GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Turquoise & Tangerine

Since Pantone has declared Tangerine to be the color of 2012, we thought we’d put together a little inspiration board featuring Tangerine for you.  We chose Turquoise as a secondary color for this board.  We feel that these colors compliment each other perfectly.  These colors would be perfect for a summer or beachy wedding!

Tangerine Bowtie with Blue Shirt and Birdie Boutonniere:   Image Courtesy of Erik Ekroth Photography

Tangerine Clutch Handbag:  Cahoots Handbags

Tangerine Peep Toe Pumps: Christian Louboutin

Turquoise and Tangerine Wedding Invitations- Two Paperdolls

Turquoise and Tangerine Place Setting:  Laurie Cinotto

Turquoise and Tangerine Wedding Favor Box:  Laurie Cinotto

Turquoise and Tangerine Centerpiece: Image Courtesy of Merriment Design

Turquoise and Tangerine Reception Mood Image:  Image Courtesy of Union Photography

Turquoise and Tangerine Cake:  Amy Atlas

Turquoise and Tangerine Bridesmaid/Bride Image:  Image Courtesy of Union Photography

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