GSS’s Things We LOVE :: Innovative Wedding Reception Decor Idea :: Parachute Ceiling

As you may know, we’re obesessed with Etsy– You can find ANYTHING there!  But now that we’ve been introduced to Pinterest, we’re equally obsessed.  If you haven’t been on Pinterest, you have to check it out.  (Oooh ooh, and you can follow us on Pinterest by clicking here!) But be warned- you will spend hours upon hours on there!  While doing some pinning, we came across this amazing idea of using a parachute for the ceiling of your reception.  SO COOL!  And the best part is that it only cost $35 to rent.  You heard us, $35!  But the bad news is that there isn’t necessarily a place that rents parachutes for things like this (At least not to our knowledge)…  It didn’t come from a party or event rental place.  The venue that the couple rented for their wedding owns the parachute and they rent out items a la carte style- such as the parachute.  If you want to find out more about this venue or this couple’s particular wedding- you can go to the bride’s blog (100 Days to plan a wedding).  She has some amazing tips and tricks to plan a budget friendly wedding. Oh, and here’s her suggestion for getting your hands on a parachute for your wedding or event in your area: “You might try and see if your local Armory or Air National Guard have “retired” parachutes in storage you could rent or borrow.  They hung the parachute with string on each line of the “chute” The venue was a gym before it was transformed into a wedding reception venue!”

Photography Credit: Matthew Michael Photo


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