GSS Featured Wedding :: Eugenia & Michael’s Garden Wedding :: Tracy Autem Photography

Happy Hump Day, Lovelies!!!  Today’s featured wedding comes from Tracy Autem of  Tracy Autem Photography. She is a Fort Worth, Texas based wedding photographer.  Tracy has been so accommodating to GSS on this feature.  Thank you!  Eugenia and Michael were married on April 9, 2011 in Fort Worth, Texas.  Eugenia was kind enough to answer a few questions for us:

How did you and Michael meet?  Michael and I first met while stationed in Korea in 2006.  We didn’t date then nor where we friends.  I left Korea in 2007 and was stationed in Fort Hood, Texas.  Michael also received orders to come to Fort Hood in 2007 about 8 months after I got to Fort Hood.  He contacted me via email, made plans for lunch and we started a friendship after that.  


How long have you been together? We started dating officially in July 2009 so we have been together for 2 years.


How did Michael propose?  It was on 14 February 2010 the day after I got back from my deployment in Iraq.   He had been home for a month and therefore we were both on weird sleeping schedules.  We got up at about 0300 that morning, we were wide awake and started playing video games.  We sat around the house watched tv all day and had a pretty laid back night.  About 1130 that night I gave him a Valentine’s Day card that I purchased in Iraq (I had forgotten about it) and after he read it and we had a couple laughs, he took my hand and asked me to marry him.


What sold you on your wedding venue?  I really loved the garden as soon as I saw it.  I initially wanted an enchanted garden theme/look for the wedding so that is why the garden had to be the place for the ceremony.  Michael really liked the Modern Art Museum when our wedding planner Dayna Tooley showed it to us, so I agreed and went with it.  We really loved the colors, the feel, the Modern aspect of the museum and thought it was the perfect venue to transition to after the ceremony in the garden.

Your dress is gorgeous, where did you get it and how did you know it was “the one”?  I purchased the dress from Bridal Mart in Burlington, NC.  I saw the dress in a magazine and just loved it.  When I saw it in person tried it on and saw that it was the perfect price I just had to buy it. 

What was your “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”?  Well…I didn’t really follow the tradition of having one of each of the above. However, for the sake of the tradition, my something old were earrings given to me by my grandmother, something new my dress, I didn’t have anything borrowed and my something blue was a handkerchief given to me by my matron of honor (she made sure I had something blue).

How did you choose your wedding color palette?  Fuchsia and Purple are two of my favorite colors and to tie them both in I added silver.  After looking through so many color combos via google, wedding blogs and magazines, I was sold when I saw these colors and considered them a good combination. 

Do you have any advice for brides that are in the planning process?  Oh yes! Budget, Budget, Budget! Michael and I didn’t really have one and because of that we just went with whatever our heart desired.  Although, in retrospect I got everything I wanted, I believe that having a budget keeps you grounded so that you don’t end up having to rebuild your savings after the wedding (like Mike and I are).  Michael was really involved in the whole planning process and I love that he was.  Not sure if many men really like to be involved in the planning but maybe if the bride lets him and asks for his opinion (and is willing to take it) then the groom can certainly help with the stress of making the decisions for the big day.

What was your favorite part of your big day?  My favorite part was when I was able to see Michael (first look) right before the ceremony.  It helped ease my nerves and reminded me of just how much I love him and how happy I was to have said yes.

What song did you dance to for your first dance?  “You Are”  by Charlie Wilson


Venue:   Ceremony- Lower Rose Garden @ Fort Worth Botanical Gardens             Reception- Modern Art Museum

Dress: Bridal Mart– Burlington, NC

Cake: Crème de la Crème Cake Company

Floral: Philip Combs Design

Linens: M&M The Special Events Co.

Catering: Café Modern

DJ/Band: Tommy Evans- Specialty Sounds

Videographer: Rachel Delira-  HONBUN Video

Invitations/Wedding Stationery: Davids Bridal

Event Planner: Dayna Tooley

Thank you so much, Tracy, for sharing this amazing wedding with us!  Please stop by her website and blog and show her some love!  And thank you, Eugenia, for taking your time to answer our questions!  And THE BIGGEST THANK YOU to both Eugenia and Michael for serving, protecting and defending our Country!!!!  We wish you and Michael a lifetime full of love, laughter, and happiness!!!  May every day be better than the last!

If you have an engagement, wedding, day after, or anniversary session that you would like featured- Please send it to us at  We HEART submissions!

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GSS Featured Wedding :: Talina & Keith’s Houston Wedding :: Zasey Photography

Happy Hump Day, Lovelies!!!  You’re all in for a treat today!!!  Man, our submissions just keep getting better and better!!!  Today’s fabulous featured wedding comes from Amber Strickler of Zasey Photography, a Houston, Texas based wedding photographer.  Amber has been so sweet and accommodating to GSS and we have truly enjoyed working with her on this feature.

Talina and Keith were married on March 12, 2011 at Agave Road in Katy, TX.  What an amazing venue!  Talina was kind enough to answer a few questions for us:

How did you and Keith meet? Keith and I met on! We exchanged emails and chatted on the phone for about 2 weeks until I asked him to meet up in person…I was pretty gutsy!! 😉

How long have you been together? We’ve been together 3 years & 2 months.

How did Keith propose? Oh wow it was amazing and I was totally surprised. It’s a long story, but let me try to give you a short version: We had been planning a trip to Boston to visit some of his friends–and stay with them. Also in the meantime we had picked out a ring, but I wasn’t aware Keith had it. Keith basically schemed with his friends in Boston and set up this whole elaborate plan for one of the nights we were there. Us and his friends had dinner plans one evening, but Keith’s friends all a sudden had an “unexpected friend” come in town and they had to go pick him up from the Boston Harbor Hotel & take him out to dinner. They asked that Keith and I meet up with them after dinner, for drinks. In my mind, I was so confused as to why Keith and I were not included for the dinner part, but went with it anyways because Keith and I were going to eat at this cute Italian restaurant that Keith’s friends had highly recommended. After dinner, we headed over to the Boston Harbor Hotel to meet up with his friends and the “unexpected friend”, for drinks in the “unexpected friend’s” hotel room. When we arrived, Keith and I walked directly up to the hotel room where Keith pulled out a hotel key! I was so confused how he had a key and right then Keith explained to me that he was surprising me with a room for the evening and that his friends brought all of our belongings to the hotel while we were at dinner. All a sudden I realized, there was no “unexpected friend” that came into town. Keith’s friends made that up so they could get out of the dinner plans with us and take care of everything for the evening…..and wow did they!!! I walked into the hotel room to find rose petals all over the floor & bed, champagne, strawberries and a view of the Boston Harbor from our window! It was gorgeous!! As Keith and I were checking out the view, I looked to my right and he was down on one knee asking me to marry him! :)  I was a ball of tears and smiles! Keith really did an awesome job and completely fooled me, which is very hard to do! It was an over the top evening!

What sold you on your wedding venue? The venue itself sold me! The moment my mom and I walked into the place, I said “where do I sign?” It’s gorgeous and nothing I had ever seen before! I had several other venue appointments and never went to the rest of them. Agave Road was the first place I went to and booked it that day! You totally feel like you are some place else there and that’s what I liked the most… wasn’t a “typical” wedding venue to me.

Your dress is gorgeous, where did you get it and how did you know it was “the one”? I got it at David’s Bridal, which was the last place I went to (out of 3 dress stores) and it was also the last dress I tried on. I knew it was the one because of the way it fit on me. I loved the style of the dress and the intricate beading on certain parts of it. When I put it on and saw how it really fit me like a glove, I knew it was the one!

How did you choose your wedding color palette? Well I knew I wanted deep purple (like an eggplant color) for sure….it’s my favorite color! Then I went to the bridal extravaganza in Houston and saw a place setting that was deep purple with accents of a bright green, almost a lime color. I thought it rocked!!! I loved it and that’s how I incorporated the green.

What was your “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”? Something Old: it was actually my grandmother’s silver cake cutter from her wedding. I was planning to use it at my wedding, but completely forgot to bring it to the venue! :(  Something new: my dress & jewelry. Something borrowed: my best friend/matron of honor’s veil from her wedding. Something blue: it was going to be a blue garter, but I ended up finding a super cute purple one last minute and couldn’t pass up using it! :)

What song did you dance to for your first dance? Faithfully by Journey

Do you have any advice for brides that are in the planning process? It’s NEVER too early to start planning!!! Getting the venue (and date) booked first, is a must, and then figuring our your guest list is also one of the first things to do, because everything you plan for, & order, is based off that headcount!!  Stay organized and ahead of the game and you won’t be as stressed towards the end. Also, soak up the wedding planning process….it happens once and it also flies by!

What was your favorite part of your big day? I have two! One was being walked down the aisle by my Dad and Step-Dad and seeing Keith for the first time at the end of the aisle. Life was so perfect in that moment. :)  The other is getting ready in the bridal suite with all my girls before the wedding… was so much fun and we had a blast!


Venue: Agave Road, Katy TX

Dress: David’s Bridal

Cake: Edible Designs by Jessie

Floral: Flora Bella Designs

Linens: Agave Road provided

Catering: 3Olives Restaurant(provided thru Agave Road)

DJ/Band: ProSound Co.(provided thru Agave Road)

Videographer: n/a

Invitations/Wedding Stationery: &

Event Planner: Myself! :)

Thank you so much, Amber, for sharing this amazing wedding with us!  Please stop by her website and her blogand show her some love!  And thank you, Talina, for taking your time to answer our questions!  We wish you and Keith a lifetime full of love, laughter, and happiness!!!  May every day be better than the last!

If you have an engagement, wedding, day after, or anniversary session that you would like featured- Please send it to us at  We HEART submissions!


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GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Purple & Persimmon

Happy Monday, Lovelies!  We hope you had a fabulous weekend!  Now it’s back to work!  How about a fun and bright wedding inspiration board to get the week started?!  This week we have paired a dark Purple with the orange color of Persimmon at the request of one of our readers.  We’re loving how this board has turned out!  This Purple and Orange wedding color palette is very versatile.  It would be perfect for a Summer, Fall, or Winter wedding!

If you have a color combination or theme you’d like to see featured, please give us a shout at

Orange and Purple Wedding Cake:  Image Courtesy of Charlotte Geary Photography

Orange and Purple Bridesmaid Bouquet:   Colonial Gardens         Image Courtesy of Elegant Bliss Photography

Orange and Purple Wedding Reception:  Image Courtesy of Charlotte Geary Photography

Orange and Purple Wedding Invitation:  Image Courtesy of Red Gallery Photography

Orange and Purple Centerpiece:  Colonial Gardens          Image Courtesy of Elegant Bliss Photography

Orange and Purple Bridal Bouquet:  Image Courtesy of Charlotte Geary Photography

Purple Bridemaids Dresses with Orange Bouquets:  Image Courtesy of Phindy Studios

Orange and Purple Necktie and Boutonniere:  Image Courtesy of Eclectic Images

Orange and Purple Wedding Programs:  Image Courtesy of Creative Force Photography

Orange and Purple Wedding Favor:  Image Courtesy of Missy Photography


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GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Cream, Chocolate Brown & Lilac

We’re just loving the contrast of the dark and rich Chocolate Brown with the light and soft Cream and Lilac.  This wedding color palette has both feminine and masculine qualities- sure to make both bride and groom happy!  This wedding color palette is perfect for a wedding any season of the year!

Chocolate Brown Bridesmaid Dress: Lela Rose via Dessy

Lilac Bridal Bouquet:  Daniel Florals and Events Inc            Image Courtesy of Sara & Sarma Photography

Cream, Chocolate Brown & Lilac Clutch:  Etsy

Wedding Dress with Lilac Sash:  Vera Wang

Cream, Chocolate Brown & Lilac Wedding Invitations:  CECI New York      Image Courtesy of Antonis Achilleos

Cream, Chocolate Brown & Lilac Centerpieces:  Celebrate Flowers   &  Swank Productions         Image Courtesy of  Antonis Achilleos

Cream, Chocolate Brown & Lilac Wedding Programs:  Image Courtesy of Mitch Ranger Weddings

Cream, Chocolate Brown & Lilac Wedding Cake:  Cake Bliss         Image Courtesy of Antonis Achilleos

Cream, Chocolate Brown & Lilac Wedding Favors:  The Cookie Connection          Image Courtesy of Bellissima Photography

Cream, Chocolate Brown & Lilac Boutonnieres:  Martha Stewart Weddings

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GSS Featured Wedding Professional :: Jillian Bisinger Photography :: Ginny & Andrew’s Viaggio Estate Wedding

We have a real treat for you all today GSS readers…Jill Bisinger from Los Angeles California sent us this beautiful wedding via Two Bright Lights and it is certainly swoon-er-riffic! Jill sent us the Q&A from Ginny for us to share with you as well…

How did the two of you meet?
The first time we met we were casually introduced in June of 2008 amongst a group of people. I (Andrew) was in a relationship at the time but there was something about Ginny that really stood out to me. She was obviously physically beautiful, but it seemed much deeper than that. By chance we met up again a few months later, this time I was single and
couldn’t believe we crossed paths again. When I saw Andrew again that second time, he looked so familiar but I wasn’t sure how I knew him. But in my head I was thinking, “wow, this guy is hot.” Over a game of shuffle board is when I think we began to hit it off. We hardly knew each other but we were having so much fun. I wasn’t too sure though if he was interested in me, but by the end of the night he was giving me these subtle hints. By the time I left I thought, “he’s totally into me.” Haha! The next morning I was so excited about Andrew I told my Mom “I met someone.” She says right then she knew Andrew was someone special. I was working at Haven Acres Bar and Grill at that time and invited him to come see me the next night. Later I found out he told his friend “I don’t care what you’re doing tomorrow night, we are going to see Ginny.”We were basically inseparable after that. We had this automatic connection but after spending more time together it was the best feeling to find out we shared the same beliefs, interest, humor, and love for our friends and family. We moved in together 6 months later, engaged 2 months after that and then married October 16, 2010 within a couple weeks of our 2 year anniversary.

Describe your engagement proposal?
I decided to propose to Ginny at one of our favorite campgrounds, Cisco Grove in Truckee, Ca. That is where I accidentally confessed my love to her. By accident I mean I said it after we had only been dating a month. I already knew I was going to be with Ginny for the rest of my life, but I didn’t want to scare her away. I was camping at Cisco Grove and saying good night to her over the phone, before we hung up those words just jumped out of my mouth. Seven months later we were both back camping at Cisco Grove. After asking for her dad’s permission my plan was to propose. The morning I proposed I cooked her breakfast and then we went for an early ride in our off road Kawasaki vehicle. I buckled her tight enough so she couldn’t reach the glove department and find her ring. It took about 20minutes to get to the special rock I had already scouted for. This specific spot gave us an amazing few over the mountains and trees. As she was taking pictures I turned our favorite song on walked over to her got on my knee and told her I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. She said yes. We got to spend the rest of the weekend we some of our best friends and some family members.

Where did you find your inspiration for the theme of the wedding day?
Ginny: I turned to the internet a lot. Wedding Blogs were new to me and I quickly became addicted. I saw so many different themes’ and types of weddings, I didn’t think we’d ever be able to decide what we liked best. Photography blogs were amazing too, that is where I would see the true story of a wedding. Magazines were fun to go through, not just wedding but style magazines too.

Beyond that Andrew and I were looking for a little bit of a rustic feel. We both love the outdoors and wanted to include that as much as we could.

Andrew: I like nature and the outdoors. Camping, rocks, sticks and greenery. Then just followed Ginny’s lead.

What was unique about your wedding?
A. What was most unique about our wedding was how personable our favors were.During the first few months of dating Andrew bought me a rock that had LOVE inscribed on it. We called it our “Love Rock.” One night I found the rock hidden under my pillow by Andrew.So the next morning I put it in the shower for Andrew to find. We began to hide
our Love Rock in places we knew the other would find it. When we would find the Love Rock we knew it was another way we say “I love you.” Andrew works nights so this wasa great reminder that we were always thinking about one another.

Each of our guests received a Love Rock with a note that said, “Take this Love Rock and do as we do. Hide your rock around the house and when your loved one finds it, he/she will be reminded that you
love them.”

Since the wedding, we have had so many couples share their stories on where they hide their love rocks and how much they love them.

It felt great for us to give our family and friends another way to share there love, with their loved ones.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?
A. Ginny: My favorite moment of our wedding was at the very end of our ceremony.After we completed our vows and after our first kiss when we turned toward our family and friends and for the first time we were introduced as husband and wife…Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wertman. I was so happy to finally be husband and wife I felt like a little girl. I wanted to jump up and down. It was the best feeling and I will never forget it.

Andrew: My favorite moment during our wedding was our private first look. As my back was faced toward her I could hear her walking toward me. It took all I had to keep my composure.
I couldn’t wait to see her. When I finally got to turn around it was like our day was finally here, she was finally going to be my wife. She looked beautiful.

Please describe your wedding details in as much detail as possible (theme, signature cocktail, party favors, colors, food choices, serving-wear, attire, music, landscape, etc.)
We chose to have our wedding at Viaggio Estate and Winery in Acampo, Ca. Viaggio was the only venue we looked at. It is a Tuscan Inspired private estate and it was love at first sight. Walking onto the grounds of Viaggio you enter through “Main Street,” A cobble stone path that is aligned with Olive Trees, twinkle lights and gorgeous flowers everywhere. Continuing on the path you get the most gorgeous view of the estate. A large sweeping marble staircase will bring you to the grand plush lawn with the Mokelumne River sweeping to the right and walnut orchards to the left. We loved the landscape and since we love nature we really wanted to have an outdoor ceremony. Viaggio offered many different backdrops for our ceremony, but we chose, “Valley of the Trees.” It is an intimate narrow pathway in the middle of the river and walnut orchard that is draped with trees. We had 190 friends and family members at our wedding, but because of our ceremony location it still felt very intimate.

After the ceremony our friends and family enjoyed drinks and appetizers during the cocktail hour along the river. We offered high cocktail tables for our guest to rest at. Each table was draped with Topaz Iris linens, seasonal flowers and our “W” coasters. Guest were served Seared Lamb Chop Lollipops with Salsa Verde and Vine Ripe Tomato and Olive Relish Bruschetta.

Although we wanted an outdoor ceremony we wanted our reception indoors. Viaggio’s ballroom offered the perfect reception site. The ballroom has 3 separate levels. We chose to use the middle level and bottom level for our tables and the top level was for dancing, and our Zany Photo booth. Having the top level as our dance floor, really took the reception to the next level after dinner. The Zany Booth was just as popular as the dance floor. Our photographers Jill and Tony put up a white back drop for us to pose in front of. The best part: they found a variety of items around our reception and outside that we used to pose with. We used our orange and green “W” coasters, cigars, walnut shells, branches, spoon, cake, etc. Tony gave us a lot of direction and ideas, but we were free to get as ‘zany’ as we wished. People were very creative!

It was important for us to give our family and friends great food so during the reception our guest dined on:
Salad of Young Romaine and Mixed Baby Greens, House made candied walnuts with a Creamy Buttermilk Five Herb Vinaigrette
Butter Seared 28 Day Aged Top Sirloin steak, Local Aged White Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes, Steamed Blue Lake Beans with Herbed Butter, Green Peppercorn Veal Reduction Sauce
Grilled Portabella Mushroom stuffed with Cous Cous, Roasted Vegetables and Creamy Goat Cheeses, Fire Kissed Red Pepper Cream Sauce.

During the reception we offered Viaggio’s Cabernet, Petite Syrah and Pinot Grigio along with a variety of beers and a full bar.

We chose purple (my favorite color), orange (Andrew’s favorite color) and then green for our weddings colors. Getting married in the fall these jeweled colors would fit perfectly for the season.

Our guest tables were drapped with topaz iris linens and ivory napkins. Our center pieces arrangements were a mix of purple, orange and green seasonal flowers with votives placed around the center piece. The gorgeous glass chargers gave the tables the elegant touch needed. Placed in the napkin were our menu’s. On top of the napkin was our Love Rock for each guest along with the note describing the meaning of their favor.

We wanted to give the head table a different look then the guest tables so we chose all ivory linens. We had 2 large manzanita arrangements with crystals sweeping through the Manzanita. The Manzanita gave us the outdoor feel, but draped with crystals and flowers it softened the look. The flowers attached were all in ivory and greens. The 3 low center pieces were also ivory. My favorite part of the head table was the shape. We set it up as a rectangular royal table so the whole wedding party would face eachother. This way, we were able to communicate with everyone in our table.

My bridesmaid chose between 3 different dresses in lapis from Priscilla of Boston and I wore a strapless Alfred Sung with champagne heels and simple diamond earings. Andrew and his groomsmen rented their tux’s from “Richards” a small store where Andrew grew up. My bridesmaids and I dressed in the bridal suite at Viaggio while Andrew and his groomsmen rested and dressed in the ‘Man Cave’ at Viaggio.

Our DJ/MC was from Elite Entertainment. Elite Entertainmant and especially Greg Wallace came highly recommended and did a fantastic job. We never saw the dance floor empty. Andrew and I danced to “Somone Like You” by Van Morrison.

We LOVE the photobooth…such a fun touch :)


Thank you so much, Jill, for sharing this amazing wedding with us!  Please stop by her blog and show her some love!  And thank you, Ginny and Andrew for sharing your breathtaking wedding with us and for taking the time to answer our questions!  We wish you both a lifetime full of love, laughter, and happiness!!!  May every day be better than the last!

Hair Stylist: Red Jungle
Floral Designer: Cazale’s
Reception Venue: Viaggio Winery
Cinema and Video: Final Frame
Dress Designer: Alfred Sung
Cake Designer: Specialty Cakes


If you have an engagement, wedding, day after, or anniversary session that you would like featured- Please send it to us at  We HEART submissions!

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GSS Inspiration Board :: Lime, Lilac, & Khaki

Happy Monday, Lovelies!  We hope you all have stayed warm and safe during the “Artic Blast” most of us received this past week.  These frigid temperatures have us urning for Spring…  With that said, we’re loving this gorgeous Spring wedding inspiration board featuring the color palette of Lime Green, Lilac Purple, and Khaki.  It’s so light, airy and oh so spring-y!  Springtime, hurry up and get here! :)

Lime and Lilac Menu Card:  Jennifer Carroll Designs            Image Courtesy of  Jen Fariello Photography

Lime and Lilac Bridal Bouquet:  Fremont Flower Pavillion          Image Courtesy of Jonathan Canlas Photography

Lime and Lilac Wedding Programs:  The Paper Place          Image Courtesy of John Bamber Photography

Lime and Lilac Chair Decorations: Image Courtesy of  Jen Fariello Photography

Khaki Bridesmaids Dress:  Lela Rose via Dessy

Lime and Lilac Escort Board:  Image Courtesy of Greg Gibson Photography

Lime and Lilac Floral Decoration:  Courtney Lambert Florals          Image Courtesy of Kortnee Kate Photography

Lime and Lilac Necktie with Khaki Suit:  Just Add Water Florists             Image Courtesy of Shawna Noel Photography

Lime and Lilac Centerpieces:  Flower Hardware          Image Courtesy of  Morris Weintraub Photography

Lilac Wedding Favors: Image Courtesy of  Amy Carroll Photography

Lime and Lilac Wedding Cake:  Truli Confectionary Arts        Image Courtesy of  Antonis Achilleos Photography

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GSS Inspiration Board :: Purple Reigns, Purple Reigns!!!

We often listen to music while browsing the web and working on our posts.  We absolutely heart Prince (who doesn’t?!) so we were immediately inspired when his song, Purple Rain, came up next on our iPod.  Keeping Prince and his signature color of Purple in mind, we created this Purple Reigns inspiration board in honor of him, for you. 

Purple Clutch:  Angee W.

Favors with Purple Ribbon:  Vosges Truffles

Purple Wedding Cake:  April Reed Cake Design                Image Courtesy of Erik Ekroth Photography

Wedding Dress with Purple Sash:  Vera Wang   (This is THE dress that Khloe Kardashian wore when she wed LA Lakers’ Lamar Odom!)

Purple Pumps:  Christian Dior

Table Numbering:  Invitations by Ana                   Image Courtesy of Erik Ekroth Photography

Purple Bridesmaid Dress:  The Dessy Group

Wedding Program:  Image Courtesy of Jasmine Star Photography

Tie and Boutonniere:  Image Courtesy of Blue Nalu Photography

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GSS Inspiration Board :: Purple and Peacock

Using Peacock feathers as inspiration for your wedding colors is at the tip top of the lists when it comes to trendy wedding colors.  We love how the bright teals, blues, and greens blend so well with the vivid and dark purples.

Purple Bridesmaid Dress:  Calvin Klein

Wedding Gown with Purple Sash (Sash Comes in a Variety of Colors):  Alfred Angelo

Teal Bridesmaid Dress:  Donna Ricco

Tablescape & Placesetting:  Karen Tran

Invitations:  Paper Impressions

Blue Bridesmaid Dress:  Nicole Miller

Eggplant Bridesmaid Dress:  Bari Jay

Peacock Headband:  Sweet Grass Mill

Boutonniere:  Di Fiori

Bouquet:  Karen Tran

Wedding Cake Image:  Courtesy of Dana Grant Photograhpy

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