GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Tiffany Blue & Tan

One of our good friends is getting married and asked us to help her pick out her wedding colors.  She knew she wanted to use a bright and vibrant color, but also knew that she didn’t want to put her girls in super bright bridesmaids dresses.  She wanted them in a neutral colored dress instead.  We began brainstorming and decided that using Tiffany Blue for her bright color and pairing it with a neutral (Tan) would create the perfect color palette for her spring wedding.  Due to the fact that she wanted her bridesmaids in a neutral color, we added the bright Tiffany Blue color to the girls’ accessories and shoes.  We decided to put the girls in a tan dress and use turquoise jewelry with Tiffany Blue shoes (just like Eva Mendes did at the Golden Globes– see below).  This Tiffany Blue and Tan inspiration board is a wonderful combination of classy and casual!

Groom & Groomsmen:  Suits:  Sal Lauretta’s Men’s Shop     Image Courtesy of Images by Berit

Tiffany Blue Accented Wedding Programs:  Image Courtesy of Amanda Williams Photography

White Bridal Bouquet:  JL Designs

Tan Bridesmaid Dress with Pockets:  The Dessy Group

Tiffany Blue Wedding Cake:  Elegant Bakery          Image Courtesy of Adam Welch Photography

Tiffany Blue Pumps:  Christian Dior

Tablescape:  Artfool Events     Image Courtesy of Maggie Heinzel-Neel Photography

Turquoise Jewelry with Tan Dress:  Eva Mendes

Tiffany Blue Necktie:  Rabbitstop

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GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Turquoise & Tangerine

Since Pantone has declared Tangerine to be the color of 2012, we thought we’d put together a little inspiration board featuring Tangerine for you.  We chose Turquoise as a secondary color for this board.  We feel that these colors compliment each other perfectly.  These colors would be perfect for a summer or beachy wedding!

Tangerine Bowtie with Blue Shirt and Birdie Boutonniere:   Image Courtesy of Erik Ekroth Photography

Tangerine Clutch Handbag:  Cahoots Handbags

Tangerine Peep Toe Pumps: Christian Louboutin

Turquoise and Tangerine Wedding Invitations- Two Paperdolls

Turquoise and Tangerine Place Setting:  Laurie Cinotto

Turquoise and Tangerine Wedding Favor Box:  Laurie Cinotto

Turquoise and Tangerine Centerpiece: Image Courtesy of Merriment Design

Turquoise and Tangerine Reception Mood Image:  Image Courtesy of Union Photography

Turquoise and Tangerine Cake:  Amy Atlas

Turquoise and Tangerine Bridesmaid/Bride Image:  Image Courtesy of Union Photography

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GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Navy & Aqua

We’re absolutely loving this Navy and Aqua wedding inspiration board!  We love the idea of using two shades of a single color to create your wedding color palette.  We love how the dark navy blue contrasts with the light aqua blue.  This color palette would be perfect for any season of the year!

Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dress:  Dessy Collection

Navy Blue and Aqua Dessert Table:  Alchemy Fine Events            Image Courtesy of Luna Photo

Aqua Bridesmaid Dress:  Alfred Sung

Aqua Signature Cocktail:  Image Courtesy of Cayton Photography

Navy Blue and Aqua Placesetting:  Fatta Design Consultants                 Image Courtesy of Sabine Scherer Photography

Aqua and White Wedding Cake:  Aux Delices              Image Courtesy of Sabine Scherer Photography

Navy Blue and Aqua Neck Tie:  Brooks Brothers

Navy Blue and Aqua Wedding Invitations:  The Green Kangaroo

Navy Blue and Aqua Cocktail Napkin:  Image Courtesy of Sabine Scherer Photography

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GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Fuchsia & Aqua

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!! We are absolutely LOVING this Fuchsia and Aqua wedding color palette!  It’s so bright and festive… We can’t help but smile everytime we look at this inspiration board!  This Fuchsia and Aqua palette would be perfect for a Spring, Summer, or Beach wedding!

Fuchsia Peep Toe Pumps:  Image Courtesy of Jim Kennedy Photographers

Fuchsia and Aqua Dessert Table:  Amy Atlas

Fuchsia and Aqua Save the Dates:  Ivandy27 via Etsy

Bride and Groom in Aqua ’57 Chevy:  Image Courtesy of More Than an Image Photography

Groomsmen in Aqua Shirts with Fuchsia Neckties:  Image Courtesy of Giselle Macfarlane Photography

Fuchsia and Aqua Centerpiece:  Events by Heather Ham           Image Courtesy of  Picotte Weddings Inc.

Fuchsia and Aqua Bridal Bouquet:  Butterfly Petals           Image Courtesy of  Elyse Hall Photography

Fuchsia and Aqua Bridesmaids Dresses with Fuchsia Bouquets:  Desiree De Lara          Image Courtesy of Chyna Darner Photography

Fuchsia and Aqua Tablescape:  Events by Heather Ham            Image Courtesy of Picotte Weddings Inc.

Fuchsia and Aqua Fan Wedding Programs:  Jean M               Image Courtesy of In His Grace Photography

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