GSS Featured Wedding Tip :: To Look or Not to Look :: Seeing Each Other BEFORE the Ceremony

Couples seeing each other before the ceremony is something couples debate fairly often. As a wedding professional, I can attest to this superstitious debate tugging at the minds of many pre-wedding couples. To see each other or not.

We found an article on snopes (and you know snopes has to be accurate, right?) breaking apart the tradition ::

modern custom dictates that bride and groom not see each other before the ceremony. Why this is so is a bit of a mystery, with the most popular guess so far postulating that the build-up to the lady’s unveiling at the altar possibly keeps the groom from getting cold feet and rethinking the whole matter. Another explanation speculates that this custom is in some way related to primitive seclusion rites in which a betrothed girl cannot be seen by anyone prior to her wedding lest she pass ill luck to others. (The betrothed are regarded as occupying an in-between stage in life and thus one fraught with potential danger because of its uncertainty.)

images by Amy Karp Photographer

So, lets look at a couple positives from choosing to see each other before…

The big reveal :: This very special romantic moment happens while the couple is alone and they can exchange words and physically touch each other and not hold back and emotion.

The formal wedding portraits :: If your wedding photographer does formal portraits during the day, a lot of them can be accomplished now before the ceremony and after the ceremony, less time for this event and more time at the wedding reception.

From a photographers point a view, Wedding Photojournalist Association ::

No matter where they are when they see one another, it is a wonderfully romantic moment. Having this time to be together can help diminish the stresses of the day. The couple can focus on what’s really important, as opposed to the many details that must fall into place. As a result, they’re love for one another takes center stage. And this can happen no matter what the setting. This definitely comes across in the photographs.

Which ever route you decide to take, make sure you are doing it on your terms. Your wedding day can be however you like it to be. Its a beautiful and special moment whether you choose to see each other before or after you exchange wedding vows.

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