GSS Wedding Find :: Jewelry Made Beautifully From Esther Kao

We are always on the hunt for all things wedding and especially spectacular treasures from amazing artisans. Esther from Estie Made went to the studio of DiFiori in search of a few items to display her beautiful jewelry on for the Third Annual Handmade Bash, on April 30th this year at  What she did not expect is having to rummage through all of amazing stuff to find the exact look she was looking for…it was a like a kid in a candy shop! Esther makes beautiful hand-made jewelry and wedding accessories fit for anyone! Be sure to check out her Esty Store for more information.

Who is Esther…

I’m originally from Massachusetts, and moved to Dallas about a year and a half ago. I’m an art director  (I work in advertising) who is not the best at drawing. But I’ve found another outlet: making jewelry. It’s a hobby that I got into after making necklaces for my bridesmaids to wear. And I really enjoy it. I was recently part of my first crafts fair, and plan on opening up an etsy shop soon, to sell my stuff.

Other (random) things about me: I love hole in the wall restaurants. I don’t like to wear white. The only pet I’ve ever had was a pet chicken. I hate to touch raw meat, so I rarely cook it. I’m running my first marathon in October and I’m scared.

Thanks again, Esther! Her amazing hand-made accessories are perfect timing for any bride. Thanks so much to Nita Teng for introducing Esther to us….I foresee a very long friendship!

Visit her blog for current updates and to see more of her brilliant products. If you have an amazing wedding product you would like to have us share with our readers, please send us a note to


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GSS Featured Engagement Session :: Kara & Anthony :: Doug Treiber Photography

columbus ohio wedding planning (1)

Doug Treiber Photography sent us this beauty of an engagement session and we are thrilled to bring it to you. Kara and Anthony’s session was full of variety and love!

A few words from Doug about the session…

Wow so we actually had perfect weather for this engagement session! Kara and Anthony came down to Columbus to do this shoot and visit some friends. We shot a little bit downtown and a little bit at O’Shaughnessy Reservoir where we used to coach rowing. The reservoir site is someplace that I have always wanted to shoot and when Kara said they wanted to do something with fields etc. I knew it would be the place. Their wedding is going to be at Botzum Farm in Cleveland in October and we cannot wait to shoot there again because it is an AWESOME venue!
Kara asked me about what some of my favorite shoots were while we were all having coffee in between locations and I told her that I was pretty sure this would be my favorite engagement session based on what we had shot so far. I can now say and everyone can see….that I was not lying!
This set is incredible!

columbus ohio wedding planning (2)columbus ohio wedding planning (3)columbus ohio wedding planning (4)columbus ohio wedding planning (5)columbus ohio wedding planning (6)columbus ohio wedding planning (7)columbus ohio wedding planning (8)columbus ohio wedding planning (9)

As if this session couldn’t get any cuter. Doug sent us some sweet words from Kara’s father…

Wow! Where to begin my Boo. So many memories:the day you were born; the day we brought you home; your indignation as a toddler whenever someone accidentally called you ‘Kara’ (No!My Name is Boogirl!); sitting on the beach playing with sand; your mismatched outfits as you dressed yourself for school; huddled in my arms on the shores of Lake Superior braving the cold and wind; riding behind me on first a bicycle and then a motorcycle; and then middle school and volleyball and Beth and High School and volleyball and Beth; Arizona; OSU; (still Beth)…and then Anthony. And in the blink of an eye there you are, on someone’s website looking grown up and happy and beautiful and all the while…that smile. It is the way the journey is supposed to happen of course – your supposed to get older and your father is supposed to wistfully remember you as forever young – his little girl – and feel both happy your journey is full and rich and a tad melancholy at the passage of time. Boo and Anthony – the photos are fabulous; they capture the spirit you have created together. You have been, are and will be great for each other. With love, Dad

columbus ohio wedding planning (10)columbus ohio wedding planning (11)columbus ohio wedding planning (12)columbus ohio wedding planning (13)

Thank you to Doug for sending us great photography to share with our readers and Kara and Anthony, we wish you a lifetime full of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last.

If you have a special session, wedding or a great wedding product you would like to share with our readers, please email us at We HEART submissions!

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