GSS Wedding Day Tips :: Make Your Day Flawless and Beautiful

We hear it a lot….”what can I do to make my day go smooth and be carefree the day of my wedding?” We have a few tips to keep you focused on the most important thing and all the rest will fall into place.

1) Plan ahead. Have a wedding day timeline in place. Having a timeline for your big day is extremely crucial to keeping your events on course.  However, please note that issues WILL OCCUR at your wedding, no matter how much detail you have put into your timeline or how much planning you have done.  Groom Sold Separately HIGHLY recommends hiring an event planner or wedding planner to help you take care of such issues should they arise (and they will) on your wedding day so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding day. Its also a great idea to scout your location for the times you are wanting during that time of year for your wedding. The sun changes throughout the year and what you may think would be a great location for wedding portraits might change based on the location of the sun that time of day.

2) Have an wedding day emergency kit. Fill it with goodies that you may forget on your wedding day. Here is what they list is inside :: toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, tissues, hairspray, static remover, Band-Aids, mints, clear nail polish, bobby pins, double-sided hem tape, stain remover, pain relievers, sewing kit, super glue, brush, dental floss and lotion. Make your own list of items you normally use when getting all gussied up and then check off to make sure those things are in the your own survival kit. Give this task to one of your bridesmaids.

3) Make it pictures perfect…a few things to keep in mind with professional wedding pictures are they need light (good light), have lots of details, keep your dressing area clutter free, bring an extra hanger for your wedding dress, visit your wedding locations with your wedding photographer to make sure the light is great for your wedding day portraits and have a makeup trial to be sure your hair and makeup is exactly like you want it for your wedding.

image courtesy of Gabriel Ryan Photographers

4) Have snacks and water on hand – being hungry and dehydrated is the worst idea for an 8 hour event!

These are just a few tips for you to make your wedding day a dream come true. Some brides trust in wedding planners to help them make the day flawless. Review other events these planners have done and make sure they are the right fit for you. Talk to other brides and grooms that have used their services and get feedback from them about their wedding. We hope you have a smooth wedding and remember, the wedding is about marrying your best friend.


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GSS Readers’ Words of Wisdom for Newlyweds


As a Bride-to-Be or a Newlywed, the best people to receive marriage advice from is from those who have already been in the game for a few years.  So when we reached out to our faithful married readers asking them to give our Bride-to-Be’s and Newlyweds some of their best marriage advice- our inbox was flooded!  Here is some of the best marriage advice you may hear:

“Always be best friends and keep God in your life.  Couples who pray together stay together.”  — Bettye

“You have to be best friends! You can and should have other friends of course, but your spouse should be the genuine answer when someone asks “who is your best friend?” It is a cold, hard, scientific fact that it is impossible for our brains… to keep up passionate, romantic love forever. If you aren’t best friends first, it leaves you with very little when the romance naturally subsides. Not to mention you’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person, so you need to really like them, not just love them!  Remember when you were a kid, and you just wanted to hang out with your best friend all the time? That’s what our marriage is like (still)” 3 years  –Jeremy M.

“Don’t read the books on how to be a wife or husband. Everyone is different . Learn together! “–Aurora

‎” Be kind to each other and don’t tell everything you know to embarrass the other. Be willing to roll with all the changes that come your way. Marriage is 50/50 make decisions together.” 42 years — Sandra S. 

“I agree 100% with Jeremy… you have to be each others best friend… otherwise you won’t get though it together. Also, for you single people… find someone that likes you a little more (they’ll feel the same way about you)!” 5 years— Sarahbeth Q.

“Communicate! ”  15yrs– Dosha A.

Communicate~Set a strict budget and stick to it~ Only one credit card for emergency use only~ Beef and Bouquet time at least once a week.”  33 years  — Donna C.

“It takes two people to make it work. Both people have to make an effort.” 3 years — Jon K.

“Treat each other like you did when you were dating. Never go to bed angry, tell each other you love them every day.” — Deanna W.

“Treat them the way you want to be treated. Except nothing less than RESPECT. Remember hard times come and go its how you work together through these times that brings you closer. Date night.”  13 years — Pam D.

“Never go to bed angry at each other, have a sense of humor and agree to disagree, when things get tough never forget why you fell in love with eachother in the first place and most of all never ever forget the romance.” — Donna A.

“Priorities:  Put God first, then each other, & family third.  If God truly is first, everything else will fall into place.”  37 years — Susan S.

“Play games and have fun together.  Make Each other laugh all   the time.  Kiss each other goodnight- even if you’re upset and always remember say “I love you.” 2 years — Kristin M.

“Make sure you treat each other like a national treasure with no reservations, encourage each other to be all that you can be, and support everything new that you each want to try.”  — Deann

“Always be willing to listen to your mate.  His thoughs are so important.”  — Marjory

“Both of you should have your own personal space and TV with your own remote.” — Pat B.

“Know that the first year can be the hardest.  Be patient and forgiving.  Go to church together.” — Darlene H.

“Always think of each other first, have date nights, and it is okay to say “I’m sorry.” 9 years — Dereca G.

“No matter what, always have respect for each other.” 2 years  — Jill S.

“Although time together is important, you have to make time for your own personal time.  Oh, and once you have kids, make sure you have date night.”  9 years — Matt E.

Thank you so much, GSS readers, for sharing your awesome marriage advice!

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