A New Spin on the Guestbook :: Engravable Signature Platters & Trays

Wedding trends are changing. We figured that we would continue the theme of taking a different approach to the traditional pen & ink wedding guestbook.  We found these beautiful engravable signature platters & trays at I Do Engravables.  Here’s what their website has to say about this fabulous guestbook and treasured keepsake:

“Instead of old-fashioned paper guest books that age and fade over time, our wedding guest book options include engravable mat and picture frame guest books and our unique signature wedding trays and platters that become lasting and unique guest books individually signed by guests with their names and well wishes to the new couple.

How Does A Platter, Tray or Picture Frame Become A Unique Wedding Guest Book?
Our Guest Book Frames and Mats and Guest Book Trays and Platters are designed to be signed by your guests with our easy-to-use Signature Engraving Scribe™. This permanently etches your guests’ signatures onto a sturdy, high quality alloy surface. It’s better than a paper guest book because it lasts forever!

These unique guest books can also be professionally engraved with special words, dates, sayings, logos, symbols – or even the wedding invitation.”

What a wonderful idea!  You can find these items here.

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GSS Fun Find :: Make Your Sign In Book Scrappy!

Above Scrapbooking paper from Michael’s

If you have been to a wedding this decade, we are sure you have seen the sign-in books wrapped in white fabric with the fancy feather pen sitting next to it. It greets you as you enter the wedding and politely whispers for you to sign your name on the line. Now, those of us that have seen couples get creative with their sign-in books love it! Something different, something fun! This past weekend we saw a cute way for guests to sign in. The couple used scrapbook paper, colorful pens and a slip-in photo album. All of these items can be found at most craft stores. We did some research for this post and found some fun paper for your guests to write some words of a wisdom, maybe a wish for the couple, or just a doodle for you remember them by during your wedding day. We just searched Google for “scrapbooking paper” and found a plethora of ideas for you to use. The above collage shows three different paper types we put together based on the sign in book we saw at the wedding this weekend. You could find a theme pack and take the guess work out of coordinating anything. Have the pens near the paper, and the guests will do the rest. After the wedding, slip these beauties into your album and viola….a pretty sign-in book you can keep forever!

All Images by Amy Karp Photography :: Design by Branching Out Events

Just remember, this your wedding. Incorporate your theme, your colors, your personality! Its fun and a great way for your guests to leave you a little token of wisdom in writing for you to keep forever. Have fun with it and we can’t wait to hear about what you did to make it your own.

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GSS’s Things We LOVE :: Happily Ever AfterWords :: The Anniversary Box

As you know we’re always searching for the most unique ideas for your wedding guestbook, save the dates, invitations, escort cards, etc…  We found this wonderful idea for an “anniversary box” at Happily Ever AfterWords.  You could actually use this as your wedding guestbook if you like.  We LOVE this concept and just had to share!

Here’s a little bit more about this fabulous anniversary box from their website:

The Anniversary Box:

At a rehearsal dinner over 30 years ago, a bride and groom received a unique gift — a box filled with special memories of their wedding. Each anniversary the couple opens the envelope for that year and reads a message from a cherished friend or family member. Some are serious; some are funny; all are heartfelt and touching.

Over the years they have reconnected with friends, remembered departed loved ones, and relived the joy of their wedding. This simple gift has become a priceless part of their continuing love story.

Capture the joy of your wedding day with a Happily Ever AfterWords® Anniversary Box.

A Unique and Thoughtful Gift:

The keepsake box contains cards and envelopes labeled with the anniversary years 1 through 50. Given to friends and loved ones at any event surrounding the wedding ceremony, each piece of this fine stationery becomes a place for their thoughts — preserving a special written message to be kept in the box and read by a couple on the anniversary year indicated.

  • Anniversary Box covered in pintucked ivory silk and accented with an embroidered Happily Ever AfterWords ribbon — 6.25”w x 3.625”h x 6”d
  • 50 notecards in cream cardstock with blue border — 4.75”w x 4.75”h
  • 50 baronial flap, cream envelopes labeled with each anniversary year (1 through 50) — 5”w x 5”h
  • Instruction card
  • Three extra notecards

The Story of Happily Ever AfterWords:

It all began with a little blue box.

Since receiving the original anniversary box in 1980, Susan and Tom Hogg have made opening each year’s card part of their anniversary tradition. On their 11th anniversary they opened a note from Susan’s departed grandmother. Reading her words in her familiar handwriting brought back memories of Sunday dinners around her table. It was a profoundly moving experience, inspiring Susan to create a box that could be a part of every couple’s anniversary celebration.

Susan shared her story with her design partner at circle S studio, Michelle Davis. After several years of crafting prototypes and sharing them with friends and family, they arrived at a timeless design. Now they are honored to present the Happily Ever AfterWords Anniversary Box, a new anniversary tradition.

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Magnetic Wedding Guestbook

We found this wonderful idea for a magnetic wedding guestbook  instead of the normal signature guestbook on JL Designsblog.  This is such a fun idea and allows your guests to be creative.  And here’s the best part-  When you’re wedding is over, you have a fabulous and fun piece of artwork! 

This can easily be recreated and here’s how:  Get a sizable piece of sheet metal from your local Home Depot or Lowe’s and frame it to your liking.  Then find some word magnets (you can order some from Magnetic Poetry– they have a variety of categories of words and phrases.  All kits are $19.95 or under.) and pick up some paint pens from your local craft store (think Hobby Lobby or Michael’s).  Then, let the fun begin! 

All images courtesy of Gabriel Ryan Photography.

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Wedding Guestbook :: Get it Organized :: Rolodex Style!

We found this brilliant idea for a wedding guestbook over on Caroline Tran’s photography blog.  Her bride, Janet, was a DIY bride and made just about everything she could.  We love her take on the wedding guestbook.  Instead of going the traditional route of a book full of signatures, she chose to make her guestbook a rolodex.  This is so simple, but so clever at the same time!  You can see more of this DIY bride’s creativity from their wedding on this post by Caroline Tran.

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