GSS Weekly Recap :: Weddings Revisited

Happy Friday Friends! We are approaching a weekend in June so that means there will be a ton of bride and grooms getting married tomorrow! We hope all goes as planned for your wedding and we wish you a lifetime full of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

Father of the Bride :: Daddy’s Little Girl :: Moments That Make Your Heart Melt

Since Sunday was Father’s Day, it made us think of the very special moments shared by a Father and his daughter during her wedding.  And although there are many magical, touching, and special moments during a wedding, there are a couple of moments during the wedding day that tend to steal the hearts of those who are lucky enough to witness them:  The father of the bride catching his first glimpse of this little girl as a bride and the father/daughter dance.  These … [Read More…]

GSS Featured Wedding :: Shae & Drew’s Intimate Park Wedding :: Rachael Lindsy Photography

Happy Hump Day, Lovelies!!! Today’s fabulous featured wedding comes from Rachael of Rachael Lindsy Photography, a Dallas/Fort Worth based wedding photographer. Rachael has been so sweet and accommodating to GSS and we have truly enjoyed working with her on this feature. Shae and Drew were married on April 28, 2012 at Trinity River Park in Fort Worth, Texas.  Shae was kind enough to answer a few questions for us: How did you and Drew meet? Drew found me … [Read More…]

GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Platinum & Plum

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!!  We hope you had a fabulous and relaxing weekend.  We are loving this lucious Plum with pops of soothing of Platinum inspiration board.  When picking your wedding color palette, it’s always a good idea to pair a rich, dark color with a light and lively color.  You will be so pleased with the end result! Plum Bridesmaid Dress:  Adrianna Papell Platinum and Plum Wedding Cake:  Sterling Affair        Image Courtesy of  Mira Mamon … [Read More…]

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GSS Weekly Recap :: Weddings Revisited

Its Friday – that means its time for a lot of brides to marry their groom this weekend. So Happy Wedding Day to all you fantastic couples! This week in weddings we brought you a spectacular feature, a great way to show off your style and keep your feet dry during the April Showers and a drool-worthy wedding inspiration board. Check it out and see you next week!

GSS Featured Wedding :: Kelli & Jason’s Romantic Black & White Wedding :: Pam Cooley Photography

Today’s featured wedding comes from Pam Cooley of Pam Cooley Photography. She is an Illinois based wedding photographer. Pam has been so accommodating to GSS on this feature.  Thank you!  Kelli and Jason were married on May 21, 2011 in Peoria, Illinois.  Kelli was kind enough to answer a few questions for us: How did you and Jason meet?  We met freshman year of college.   I think the second week into school. :) How long have you been together?  We have been … [Read More…]

April Showers :: Brings Brides in Rain Boots!!!

We all know the old saying “April Showers Brings May Flowers.”  Many brides choose a Spring wedding date (March, April, May)… And with Spring, there’s a good chance of having rain on your wedding day.  But don’t let a little rain dampen your day!  Choose to have a little fun with it like the brides below! :) And we’ve saved the best for last!  These last two pictures just makes our hearts smile: Photography Credits: Aaron Shintaku … [Read More…]

GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Robin’s Egg Blue & Rose

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!!  It’s Easter Week!!!  We just love the soft pastel shades associated with Easter.  So we thought we’d make a pretty pastel inspiration board using Robin’s Egg Blue and Rose.  Normally when you hear the color combination blue and pink you might associate it with a baby shower, not  a wedding.  But if you choose the right shades and/or hues of these colors, you can create the most beautiful palette for your wedding.  This Robin’s Egg Blue and Rosey Pink board is so … [Read More…]

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GSS Wedding Tips :: Plan B Due to Inclement Weather

Wedding season has started and rain showers are upon us. Its that time of year. So, its your wedding day and now it has decided to pour buckets and you have planned this extravagant outdoor wedding of your dreams for over a year. What now?

image courtesy of Transcendence Studio

We asked this very question to one of our real wedding featured brides

We hear its good luck to rain on your wedding day. What did you think when it started to rain?

Oh wow – I think I was in shock!  The storm that blew in really hadn’t been predicted, so we were all set up outside.  No one could see me, but I was actually sitting right behind the barn in the car with my Dad and all the girls, watching the storm blow in, watching the tents and place cards go flying, and watching all our guests running through the mud up to the barn.  We couldn’t stop laughing!  I knew it was out of my hands and I just had to throw up my hands and take the ride!  Luckily we had an AMAZING wedding coordinator (Amanda of At Last Event Planning) who handled it all in stride and kept things moving smoothly.  In the end I think the rain truly made the day (our engagement day and our wedding day!)  and will hopefully bring us lots of luck in the years to come!

What will be your plan B?

Is there enough room in an indoor space at your venue for your ceremony and all of your guests?

If they ceremony and reception are in the same location with an outdoor ceremony, can they flip the room from ceremony to reception easily?

Let us know in a comment if you had to activate your plan B or if you are stressed it could happen to you as well. If you can take one thing from this post, Elizabeth loved that it rained on her day…. she said, “the rain truly made the day”.



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GSS Wedding Trends :: A Recipe for a Beautiful Spring Wedding

I am starting this year with a blog post about designing your Spring wedding with careful planning and designing in mind.  After reading many articles online and in magazines about what is hot for Spring 2012, I have come to the conclusion that we are looking at very high expectations from our brides!  AND THEY WANT TO PERSONALIZE THEIR WEDDINGS! Floral design, photography, cake design, invitations…the list goes on!!  An educated bride is going to want to incorporate her vision from the “Save the Date” to her eventual wedding day departure.  Adding your personal touch is paramount!

Below are Pantone’s Spring 2012 colors to guide you, any version or hue of these colors will been prominent this year.  I highly recommend using gray as your base color and build around it, starting with the suits for the gentlemen!

FOR THE BRIDE: Bouquet of all white Peony’s for the bride…classic and timeless, bling out he bouquet with any jewelry of your choice that compliments your wedding dress.

Image source :: Photo by Darin Fong

Image Source :: Photo Credit: Sidra Forman photographed by Kate Headley Photography

Centerpiece Advice: Forsythia, Dogwood, Apple, Cherry…you name it!  Take full advantage of what is only available once a year.  If your venue has tall ceilings, compliment them with tall branches with delicate buds.  Incorporate them into your invitation, décor and cake!

Image source Left, Top Right, Bottom Right

Other flowers to finish out your décor:  seasonal, PINK, yes, PINK Dogwood (must be special ordered and it goes fast!) Melba double tulips, white Majolika spray roses and Peachy Isle spry roses with accents of delicate Queen Anne’s Lace and every bride’s favorite…Peony!  Now you have the ingredients.  Let’s put them all together! THIS should be your baseline color.  Flowers that come in this grayish-silver would be Dusty Miller, Lamb’s Ear, Eucalyptus, Sage, Succulents (many varieties), and Silver Tree!

With bride’s taking on an active part in personalizing their weddings with ideas from DIY Brides, to ETSY, and many other online idea sites, the trick is helping them choose just enough to have a meaningful impact.

I personally like to recommend making your sign in table a place for people to have a moment to reflect on your relationship.  Pictures of you and your fiancée through the years or of your time spent during your relationship, places you have been always makes me smile and gives me a moment to think of how awesome it is to be a part of your lives.

Take in the feel of your room where your reception will take place.  Choose containers that fit the room.  If you are in a grand traditional ballroom, use silver, gold or platinum.  These are basic elements that should be found in the room in chandeliers, other light fixtures, carpet, etc…

Accent the reception with soft candle light and don’t forget to pin spot your centerpieces for maximum impact on your décor.  Use the “house” linens to save costs.

If you are in a lofty art space or gallery, choose containers that are more minimal or geometric to bring in the MOD!

Be smart this year and take a few moments to consider the BIG picture.  2012 is going to be an amazing year with fully educated brides!!

Welcome in 2012 with all of the excitement of starting this new chapter in your life!

Peace and Love!





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GSS Weekly Recap :: Weddings Revisited

This week we covered a great wedding trend, brought you a stunning inspiration board and a fabulous California wedding. The weather has a chill in the air and for some states the wedding season is coming to a close. Brides and grooms that are newly engaged or planning an engagement soon, we thank you for visiting our site for all things wedding. Finding inspiration and great wedding trends is just a few clicks away.

GSS Featured Wedding :: Liz & Nathan’s Botanical Garden Wedding :: Gabriel Harber Photography

Happy Hump Day, Lovelies!!!  Today’s featured wedding comes from Gabriel of Gabriel Harber Photography. He is a Oakland/San Fransisco, California based wedding photographer.  Gabriel has been more than accommodating to GSS on this feature.  Thank you!  Liz and Nathan were married at University of California Botanical Garden at Berkley, California on July 31, 2011.  Liz was kind enough to answer a few questions for us:  (Side Note:  I have to say that Liz has some of the most … [Read More…]

GSS Wedding Inspiration Board :: Nude & Blush :: A Neutral Wedding

Over the past year, there has been a rise in the trend of having an almost completely neutral wedding color palette.    We are totally on board with this trend as it makes for a very romantic and vintage feel.  But if you think a totally neutral palette is a little bland, you can add in a little color.  We chose to add in the color Blush.  It’s so soft and subtle and compliments the neutral colors so perfectly.  Mix these colors together and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous color … [Read More…]

GSS Wedding Trend :: Bridal Cuffs!

Accessorizing a clean, effortless wedding dress with a statement necklace has been a popular trend this year.  But if you’re not a necklace-wearing type of bride, maybe you’d be interested in jazzing up your wedding day look with some bridal cuffs instead.  We’ve found some gorgeous options for your viewing pleasure.  Etsy has a plethora of bridal cuff options and Johanna Johnson has some designs that will knock your socks off too.  But just keep in mind, if your dress has elaborate … [Read More…]

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GSS Featured Wedding Portraits :: Fall and PUMPKINS! :: Bobbi Ryan Photography

fall wedding portraits with pumpkins (9)

Happy Thursday Lovelies!! This week was Halloween week…. but some of us are still sneaking treats out of kiddos buckets from trick or treating (myself included). With fall in the air we are seeing pumpkins everywhere. We saw these fun portraits from a wedding submitted to us on Two Bright Lights from Bobbi Ryan Photography and wanted to share the fall inspiration with you. This session incorporated pumpkins and we definitely know what time of year the portraits were taken. That makes them special and unique to the couple. The wedding day portraits are fun and most couples will set aside time on the wedding day to accomplish these wedding day portraits. If your timeline allows, you should definitely consider at least half an hour for pictures just with you and your bridal party. We did and we will never regret it.

Bobbi shares a bit about the couple on her blog :: “Cody and Allisha had a perfect day for their wedding which was such a huge success. There was so much love from family and friends all around. I was so happy to be involved in the entire wedding planning process and was able to share this fantastic day with two very fantastic people and the ones they love! To top it off they are such beautiful people inside and out! I hope everyone enjoys the pictures as much as I do!”

Enjoy these fun portraits and we hope you all have a fantastic week!

fall wedding portraits with pumpkins (8)

fall wedding portraits with pumpkins (7)

fall wedding portraits with pumpkins (6)

fall wedding portraits with pumpkins (5)

fall wedding portraits with pumpkins (4)

fall wedding portraits with pumpkins (3)

fall wedding portraits with pumpkins (2)

fall wedding portraits with pumpkins (1)

Wishing Allisha & Cody a lifetime full of love, laughter, and happiness!!!  May every day be better than the last! And thank you Bobbi Ryan for sending us these fun portraits!

If you have an engagement, wedding, day after, or anniversary session that you would like featured- Please send it to us at  We HEART submissions!

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