several photographers who we all felt were great at their jobs, but our personalities didn’t really click with anyone.聽 When we met with Kari, I felt that our personalities clicked, and we had the same style and vision.聽 We booked her as soon as we could after that meeting!

where are you getting married?

We are getting married at Robert Carr Chapel on TCU campus in Fort Worth and will be having a big reception in England for everyone that isn’t able to make it over.

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