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We stumbled upon Momental Designs breath-takingly beautiful invitations while doing some research for our Alice in Wonderland Tea Party inspiration board.   They had some super cute, yet chic Alice in Wonderland themed invitations that sparked our curiosity.  So, we followed their link and were blown away by what we found.  Kristy Rice, founder of Momental Designs, and her lovely Momental Girls are so amazingly talented… their hand painted invitations leave us staring in awe and wanting more!

Information from Momental Designs website:

 “Momental offers handmade custom invitations and coordinating accessories for weddings and other joyous occasions — all featuring the artwork of Kristy Rice. Let Kristy’s Unique invitations be the first glimpse your guests have into the festivities to come!

The word Momental describes Kristy’s Philosophy: “Weddings are joyous yet fleeting occasions that deserve the utmost in creative details.” Kristy sees unique and artistic invitations, programs, seating cards, etc. as the details that can make an occasion most Memorable.

Momental is an artist studio. Each item is detailed to include hand-painted details, custom cut sizes, hand-tied bows, and hand-torn edges, just to name a few. Since each piece passes through Kristy’s hands, you can be assured of the highest standard of Quality. Momental offers you an Exciting Alternative to catalogue order stationery at a comparable price. Let your imagination run wild as Kristy will do her utmost to create a stationery ensemble that is exactly as you envision.”

” Momental Designs Unique Wedding Invitations featuring the artwork of Kristy Rice. We love to create handmade custom wedding invitations, unique wedding invitations, birth announcements and stationery. We create unique wedding stationery including custom programs, wedding menus, custom seating charts and seating cards. We also offer bat mitzvah, bar mitzvah invitations, party invitations, wedding shower invitations, baby shower invitations. If you are searching for a handmade custom invitation, a unique party invitation, bridal shower invitation, or even a beach themed wedding invitation please contact us.. We love to create destination wedding invitations, hand-painted invitations and very artistic invitations.”

How Kristy and her team create each invitation: 

“The designs are usually somewhat complex and virtually impossible to hand draw on hundreds of individual pieces. For most designs, the original artwork is scanned and reproduced onto your chosen paper. Hand-painted accents are then added to the printed design. Kristy most often uses gouache, watercolor, shimmer inks and acrylic.

Our patterned designs are hand-pressed and individually hand-painted – no artwork is printed on these pieces.”

Most of Momental Designs invitation sets come complete with, but are not limited to:

“- Invitation with one border or double border depending on the choice of design 
– Response and reception enclosures
– Printed response envelope and outer envelope (color of choice)
– Ensemble folder (designed to contain all invitation elements)
– Hand-painted details in your choice of shimmer ink color

Embellishments such as rhinestones, wraps and tags are additional.”

Why Brides LOVE Kristy Rice and Momental Designs:

“Kristy Rice is indeed a storyteller of style; communicating for her brides in paint and pen, paper and prose, very personal stories with attention to detail and an unmistakable sense of hand.”

Please, head on over to Momental Designs and see these gorgeous invitations for yourself (and show the Momental Girls some love while you’re there).  They also can custom create almost anything you have in mind to go along with your wedding’s theme and colors.  Wouldn’t it be nice to not only give your guests an invitation that showcases your wedding’s theme, but also a custom piece of artwork?  Seriously. Amazing. 

Thank you, Momental Designs for creating such beautiful invitations and for communicating Brides’ visions so eloquently!!!

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