GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Cornflower Blue & Khaki

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!  Today, you get two inspiration boards for one low price!!!  FREE (as usual)!  We loved putting Cornflower Blue and Khaki together so much, but had a hard time deciding which direction we liked better…. A beachy theme or a sweet and serene theme.  So since we couldn’t decide, you get both!  Let us know which one you like better. :)


Or “Serene and Sweet”


Bride & Groom Image:  Image Courtesy of Allure Imagery

Cornflower Blue Tablescape:  Image Courtesy of Creative Photography by Stephanie

Embroidered Cornflower Blue Mary Janes:  Image Courtesy of Leah Powell Photography

Khaki Bridesmaid Dress:  Alfred Angelo

Cornflower Blue Beach Themed Wedding Cake:   Cakes to Remember            Image Courtesy of Jim Canole Photography

Cornflower Blue and Khaki Towel Favors:  Image Courtesy of Giselle Macfarlane Photography

Cornflower Blue Beach Themed Wedding Programs:  Image Courtesy of Catherine Hennessy Photography

Cornflower Blue Bridesmaid Dress: Alfred Angelo

Khaki Suit:  Banana Republic


“Sweet & Serene”:

Cornflower Blue Wedding Cake:  Bella Manse         Image Courtesy of Amanda Kraft Photography

Cornflower Blue Tablescape:  Image Courtesy of Creative Photography by Stephanie

Cornflower Blue Favor Tag:  Modern Wedding Photography

Embroidered Cornflower Blue Mary Janes:  Image Courtesy of Leah Powell Photography

Cornflower Blue Bridesmaid Dress: Alfred Angelo

Khaki Bridesmaid Dress:  Alfred Angelo

Bride & Groom Image:  Image Courtesy of Allure Imagery

Khaki Suit:  Banana Republic

Cornflower Blue Favor Boxes:  Jessica Quist Photography

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GSS Weekly Recap :: Weddings Revisited

Its Friday – that means its time for a lot of brides to marry their groom this weekend. So Happy Wedding Day to all you fantastic couples! This week in weddings we brought you a spectacular feature, a great way to show off your style and keep your feet dry during the April Showers and a drool-worthy wedding inspiration board. Check it out and see you next week!

GSS Featured Wedding :: Kelli & Jason’s Romantic Black & White Wedding :: Pam Cooley Photography

Today’s featured wedding comes from Pam Cooley of Pam Cooley Photography. She is an Illinois based wedding photographer. Pam has been so accommodating to GSS on this feature.  Thank you!  Kelli and Jason were married on May 21, 2011 in Peoria, Illinois.  Kelli was kind enough to answer a few questions for us: How did you and Jason meet?  We met freshman year of college.   I think the second week into school. :) How long have you been together?  We have been … [Read More…]

April Showers :: Brings Brides in Rain Boots!!!

We all know the old saying “April Showers Brings May Flowers.”  Many brides choose a Spring wedding date (March, April, May)… And with Spring, there’s a good chance of having rain on your wedding day.  But don’t let a little rain dampen your day!  Choose to have a little fun with it like the brides below! :) And we’ve saved the best for last!  These last two pictures just makes our hearts smile: Photography Credits: Aaron Shintaku … [Read More…]

GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Robin’s Egg Blue & Rose

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!!  It’s Easter Week!!!  We just love the soft pastel shades associated with Easter.  So we thought we’d make a pretty pastel inspiration board using Robin’s Egg Blue and Rose.  Normally when you hear the color combination blue and pink you might associate it with a baby shower, not  a wedding.  But if you choose the right shades and/or hues of these colors, you can create the most beautiful palette for your wedding.  This Robin’s Egg Blue and Rosey Pink board is so … [Read More…]

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GSS Wedding Trends :: A Recipe for a Beautiful Spring Wedding

I am starting this year with a blog post about designing your Spring wedding with careful planning and designing in mind.  After reading many articles online and in magazines about what is hot for Spring 2012, I have come to the conclusion that we are looking at very high expectations from our brides!  AND THEY WANT TO PERSONALIZE THEIR WEDDINGS! Floral design, photography, cake design, invitations…the list goes on!!  An educated bride is going to want to incorporate her vision from the “Save the Date” to her eventual wedding day departure.  Adding your personal touch is paramount!

Below are Pantone’s Spring 2012 colors to guide you, any version or hue of these colors will been prominent this year.  I highly recommend using gray as your base color and build around it, starting with the suits for the gentlemen!

FOR THE BRIDE: Bouquet of all white Peony’s for the bride…classic and timeless, bling out he bouquet with any jewelry of your choice that compliments your wedding dress.

Image source :: Photo by Darin Fong

Image Source :: Photo Credit: Sidra Forman photographed by Kate Headley Photography

Centerpiece Advice: Forsythia, Dogwood, Apple, Cherry…you name it!  Take full advantage of what is only available once a year.  If your venue has tall ceilings, compliment them with tall branches with delicate buds.  Incorporate them into your invitation, décor and cake!

Image source Left, Top Right, Bottom Right

Other flowers to finish out your décor:  seasonal, PINK, yes, PINK Dogwood (must be special ordered and it goes fast!) Melba double tulips, white Majolika spray roses and Peachy Isle spry roses with accents of delicate Queen Anne’s Lace and every bride’s favorite…Peony!  Now you have the ingredients.  Let’s put them all together! THIS should be your baseline color.  Flowers that come in this grayish-silver would be Dusty Miller, Lamb’s Ear, Eucalyptus, Sage, Succulents (many varieties), and Silver Tree!

With bride’s taking on an active part in personalizing their weddings with ideas from DIY Brides, to ETSY, and many other online idea sites, the trick is helping them choose just enough to have a meaningful impact.

I personally like to recommend making your sign in table a place for people to have a moment to reflect on your relationship.  Pictures of you and your fiancée through the years or of your time spent during your relationship, places you have been always makes me smile and gives me a moment to think of how awesome it is to be a part of your lives.

Take in the feel of your room where your reception will take place.  Choose containers that fit the room.  If you are in a grand traditional ballroom, use silver, gold or platinum.  These are basic elements that should be found in the room in chandeliers, other light fixtures, carpet, etc…

Accent the reception with soft candle light and don’t forget to pin spot your centerpieces for maximum impact on your décor.  Use the “house” linens to save costs.

If you are in a lofty art space or gallery, choose containers that are more minimal or geometric to bring in the MOD!

Be smart this year and take a few moments to consider the BIG picture.  2012 is going to be an amazing year with fully educated brides!!

Welcome in 2012 with all of the excitement of starting this new chapter in your life!

Peace and Love!





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GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Cornflower Blue, Yellow & Gingham!

Ahhhhhh….! This Cornflower Blue and Yellow inspiration board is so refreshing!  It’s so bright, airy and gives such a feel of comfort and relaxation.  We just love the country chic vibe the gingham brings!.  Can’t you just picture yourself sitting at this gorgeous outdoor Spring/Summer wedding breathing in the fresh air?  We sure can! 

Cornflower Blue and Yellow Tissue Wedding Favor:  Image Courtesy of Drew Newman Photographers

Yellow Bridal Bouquet:  Noosheens          Image Courtesy of Ruggero Farina Photography

Cornflower Blue and Yellow Wedding Cake:  The Cake Shop        Image Courtesy of  Winfield Little Photography

Cornflower Blue and Yellow Groomsmen Attire:  Yellow Boutonniere:  Seaport Flowers     Image Courtesy of Maureen Davis Photography

Cornflower Blue and Yellow Centerpiece:  Jenron Designs DBA Butterfly Landings         Image Courtesy of  Drew Newman Photographers

Cornflower Blue and Yellow Wedding Favor Box:  Image Courtesy of Drew Newman Photographers

Cornflower Blue and Yellow Wedding Reception Decor:  Image Courtesy of Drew Newman Photographers 

Cornflower Blue and Yellow Cocktail Napkins:  Image Courtesy of Paige Eden Photography

Cornflower Blue Gingham Bridesmaid Dress:  Vivien of Holloway

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GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Coral and Green

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!!  We’re totally digging this bright and lively Coral and Green inspiration board!  We love how great these bright colors compliment each other without being too overpowering.  This board SCREAMS Spring wedding!

Coral Peep Toe Pumps:  Image Courtesy of Mark Davidson Photography

Coral and Green Wedding Invitations:  Sugar River Stationers

Green Bridesmaid Dress:  Alfred Angelo

Coral and Green Reception Decor:  Image Courtesy of Anne Marie Photography

Coral and Green Centerpiece:  Violet’s Flowers              Image Courtesy of Jacki V. Photography

Coral and Green Menu Card:  Image Courtesy of Lauren Brooks Photography

Coral and Green Wedding Cake:  Image Courtesy of Pen Carlson Photography

Black Tuxedo with Green Necktie and Coral and Green Boutonniere:  Clementine Floral               Image Courtesy of Brian Phillips Photography

Coral and Green Bridal Bouquet:  Kaleidoscope Flowers          Image Courtesy of Dia Rao Photography

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GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Red & Yellow

We love how bright and rich the wedding color palette of Yellow and Red is.  This palette is extremely versatile as it could be used any time of the year.  You could use darker, more muted shades of Yellow and Red as an autumnal color palette.  OR by brightening up the hues of Yellow and Red, (like we did below!) this palette would make a phenomenal Spring or Summer wedding color palette!  Also, if you’re going for a Spring/Summer wedding, you could use all kinds of fresh fruit in your palette and decor… Think fresh strawberries, red apples, cherries, and lemons!

Red and Yellow Wedding Cake:  Classic Cheesecakes & Cakes                  Image Courtesy of Sean Randall Photography

Bride and Groom in Photo Booth:  Image Courtesy of Adrienne Page Photography

Bride and Groom on Trolley:  Stillwater Trolley Company         Image Courtesy of Erin Johnson Photography

Red Bridesmaid Dress:  David’s Bridal

Red and Yellow Homemade Jam Wedding Favors:   Image Courtesy of Embrace Life Photography

Red and Yellow Bridal Bouquet:  Humphrey Florist

Red and Yellow Centerpieces:  Desiree De Lara Floral            Image Courtesy of Chyna Darner Photography

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GSS Inspiration Board :: Lime, Lilac, & Khaki

Happy Monday, Lovelies!  We hope you all have stayed warm and safe during the “Artic Blast” most of us received this past week.  These frigid temperatures have us urning for Spring…  With that said, we’re loving this gorgeous Spring wedding inspiration board featuring the color palette of Lime Green, Lilac Purple, and Khaki.  It’s so light, airy and oh so spring-y!  Springtime, hurry up and get here! :)

Lime and Lilac Menu Card:  Jennifer Carroll Designs            Image Courtesy of  Jen Fariello Photography

Lime and Lilac Bridal Bouquet:  Fremont Flower Pavillion          Image Courtesy of Jonathan Canlas Photography

Lime and Lilac Wedding Programs:  The Paper Place          Image Courtesy of John Bamber Photography

Lime and Lilac Chair Decorations: Image Courtesy of  Jen Fariello Photography

Khaki Bridesmaids Dress:  Lela Rose via Dessy

Lime and Lilac Escort Board:  Image Courtesy of Greg Gibson Photography

Lime and Lilac Floral Decoration:  Courtney Lambert Florals          Image Courtesy of Kortnee Kate Photography

Lime and Lilac Necktie with Khaki Suit:  Just Add Water Florists             Image Courtesy of Shawna Noel Photography

Lime and Lilac Centerpieces:  Flower Hardware          Image Courtesy of  Morris Weintraub Photography

Lilac Wedding Favors: Image Courtesy of  Amy Carroll Photography

Lime and Lilac Wedding Cake:  Truli Confectionary Arts        Image Courtesy of  Antonis Achilleos Photography

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GSS Inspiration Board :: Apple Green & Navy

With the winter months upon us, we’re beginning to dream of spring and warmer months.  With that said, we’re absolutely loving combining a dark rich color with a bright vibrant color.  This navy and apple green inspiration board screams classy and fun!  We hope this has inspired you and much as it has us!

Bridesmaids Dress:  Alfred Angelo

Bouquet:  Image Courtesy of:  The Knot     Flowers:  Precious Petals Floral      Photography: Faith West Photography

Green & Navy Clutch:  ao3designs

Navy Clutch:  Cahoots Handbags

Green Clutch:  Cahoots Handbags

Navy Heels:  Christian Louboutin

Garter:  Julianne Smith

Placecard Holder:  Image Courtesy of The Knot

Boutonniere:   Image Courtesy of:  The Knot     Flowers:  Precious Petals Floral      Photography: Faith West Photography

Cake:  Susie’s Cakes       Photography:  David Jones Photography          Image Courtesy of:  The Knot

Gift Boxes:

Invitations:  Parallel 39

Neck Tie:  RabbitStop via

Wedding Dress with Navy Sash:  Sincerity Bridal

Postage Stamp:  Tailored Type via

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