GSS Wedding Trends :: “Naked” Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is perhaps the most quintessential element to your wedding besides the couple, of course – even the smallest of weddings have a wedding cake of some sort. We’ve seen this wedding staple evolve over the years  from over the top cake decor to minimalist and clean with fondant layers. Lately, we are drooling (in more ways than one) over the “naked” wedding cake trend. Meaning, this cake has no exterior frosting and lets its layers show in a fabulously minimalistic way. We first saw this trend burst onto the scene in Hilary Duff’s 2010 wedding to Mike Comrie. This cake dawned no exterior frosting which let the perfectly pink roses in between layers shine through.

 Image Courtesy of OK! Magazine

This cake trend at first glance seems as though you don’t have many options for style – but boy that is so not true! Glancing at these images is just the beginning in “naked” wedding cake inspiration. Here we have a simple look with sweet fruit accent, a nautical look with messy interior frosting and blueberry accent, and a linear ombre inspired look. If you are afraid you will miss the exterior frosting add a caramel glaze – adds that extra element while still letting the layers shine through. How will you decorate your naked cake if fruit isn’t for you? A bold topper is perfect for this look since the cake itself is so minimal or embrace the Hilary Duff cake with adding some floral in between layers and on top. This is just the beginning – with “naked” wedding cakes you have a neutral palette to “play” with and get creative!

Simple with Fruit Accent Cake – Cakewalk Bakeshop          Image by Apryl Ann Photography 

Nautical Inspired Blueberry Cake – Classic Cakes           Image by Alea Lovely

Pastel Stripes Cake – Martha Stewart Weddings

Cake With a Glaze – Martha Stewart Weddings

Cake Bold Gold Topper –  Photo by Valo Photography

Cake with Floral Tiers – Photo by Stewart Leishman Photography


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GSS Wedding Cake Trend :: Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

We LOVE cake (Okay, we’re OBESSESSED with it!) and we especially love beautiful designs that incorporate unique ideas.  So when we ran across Nevie-Pie Cakes while surfing the internet, our jaws dropped.  These hand painted cakes are just to die for!  Take a look at some of her beautiful creations:

Natasha, the creator of Nevie-Pie Cakes worked as a textile designer for many years and has been a lifelong baker.  After giving up on early career plans to be a dentist, Natasha began studying Illustration.  After graduating from University she fell into Textile Design.  She worked in both furnishing and fashion textiles for ten years, finally ending up as the Senior Designer in the London studio of a New York fashion textile house.  Once married and had children, she became a stay at home mother and started looking for a creative  began making cakes for the kid’s parties.  She started making more and more adventurous cakes and eventually decided that they were good enough to sell. She began to play with her strengths and experimented with painting on cakes. She was delighted when it worked, and has since started the Nevie-Pie Cakes specialist bakery to sell her work through.  Nevie-Pie Cakes is based out of Berkhamsted Hertfordshire, UK.

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